Harmony of the Seas Review Live

Harmony of the Seas Review Live

Hey cruisers welcome back to Vlogtoberfest year number three can you believe that this is the third year that we have
been doing our daily video event for the month of October and boy are we looking
forward to it so happy to be back here spending time with all of you today
we’re going to be reviewing our harmony of the Seas cruise was so good it was so
good we have so much to say so much to say about it but if you have general Q&A
questions just want to let you know that we’re gonna be doing a general Q&A
Monday night October 7th 6 p.m. pacific 9 p.m. Eastern so if you have general
questions come back then if you have a harmony of the Seas questions or some
general Royal Caribbean questions that we can help you answer tonight is the
night to type those into the chat a little bit later but hang tight for me
because I’d like to try to get through the review first and then answer your
questions later if you answer your questions too early in the livestream we
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harmony of the Seas goodness we’ve got so much coming it’s crazy of course we
have vlogs coming it’s been a busy week for us we’re not even one week off of
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because yesterday we released our first review of our harmony the Seas cruise
there were doing a two-part podcast review in long-form that’s the beautiful
thing about podcasting right is we can just stop and talk and spend more time
mr. cruisetipstv gets in on the action and it’s so fun by the way welcome back
to the cockpit mr. cruise tips TV why thank you very much so I did a rogue
livestream on what was it Tuesday night without him that was no fun I didn’t
like that very much at all not only was I low tech but it felt very lonely and
weird so I don’t want to do that anymore we gotta have mr. cruisetipstv in the
house so I see some great questions coming in hello to those of you who are
here we did have a wonderful cruise and we’re gonna tell you all about it and
yes Jeanne my voice is so much better of all the problems you can have after a
cruise losing your voice is not the worst problem to have we’re recovering
just fine and as they go this has been a good cruise recovery you guys because
this wasn’t an international cruise I think our last two cruises were
international they were Asia and Europe and my goodness it takes forever to
recover from those cruises I think it took us a solid three weeks to feel
normal again after our Asia cruise and a good two weeks to feel normal again
after Europe so a flight to Orlando from California is nothing for us and we’re
feeling great of course if I could just not talk all the time that would be
great because it was very difficult to heal a lost voice when my job requires
talking all day long and there was no way I could say hey guys i’m peacing out
not answering the phones I’m not talking I’m in leadership and my job is to like
support and and guide and help and talk to customers all day long so there was
just absolutely no way so Russell asked what did you think your accrues Russell
we thought it was fantastic it’s so good let’s talk all about it if you have any
questions about harmony of the Seas please wait about 10 minutes to ask them
we’ll try to get them in but I’m looking at the comments really quickly I see all
of you thank you everyone who’s encouraging the thumbs ups if you’re new
welcome I’m sure with cruisetipstv were so happy to have
you here welcome to the family welcome to vlog Tober fest let’s talk about this
cruise so yeah we we had a very specific week in September that we had available
to cruise and it was the last week of September so for those of you who are
wondering why did we cruise during hurricane season I can tell you that
it’s because we had a week available and it was inexpensive relatively
inexpensive and we were willing to gamble because we have educated
ourselves on what can happen during hurricane season and we know that
everything’s gonna be okay if you go into your cruise with a good attitude
hey Victoria I notice you I’m gonna give you a little shout out real quick so
that’s why we chose this we wanted to try something new we wanted to cruise
out of Port Canaveral we wanted to visit Orlando however brief we really didn’t
see much of Orlando we were only there for a day but it was also less expensive
to fly from LA – mm-hmm – Orlando than it was like Miami and Fort Lauderdale
and we only live a couple of hours away from Los Angeles so that worked for us
so we were as Scott is mentioning in the chat right now we were on a cruise that
was rerouted due to a hurricane which I was a little bit surprised that right
well we got on that ship on embarkation day the captain came on and said hey
guys we’ve got a tropical depression or tropical storm at the time called Charon
and the ports of st. Maarten in Saint Thomas are not accessible to us right
now so we are rerouting to Cozumel and Costa Maya boats thank heavens we were
still able to go to perfect day at CoCo Key because that was another big
compelling reason that we had booked this cruise so we had our good attitudes
on we knew it could be possible and quite frankly I love Cozumel and I was
excited to see Costa Maya so for us there was no negative reaction we just
said okay let’s get on our phones and pick some activities let’s reserved
things fast and that’s what we did you can hear about that more on our podcasts
where we talked all about how we did that how we cancelled and informed an
excursion provider in st. Maarten that we weren’t going to be there anymore and
got on the horn and made reservations at nachi kook home in Cozumel
and Maya Chan in Costa Maya both places were exceptionally wonderful great
mellow Beach days ways to spend the day not chica comb books up quick so if you
want to go there make sure that you get it if you want to see a little more
about that before the vlogs come out we have some really fun photos and videos
and experiences on our Instagram highlights so go check that out
so I’ll back up a little bit and tell you a little bit more about our
experience so we flew in two days early before our cruise which is such a luxury
and we partnered with go port also known as go Port Canaveral on this Cruise and
we stayed for two nights at the Marriott Orlando lakeside and had all of our
transportation taken care of by go port that’s what they do they provide shuttle
services for people from the airport to the cruise port but also from the
airport to your hotel the hotel to the cruise port and then on your last day
the cruise port back to the airport so we wanted an all-in-one package and you
