Get Fit in Atlanta: A Tough Mudder