all told us that go port was the way to go so they helped us out and they
arranged for us to stay at the Marriott Airport lakeside and if you saw our
Instagram stories you know that it literally is lakeside and they have
hammocks on these grassy knolls and you can go and rest to the sound of
crickets or cicadas or something I don’t know what it was in September but it’s
absolutely a beautiful place they have an indoor outdoor pool a hot tub
fantastic resort super cool we love staying there it was so much fun
so we did that for two days and then we took our go port shuttle on the morning
of embarkation with what’s called the early to cruise option with go ports
some of the hotels offered this thing called early to cruise that means you
get picked up at 10:00 a.m. so we made it in 45 minutes from Orlando to Port
Canaveral and listen to this you guys we were on that ship in 10 minutes so go
port shuttle pulls up there’s Porter’s waiting for us right outside the go port
bus and we literally gave them our luggage we already had our tags on and
we walked from the shuttle into the terminal and we never stopped walking we
never stopped walking and we were on the ship in
minutes curb to ship as Doug Parker at cruise radio likes to say in 10 minutes
we were on the ship at 10:55 a.m. so thank heavens I listened to Matt at
Royal Caribbean blog because Matt is always saying get there early get there
early I’m like well how early like how early should I really get there well
people aren’t they’re not joking when they say get there at 10 o’clock you
really could have gotten on that ship I mean maybe as early as 10:30 I don’t
know but it was crazy so Brenda Oh Willie Orca thank you very
much for the super chat I really appreciate it
Willie Orca are you saying that you’re Brenda B is that’s what you mean then
thank you so much thumbs up I think I get it the throat is getting a little
tickly here guys so please excuse me while I take a drink and cough I’m so
sorry but the tickle comes back when I do what I just did which is talk
non-stop for a few minutes so bear with me while I regroup the Scott great
question about the airfare I’ll answer that in a minute I wish there was a way
I could mute myself and I’m coughing sorry guys give me just a second whew
Scott we didn’t lump our airfare but we booked it on the Royal Caribbean website
this is what happens I’m sorry you guys I feel so bad
keep the questions coming mr. cruisetipstv we’ll get to them
oh no I hope that we can get the COFF out of the way guys but I have a serious
tickle so sorry all right mm-hmm taking a deep breath here we’re gonna
try it again okay where were we we were talking about
Scott asked about my air and we booked the royal air to see on the website it
was cheaper it was cheaper than booking independent air so we decided let’s just
go for it it comes with all that assurance that you get when you book
your air through cruise line and with Royal Caribbean you
get to pick your flights now Thank You Mel that’s very sweet and Thank You Ella that’s a good idea I should probably get
a warm drink and not an icy drink right what am I thinking
I want to give you guys a little information though about when you do
book your thank you sweetheart are you gonna get me something warm to
drink when you book your air through Royal Caribbean air to see you may not
be able to pick your seats right on the website if you can’t choose your seats
for the air for the flight go ahead and call the airline immediately after you
make your reservation and normally they’ll all allow you to do that all
right ha ha Jenner’s patter said mr. Chris if Stevie
needs to step up to the mic mmm what I found Jenner’s and that would be really
great if he would do that thank heavens he does that on the podcast right but is
that that this just kind of calms down quickly
Liz said a teaspoon of honey honey can you put some honey in that for me he
said he’s gonna do it Liz good tip you guys are so sweet thank you for taking
care of me I really really appreciate it this is why I love the community that we
have because I can not be afraid to be human I have a little moment but this
has just been the story of our week it’s been like take every day as it comes
just see how it goes we’re recovering from a trip and I got to tell you guys
we I’ve been telling everyone about this all week and I forget that I didn’t say
it today but the reason I’ve lost my voice I’m pretty sure it’s because I was
screaming all day a perfect day Coco kion the water slides I mean literally I
was screaming so it’s kind of a little bit of a delayed reaction mm-hmm and the
the the losing my voice part didn’t come until like last Friday if you guys
watched our live streams from the Royal Caribbean ship or from the island you
saw that that that thank you sweetheart you’re so good to me I got a I got a cup
I got a cough drop and my wifey mug full of something he just said is super hot
but Liz does smell like honey yes Mandy there’s
mel’s like honey and lemons I think Karen said you should put some whiskey
in there I don’t have any whiskey in the house but he’s a good man that was
really fast sweetheart okay so this is very very hot but I’m gonna try anyway
because we need to get this back on track all right where’s my whiskey Karen
hmm that’s really good good job sweet oh yeah honey and lemon
all right thank you John thank you Connor
you guys are so funny tonight I feel so much better okay I think we’re good I
think I got my tickle under control all good all good everybody who was on the
live stream on Tuesday night saw me with a runny nose all night so it’s been a
long week but I have to be honest you guys we actually are feeling pretty good
in our house I went to the gym last night for 45 minutes while jr. was at
robotics he does robotics at our local like gym so I just go work out and
that’s like my my mom time that I love I turn on Netflix I watch a show I do my
workout and then for the last few minutes I go get some dinner for us and
then come home and I love that time and I felt great yesterday so I did it
anyway okay so we talked about embarkation I told you guys that we were
actually on the ship no joke at 10:55 a.m. and if you listen to the podcast
you know that we immediately turn right we’re on the promenade deck which is so
cool it’s very very dramatic and awesome to enter a large OSS class ship on the
promenade and on harmony of the Seas you’ve got that big face that’s made out
of metal that rotates it’s hard to explain unless you’ve seen it and then
you have the Bionic bar right there so what do we do we got you know we got
awestruck by the Bionic bar and jr. and I ordered up some mocktails and
cocktails so yes it’s true I had my first cocktail at like 11:00 10:00 a.m.
on embarkation day but it was at that point I was like okay I need this this
is good this is fun so ton of fun great and Mark Asian day
we did a little livestream from the upper decks mhm it’s it’s always hard
with live streams the quality is rough I’m sorry for those of you who were
watching all of that but yeah it was it was a bit rough but we did that and we
got settled into our room and we then ended up having dinner at Wonderland and
for those of you who are Royal Caribbean aficionados and you’ve dined at
Wonderland you know it is a wonderful experience I’ve heard so many people
describe it as whimsical and the takeaway that I want to share with you
for wonderland is that if you are maybe a little bit of a picky eater and you’re
thinking no the food might be a little bit odd or the food might be just I
don’t know it just all doesn’t look good to me because everything’s sort of I
don’t know it’s it’s whimsical and they put a twist on everything try it anyway
we loved it and some of our favorite things were like a deviled egg dish that
was really truly it was deviled eggs but it if you saw it on the menu you kind of
freak out and think okay I do not want to eat that that sounds really strange
but it’s just wonderful the way the service staff the server’s are wearing
like total Alice in Wonderland get-ups they looked like these really thick
velvet jackets that had like almost like a little cape that was almost like a
jacket with a tail very long and just so good you’re just you just feel so in
character there and they spoiled jr. it was wonderful so the dining package was
a huge win for us on this cruise which will kind of get to her we’ll get to the
kind of winds and and I would say the things that weren’t our favorite things
later and yes Scott Kaler you’re asking if there’s a place on harmony we kept
going back to there were several and we’re gonna talk about that a little bit
later because there were tons I’m gonna go back and answer some questions
you can move Scott’s the Anaheim one out of there and I’ll I’ll address superstar
Ian knows how and I’d like to thank superstar Ian knows how for the correct
pronunciation of the word key and thank you yes if you’ve noticed we call it
perfect day at CoCo Key I know it’s frustrating and hard
perfect day at coke okay sounds way more rhyming cool but the Bahamian people
mm-hmm pronounce it key and so does Royal
Caribbean what’s up well I’m gonna pronounce a que just so we keep
everything even here so for all of UK people out there I say perfect day a
coke okay just for you potato potato tomato tomahto
we’re just gonna do it that way that’s what we’ve decided we’re gonna keep we
like to keep everyone happy here cruisetipstv Kenneth Rizzo thank you so
much for the super chat you’re a sweetheart thank you okay Marty this is
good what is this babe this is honey and lemon I’m talking to you dude okay it’s
good Pam downing thank you so much for the
super chat and thank you for the love neva nyan what do we think of Captain
Johnnie he is a sweetheart we saw him riding his Segway through the
halls yes guys the captain has his own Segway it’s white and decked out I knew
about it because I saw it on Instagram beforehand but junior and mr.
cruisetipstv did it and they saw him like in a passenger hallway on a Segway
and they’re like what what what how do I get one mr. caruso it was great Victoria
wants to know where should I go in Cozumel well Victoria
stay tuned for vlog Tober because we are going to create a video for you about
the top things you should do in Cozumel we like the beach club so Victoria not
chica comb mr. San Jose there’s also other beach clubs like Playa Mia
Paradise Island places like that that you can go to but that to us is a
wonderful way to spend the day but you could also rent a jeep or do something
like that alright Steve wants to know what we did
in Costa Maya mm-hm Steve we had a great time we went to
Maya Chan as I’ve mentioned a few times before you guys need full disclosure
right now that in Costa Maya on certain beaches they have that icky sea weed
infestation called Sargassum which is basically it’s a seaweed overgrowth
that’s affecting that coastal area and the coast of Belize and some other areas
as well and it makes the the water like a chocolate milk brown color and it
smells like sulfur it’s nasty but we had heard from everybody that Maya Chan was
the way to go and it was so oh great and I see that Mandy has a
question about the ultimate abyss wanting to know if we enjoyed it mr.
crew subsea V do we enjoy the ultimate abyss we did it was really fun and you
kind of have to watch it because a lot of times there’s absolutely no line so
if you want to just go up and down and up and down just keep an eye on on that
up there but I do have a tip for you go before you go if your cruise includes
perfect day go on the abyss before perfect day coke okay because those
other slides will absolutely ruin abyss for you you’ll be bored on abyss after
the other thoughts that’s just my tip that was awesome that
you waited on that it’s true the ultimate abyss is cool but it’s kind of
meh I mean you know and make sure you don’t
wear a tank top ladies you must wear it at least a sort a sort sleeved shirt
carry filled thank you for the super chat you’re so precious
thanks for weighing in on that but yeah it was fun
but it’s a dry slide and then it’s kind of inconvenient like we I should just
tell them the funny story huh okay I have a sweet husband you guys so we all
went together to the very top deck to go on the ultimate abyss so imagine it goes
from the top deck like 14 15 16 down to like five or six where the problem the
the boardwalk is so it’s like an eight deck drop so we thought we’d all go on
the slide together and meet on the bottom well mama over here silly me
wore a tank top you have to have some kind of sleeves you guys told me this
and I didn’t listen I know you told me I didn’t listen so mr. Christian Stevie
was like okay no problem how do we do this again did you and
junior go first how did I end up with your shirt we went first and I ran all
the way back up as fast as I could and gave you my shirt but why were you
shirtless because I give you my shirt okay
so him and junior went first down the ultimate abyss and like he said they ran
all the way up to the top deck gave me his shirt and then I I was alone sliding
from the top to the bottom wearing his shirt well what I didn’t think about was
that meant that he had to walk shirtless from Dec 14 or 15 to the boardwalk so I
got after that I got to the bottom of the abyss I walked over just to sabor
and I was like oh I’m gonna get a jalapeno cucumber margarita cuz those
are my favorite and I’m just gonna hang out and wait so I’m sitting there at the
bar with my drink and I’m looking for them I’m like where is this is take this
is kind of taking a long time like I’m at the bar by myself this feels really
weird I don’t want to be in a Barbara myself where’s my husband where’s my kid
I look over my shoulder I see my husband walking towards me with this hilarious
look I’m gonna try to reenact it but he was shirtless which he is never
shirtless so I see him from like here up over the bar and he’s like this he’s
like yeah this classic smirk you guys like yeah
I’m not wearing a shirt because I love you and I gave you my shirt but normally
I would die if I had to walk somewhere without a shirt
he’s like the kind of person who was 120 degrees he wouldn’t go on a run without
a shirt he just thinks he’s old-fashioned anyway I teased him that
whole day about I will never forget the look on his face it was like this like
I’m doing this for you babe a shirt let’s let’s be clear do you mean I used
to go around shirtless all the time but those days were long gone times have
changed you got to be respectful but if you find yourself in that situation as I
did then you gotta own it gotta own it I owned it and Celeste said
what is wrong with mr. shirtless and to that I would say absolutely nothing he’s
hot he looked smokin and he was get he got him pre cruise shape he was like ten
and had been running and he was looking good and I’m just saying he was looking
fine so anyway yeah Mike and Cheryl he had the double-oh-seven look it was a
very it was very double-oh-seven it was very quiet confidence but like for him
more quiet and less confidence but adorable all the same so
yeah alright Scott said ten minutes doesn’t that ship hold five thousand
passengers Scott is referring to our speedy embarkation and yeah Scott I
don’t know how they do it I will tell you that there was zero paper involved
in my embarkation I downloaded the app we had boarding passes on the app I
don’t know how they do it but it’s just phenomenal it was absolutely amazing and
I will skip ahead and say that demarcation was the same thing and Scott
wanted to know what I’m drinking while I tried a rum and Diet Coke but that has
to stop because that was making me cough so now we’re having a honey lemon hot
tea courtesy of mr. cruisetipstv Kaline wants to know if you can wear your
glasses on the water slides I did not catch that do you know you can’t on
abyss I can provide some information okay you’re talking about this lights a
coke okay right let’s assume that K line is talking about coke okey yeah I think
the answer is yes because I talked to a couple of different people who are
wearing sunglasses and actually the spectacles and they let him spectacles
are like the little glasses with the cameras in them oh yeah the Google specs
no they’re not Google they’re they’re like guns I know what you’re talking
about like some chat thing but anyway it doesn’t matter the answer is yes you can
wear them Kaline and they let us take our GoPros our cameras down everything
snapchat what okay snapchat specs oh yeah they were snapchat you’re right
that guy was wearing them on the on the Daredevils peak which is like the
highest slide um where were they fussy about not taking on the ship though on
the ship zero cameras allowed on the water slides nothing no nothing are you
talking about the zipline on the water slides or the zipline okay on the
zipline you take everything off nothing in your pockets which makes sense
because you’re ziplining over a public area so they don’t want anything to
follow you Liz you can order mocktails to the Bionic bar Liz Breen you
absolutely you can create your own you can choose
from a selection of them and keep in mind my husband doesn’t drink and
obviously jr. doesn’t drink so we did a lot of mock tailing on this cruise and
they have so many good ones and you can just create your own Jr was creating
some nasty ones though he would make ooh mocktails out of weird
things but you literally add your own stuff Scott wants to know how are the
shows and did you do the comedy shows okay let’s go ahead and talk about the
shows and Willy Orca my dip many is still fabulous I’m hooked on dip
manicures fabulous thank you for that janja Mellie thank you so much for the
super chat you are the bomb.com I appreciate you and guys we got a
celebrity in the house I see Matt from Royal Caribbean blog popped in Matt we
were all thinking about you and talking about you all week long
you are our Royal Caribbean Northstar thank you so much it a’mma tomorr tent
has new deep meaning to us now I I just I can’t have to thank you over and over
again because you saved us and it was it really truly enhanced our cruise all the
information that you provided so thank you I think I forgot the last question
what was it okay no comedy shows shows that we went to for the lovely person
that asked about entertainment we went to the 1887 Ice Show which I thought was
fabulous excellent just the perfect amount of time we got front-row seats we
had made reservations but the place was half-empty I guess that’s how it works
phenomenal if you want to see a peek again it’s all on our Instagram stories
this close to the ice skaters you could feel the cold air whoosh over our face
when they went by go watch the stories but they’ll be in the vlogs too we also
saw Columbus the musical it was fun and cute we cancelled Greece because it was
adult content Junior was with us all the time he wasn’t grooving on the kids club
on this one so we just thrown in we’re ten want to go anyway we’re burned out
on activities so he cancelled Greece but I’ve heard it’s phenomenal
Jeannie McKee said did you like the boardwalk in Central Park we loved them
both oh my gosh having a cabin near Central Park was wonderful
just for all of you who are wondering we had a balcony guarantee cabin and it was
like a hundred and fifty paces from Central Park and I could go get my Park
Cafe morning coffee it was just the best yeah Liz he wasn’t into the cruise the
the kids club this time we registered him but the truth of the matter is there
was too much other stuff to do it wasn’t that he didn’t want to go it’s that
there were things to do on the ship and we had a whole day a perfect day we had
port days and other than that he was comfortable hanging with mom and dad
Tracy on harmony of the Seas there are two formal nights on our itinerary it
was nights three and six sue Poulos said to questions about the inside balconies
on harmony are they loud from music and people and how is their price in
relation to Ocean facing balconies cipolla you can definitely save money by
booking if you’re talking about like boardwalk in Central Park balconies you
can definitely save money there pretty well sound proofed and by 10:00 p.m.
they’re pretty quiet both areas during the day though if you’re hanging on your
balcony you’re inside balcony they’re gonna have a lot of activity you know
you’re gonna have a carousel and music and pool music the pool steel drum band
and deejay from the pool drifts into Central Park
full disclosure Central Park is not quiet all the time by day if you have a
Central Park balcony so be aware of that we had an ocean view I’m glad we got an
ocean view that’s how I would want to do it okay Mandy said what did you think of
fineline aqua theatre thank you so much for reminding me that I didn’t tell you
guys the fine line aqua show was phenomenal we loved it it was so good
and again I really appreciate how Royal Caribbean can respect our short
attention spans is great and we both agree that we’re gonna quit as soon as
possible and actually try and sign up and be in that show with them because we
can still do that I’m gonna be the hanging aerialist and you’re gonna be
the guy that jumps on the rope it works and junior he could be a synchronized
swimmer well will junior be high diver anything you want
slacklining that’s what it’s called slacklining was so cool Natacha we got
room service twice and it was so fantastic we made a video about it all
about it you could order from your TV it was so cool and was so good totally
worth the 795 charge oh my goodness Janet dave is 57 $24.99 super chat thank
you so much Janet Davis for that and I hope you have a wonderful cruise on
harmony in October you’re gonna love it I didn’t see any duck very lazy
travelers are here hi guys we didn’t see any ducks or find any ducks I have to be
honest I wasn’t looking for them but we didn’t see any of them yeah Matt I do
feel like I’m one of the Royal Caribbean people now I love that we did this
because I felt I was talking about this in the podcast I felt like we had a gap
in our knowledge I still do because going on harmony of
the Seas doesn’t make me of all knowing about Royal Caribbean but boy does it
help it is so great it was so wonderful to have that knowledge so anyway hi
Brittany thanks for saying hi Melanie said do we have packing tips Melanie we
made a pact with me video for this cruise it is coming tomorrow or Sunday I
don’t know which one but I’ll tell you right now let’s see we have two videos
coming for you guys this weekend by the way we have let’s see here
okay our pact with me for a Royal Caribbean cruise video is coming
tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. and then on Sunday what to wear on a Royal Caribbean cruise
so yeah I already got Natasha’s question about room service so we’re good to go
mm-hmm all right let’s go back to the review I’ll keep talking and you guys
keep asking questions okay we talked about Wonderland now let’s
talk about perfect day at CoCo Key so many of you know that we paid for a
Cabana we rented a thrill water park cabana at perfect day at CoCo Key our
port stop was scheduled to be 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. but due to the hurricane
sorry tropical depression reroute they gave us
an extra hour because it doesn’t take us long to get to Cozumel so we’re like Oh
more time so we got a blissful 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. a perfect day Coco key
I will tell you that we paid $4.99 for our thrill waterpark Cabana but I’ve
heard that’s very expensive and they can be available for less if you get a
cabana at throw a waterpark you get six waterpark passes so make sure you do the
math if you’re traveling with a group or you’re traveling with friends and you
can get a cabana for six people for less than or approximately equal to six water
park passes get the cabana people get the cabana we loved it you could you got
a locker you’ve got a place to charge your stuff even though the plug is like
it’s seven feet high and I have no idea how people get their stuff up there but
we figured it out you have your own little wicker couch you have loungers
you have food service you have drink service and yes your drink package works
on the island it was phenomenal so our day a perfect day Coco key was amazing
water slides were the best we water slided literally all day to the point
where I barely left through a water park and I feel kind of guilty cuz I didn’t
really go explore the island for you guys other than the short live stream
walkabout that we did very briefly when we jumped out of there and I don’t know
what we were the boys were doing something so I took my phone and I did a
live stream and met some new friends and we walked over to the beach for like a
very short time other than that we stayed all day in thrilled water park so
now we just need to go back to perfect day so we can explore all the other
areas but yes Matt is saying cabanas are a great idea at perfect day or Labadee
so make sure you price those out guys because it really is great Jill I don’t
think that clamshells a perfect day but they had so many free lounge chairs with
shade we were talking about this yesterday that when you’ll be standing
at the top of the water slides and you would look down over the whole island
you would see that Royal Caribbean did such an incredible job of plenty of
complimentary seating you don’t need that Cabana if you don’t want it there
are shaded lounger sunny loungers you can move your lounger throughout the day
so much seating but I didn’t see clam shells for rent
say maybe somebody knows but yes I do Ella I know there’s itineraries of two
days a perfect day and I would love it Renee
no air conditioning in the Cabana mm-hmm yeah Rachel I could see how you’d want
to just do the rest of the island Oh superstar knows how wants to know
what do we eat on a perfect day Ashley joy what we did is we had the server’s
the Cabana attendants will bring new food from the snack shack
we had the hamburger the chicken sandwich which is as good as everyone
says it is we had mozzarella sticks we had french
fries I had a beautiful Caesar salad that was ice-cold I don’t know how they
did that ice-cold Caesar salad fantastic what else do we get we got everything on
the menu probably a hot dog I don’t know the boys
we ate everything but jr. ate like standing up he’s like I’ll go back to
the water slides and he would like you know eat a bite and then it was like it
was for us all of us it was like a rush meal and then it was like go go go
and for the record my husband lost two pounds on this cruise and I only gained
two ounces and I am literally not kidding you I’m in better shape than
before we left because we were like active the whole time it was crazy I
literally felt strong when I came back from this cruise
I’m not having a voice I felt like I gained some muscle it’s really weird
anyway Mandy yeah we’ll definitely go on another Royal Caribbean cruise probably
not immediately we definitely don’t have plans to do it right away because we
have a lot of other cruises that we have our eye on but I want to go on another
one and I really want to go back to perfect day because it really is the
perfect day and this is coming from someone who doesn’t like theme parks or
water parks none of us do hot tip for you guys if you haven’t
heard this tip before if you go to the water park the first few hours in the
last few hours there’s probably no lines so avoid the meat of the day the ten to
two hours are cray-cray but if you want to go no lines do what we did wait till
everybody starts getting back on the ship like maybe two and then just go go
go go I my watch said I think I did like 27,000 steps or something that
day we were running stairs all day it was so great
Rene I’m sorry for the delay in getting to your question about my top but yes it
is from fashion fashion guys is a new subscription service that I’ve been
participating in and I love it it’s a less expensive option for someone who
wants a subscription box Rene and everyone else who’s interested we are
unboxing to fashion boxes this Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific time at youtube-dot-com
forward-slash cruise gear and I have a $10 discount code for you guys
I am in love with the affordability and the stuff they’ve sent me it’s
phenomenal so yeah it is Renee Tracy we totally over packed Tracy Davenport we
totally over packed and I’ll talk about that in a moment we took too much stuff
we only wore our water shoes briefly my husband and son took too many shirts and
yeah so central Illinois Housing Network hi Nick favorite part of perfect day my
favorite part was the slingshot waterslide and just the family time the
Cabana phenomenal but you don’t need the Cabana to have a blast you don’t thank
you blk 3 for 4 you’re very welcome Renee the Cabana for
us was $4.99 but everybody says they’ve gotten it for like $2.99 or $1.99 which
Oh kills me yo-yo ma said is this car is this cocoa
keyport better than the private carnival ports just totally different experience
it’s a waterpark it’s also there’s there’s tons of chill and lots of thrill
is it better I don’t know I love Half Moon key I think it’s phenomenal it’s
just different Stephen Ames thank you so much Steven for the sweet super chat
steve has gone on Symphony the Seas guys in just a few weeks he’s packing and
ready so thank you sir okay um you know what when Rachel we
didn’t go to the buffet because we had we had food brought to us but the Flies
were everywhere in our Cabana when they brought the food right flies everywhere
they were and they were all they wanted to be on the food we had I did swing by
the buffet though and I gotta tell you they the Flies weren’t bad at the buffet
okay well right when they brought the food to us the Flies are like oh it’s
lunch time it’s lunch time good question Rachel Marlena said how
our children received in specialty restaurants even when your child is well
behaved Marlena so well there’s so many children in the specialties we were
surrounded by children every night very well received very accommodating when
you buy the dining package if you have to buy one for them get it refunded the
first night on your cruise they’ve fully refunded ours which is awesome Canada
some people get the Cabana for a lower price because Royal Caribbean is
inconsistent with their pricing in the cruise planner it’s just the way it
works supply and demand I don’t know turtle
frog we only did sink laundry on board we didn’t do laundry laundry okay yeah
Ella I think I think personally Ella and itinerary with two days at perfect day
at CoCo Key was absolutely worth it George the longest line we waited in at
perfect it cocoa key was ten minutes they marked the staircases with waiting
time so you’ll know it said 15 minutes on one of ours might have been 15 but it
felt pretty short yeah John B said how are the internet speeds on the ship our
best speed up was two but we went live anyway John we took a speed tester with
us and it was like an average of like two up it wasn’t great but we were able
to do live streams so I’m not complaining we were fine we were using
that sucker the whole time we loved our internet package Melissa yeah said what
is your favorite jank in the vitality spot can you move Melissa’s comment to
the top for me so I can see the rest of it sorry mm-hmm Melissa the vitality spa
was our favorite hack that you guys shared with us you said use your
refreshment package in your drink package at vitality spa they have
smoothies and fresh squeezed juices little did we know Melissa we would live
there for the whole week a minimum of two juices per person per day in the
vitality spa right would you say a minimum at least two visits guys
smoothies were great phenomenal my favorite melissa was the detox juice
that is not on the menu they offered it up to me it is Apple celery ginger and
lemon it is not sweet is a sherry sherry heaven drink fantastic probably one of
the best things you could put on an empty stomach before your morning coffee
ever phenomenal I I still think that’s why we had so much energy on this cruise
and why we were like killing it with with our activity levels because we were
just pumping the fresh-squeezed juice it’s like just tons and custom smoothies
and everything so yeah all right ah the very lazy travelers what a
wonderful way to ask this question the very lazy traveler said we’re on harmony
the Seas was your place that made you go ah it was Central Park probably for me
we loved the bar dazzles it was always empty in the day and it’s got this
dramatic gorgeous view of the boardwalk I think and it was just beautiful
we loved dazzles places that made me go although it was it was definitely our
balcony and it was definitely Central Park so good all right I’m gonna get in
here and answer some more questions somebody asked us when our next cruise
is our next cruise will be announced sometime this month but it’s soon guys
we’re going on a cruise in November I think I should tell you all all of our
wonderful oh geez who are here right now that we are going on a cruise in
November and it’s gonna be a nice relaxing one for us we’re very much
looking forward to and we will announce it during vlog tober fest but you know
me I have to make a whole video about the announcement I can’t just tell you
right Kristine’s question I’m ready for babe the how did you handle crowds if
you could move the other ones up I can look at christine’s question Christine
Levesque how did you handle crowds on a larger ship Sherri Christine it stressed
me out I’ll be honest with you it was one of the things that was
difficult for me is that it was always noisy and it was always crowded
we did find our little sanctuaries but I am not used to that so I would just go
to Central Park and go to Park Cafe get my coffee and just be like right
I liked the energy but I needed breaks from the energy it’s probably a good way
to put that okay all right mm-hmm yes BLK you can
absolutely go to vitality spa just for a drink you do not have to have a spa
service scheduled it is on the in the lobby of the spa everybody goes there
just to get a drink the spa is past it Ella Carnival panorama I am hoping that
we will be on the media crews for panorama but for now I’m not booked on a
full week on panorama but we hope to get on there for you in December early
December okay yeah yeah you know Kiki you’re right it’s a good cruise when you
know Matthew Central Park was smoke-free from what I noticed there was absolutely
no smoke order the only place there was a smoke odor was the casino and the
smoking area up on the top deck Ella the drink package that included the juices
and smoothies was husband had the Royal refreshment I had the deluxe they both
included it phenomenal I want to tell you guys I want to go through a list of
more of like the hits and misses before we sign off today I think I think we’ve
done a pretty good job of hitting a lot of the things but I need to tell you
guys the hits and misses so highlights of the cruise internet
package was great loved it would never go on Royal Caribbean without buying it
perfect day Ikuko key was heaven vitality spa was our favorite place to
go get smoothies and juices so quiet one deck up from our cabin our cabin was on
deck seven we would go down to deck 6 for smoothies and up to deck 8 for Park
Cafe and we were in heaven the whole time we loved all the choices we had on
this cruise that was a highlight for us lots of choice you could you could do a
million things but that was also a downfall and that was that we left the
cruise feeling like we barely barely tapped the surface of what there is to
do on harmony that’s okay but it does leave you feeling like you want to go do
it again kind of sort of how I feel I was saying I really want like a 14 night
cruise on something on a ship like that our cabin was in a great location you
was itwas a guarantee balcony we surrender control on this one listen to
our travel agent saved two or three hundred bucks took a balcony guarantee
and it was perfect for us entertainment was spectacular Wonderland
and Jamie’s Italian and the the three night dining package were total
highlights of this cruise would not do anything differently with any of those
things another highlight was the boardwalk we loved it jr. went on the
carousel three times he’s a ten year old boy but he didn’t care he liked the
carousel and he was gonna rock that carousel that was great
also embarkation and disembarkation were unbelievably fast
they had a silent disembarkation where there was only one announcement made on
the ship they did not wake you up with 50 announcements oh I loved it
we were off the ship at 6:45 736 what time do we get off the ship 7:30 they
started walk-off disembarkation at 6:45 guys and we were off by 7:45 and in our
go port bus by 8:00 they had facial recognition no customs
agents no customs forms at Port Canaveral that was unbelievable
so embarkation disembarkation were great another highlight our experience with go
Port Canaveral was unbelievable they are classy they are timely there is no
stress in any of your transportation transactions cannot recommend them
highly enough so all that was amazing okay let’s talk about some of the low
lights the maybe things that we wish we were different on this cruise guys our
guarantee balcony cabin unfortunately was a connecting cabin connected to
another room what that means is that there’s a door with no soundproofing
between you and the people next to you and what that meant for us was their
blow-dryer when it went off at 5:42 a.m. sounded like it was in our room watch
out for connecting balconies on any cruise we know better we just did it
anyway but it was a problem and we also had noisy neighbors on the other side we
didn’t really get a good night’s sleep for a week it was a one-off I
State to even share this with you guys because I don’t think it was an issue
shipwide at all I think it was just the luck of the draw this is only the third
time we’ve had that happen in 32 or 33 cruises so please do not take this to
heart okay um so yeah that was a low light main
dining room food we only went one night on the second night our table was not
good it was a banquette table we were right next to other people so we
couldn’t didn’t feel like we could talk we didn’t feel like we could vlog the
food was just met we didn’t want to ask for another table so we just decided to
go to the buffet which turned into a highlight of the cruise because we loved
the Windjammer the Windjammer big time right it was so good and the sunsets up
there were insane so we felt like we won because we discovered a way to have like
really casual dinners we spent formal night in the buffet and we loved it so
MD our food not my favorite didn’t want to go back didn’t want to fuss over
getting another table and to be quite honest I didn’t want to be tied to the
7:45 dining time so we buffet did another thing I don’t like about Royal
Caribbean oh you want to say something first well I just want to say that it
wasn’t necessarily a it was a bad a bad table and just there were so many other
things that were better yeah Abel was fine and I thought the food was good too
you did yeah it was I was mad but but yeah I mean it would have been nice if
we were as close yeah to those people yeah and we felt bad and I want to give
the impression that anything was bad about it cuz no it really wasn’t we just
there were so many other good things in fact I think that we just went to the
buff anything and we’ll just go tonight and then go back put the buffet was so
good it’s like why not huh we just had more options I mean that’s the thing
about it is with with the ship if you don’t like something even at like a 10
percent level you just ten percent don’t like it just go do something else and
that’s just what we did we exercised our rights to do something else okay the
other thing I was going to say and this is this is almost the last thing on the
on the Collins list is that I don’t like having to check my towels in and out I
think we’ve been spoiled with some other cruise lines like princess where it’s on
the honor system I get it but I didn’t like having to constantly like scan my
card for towels that was like I felt like a little kid
and overall it was pricey cruise for us because we we Peck we got packages for
everything so we spent probably thirty to forty percent more than we do on the
average cruise it was worth it I would do it again but it was an expensive
cruise for us those are kind of the cons some people asked us if we had any
regrets we decided we really only have two regrets from this cruise and that
was husband and son didn’t use their soda cups or my soda cup and his and
your soda cup which I basically gave to junior they didn’t use them in the
machines as much as they should have they found out that the Coke machines
the coke tasted better than the bar coke and so the hubby was getting Diet Coke
and a can but the stuff in the machine was better so we wish we had to learn
that earlier and then the other thing that we were agretti is we overpacked
even though we were carry-on only we took too many shirts and dresses and
shoes and I would just do less next time so yeah that’s pretty much it guys
yeah Sharon thank you thank you very much right the towel checkout drives me
mad ah but it’s okay we got used to it and they were super sweet and the
service was always good but I had to go up on deck to exchange my towels bleb I
don’t like it yeah it was really weird yeah Mike and
Cheryl you have to give to exchange your towels for fresh ones so it was it was
just it wasn’t my jam but it’s not a big deal yes I will do more informations
coming to you on go port in fact you’re gonna see how it works in our vlogs so I
can try to do a standalone episode for you and that’s a really great question
so I’ll try to do that okay umm yes okay Courtney Gehringer did you check
out the scooter bar yeah we loved the schooner bar and I got myself a lavender
Marga martini martini lavender martini go to our Instagram stories look for my
lavender martini loved it Canada said mr. cruise tips TV
does not drink alcohol but his package was non-alcoholic and two people have
the same drink packages and are not the same you have to call Royal Caribbean
and ask for an exception for one person in the room to have an alcohol package
and the other to not have it on the website you cannot book it that way but
it for valid reasons for not drinking alcohol they will allow it that’s what
we did sylia I don’t think world Caribbean has
plans to come back to the west coast but it could happen
blk said so do you mean the Windjammer is less hectic than the main dining hall
I don’t think it’s less hectic necessarily but on formal night it was
less hectic yeah I mean sometimes it wasn’t dependent on the time you went it
just was a better fit for us and we thought the food was great and I
followed Matt’s advice and I got Indian food I love Indian food too and so I
would go in the back and find this sneaky little Indian for the station and
get myself some curry and it was great delicious
Oh ki dokie yeah a lot of you have used go Port Canaveral before it it was
phenomenal yeah Karen I think you can take as many as you want as long as you
return that many but I didn’t think about that so I would always just get
three yeah Paul MDR versus buffet for time management better for shows and
activity yeah the buffet to me is better to time manage for shows personally the
shows we reserved were always during our dinner time too which made us feel
forced to the buffet okay good tip guys about the towels thank you if I were
thinking straight I would have got nine towels up front yeah Jim you have to
exchange your pool towels that’s exactly what we mean okay I’m going to try to
answer a few more questions in the next five minutes see how we’re doing but it
we’ve been going for about an hour no ebony you do not have to go to formal
night you do not have to dress formally you’re encouraged to do that in the main
dining room but otherwise no okay Stacy I’ll check into how go port handles
disabled passengers I do believe that I heard our bus driver calling ahead on
our return trip to make sure that he got a ramp for someone when we got off the
bus is very professional transaction yo-yo ma they have like a shower gel
shampoo combination in a dispenser on the wall in the shower if you’re not
fussy about yours use that I’m sure the boys used that the whole time and didn’t
even like think about it I took my own shampoo and conditioner though
yeah Sharon thank you who wants nine towels sitting around thank you
yes I someone’s hearing me I feel her so anyway
okay Laura Laporte thank you for this because I forgot about this she said did
you love the Wonderland bar so pretty and really not busy yes I loved the
Wonderland bar and I loved all the drinks and I have a confession I have to
tell them don’t I honey at Wonderland I ordered four out of five of the
cocktails because I just wanted to try them all I did not drink them all but I
ordered four out of five guys on night one and I was fine the next day I drank
a lot of water and I didn’t finish them but we did we were like okay let’s walk
after dinner cuz that was a lot of cocktails and one of them is like I feel
like it’s like just a shot of whiskey with like a little flavor on it
phenomenal um I don’t know superstar Aryan with your with go port if you can
apply your loyalty points you might be able to I didn’t I should have asked
about my Marriott Bond voice but I didn’t and they didn’t offer it up but
it’s a really good question I would ask customer service if you booked with them
Thank You Carol my voice is so much better
Oh each Inge wants to know what I thought of the roast beef sandwich in
Park Cafe also called is it the Royal camel wook camel wek come will wek it
was great we got it on day one we ate in the park cafe for lunch and I asked them
to thinly slice the roast beef because I don’t like it when it’s thick and it’s
like chewy and they did they thinly sliced it and add extra horseradish and
it was phenomenal Marlena said will you have a video about your favorite drinks
did you see that yes Marlena what we did is we’re gonna
do a little bar tour with our favorite drinks mixed in so we did do that yeah
okay Carrie macheska we’ve never been to Bermuda but come back for another Q&A on
Monday night at 6 p.m. pacific 9 p.m. Eastern and we’ll try to answer that I
know Jim I didn’t knock my drinks over I didn’t do it love it
alright you guys my voice is starting to give out Steve I know you would have
finished the drinks and you woulda liked my little
skee shot I’m telling you it was it was a Steve Roth special but I am 5 foot 0
and I wanted to feel good the next day at perfect day like I really wanted to
feel good because we were gonna be water sliding it up and I did I felt great all
right you guys I think that we have covered a lot today I think we could
have covered more but we think we kept it Royal Caribbean focused and this is
so good yes Tracy your husband can wear shorts in the specialty restaurant you
tell them to rock those shorts it’s totes fine
people were casual and there are no problem at all so yes Daisy you can just
have a drink at Wonderland I think they open at 5:30 though so it’s
not all day but go in there and grab yourself a drink the bars on the upper
level the restaurants on the lower level just do it okay you guys I feel so bad I
want to answer questions all night but we just can’t do it
so come back for another live stream Monday night October 7th 6 p.m. pacific
9 p.m. eastern and also keep tuned into our social media channels cruisetipstv
everywhere because we have so many live streams so many videos and so much fun
coming out you during vlog tober and fashion friends fashionistas
fashionistas come join me Sunday on crews gear at 11 a.m. Pacific for a
fashion unboxing you guys are going to love it thank you for being here for us
you guys are wonderful and thank you always for your support and love until
next time we’ll see you on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe

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  2. Curious to do Cruise costs vs. up charge video, especially with something like RC line with a lot of up charge options. As I recall in your drink package cruise, you were talking about dinner packages, private island extras etc…options. It seemed like this started out as a reasonable price Cruise, but was it after all the up sells? Interesting to see an honest“would I do it again” or “worth it” video…thanks!

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  7. I agree with you, we went on the Mariner of the seas in August and we were so close to the next table that its like we were sitting together!! Very uncomfortable and awkward. They sit you so close that its like your sitting in a group. Didnt like that at all, but we enjoyed the food and made the best of it.

  8. You make me want to use go port even though I live 40 minutes from the Cape.🤪. Also, if ever on another Oasis class ship, one thing I learned from la lido loca was that there was a coke machine in the arcade upstairs near the basketball courts that was almost always free. This was on The Oasis ship but Harmony is similar.

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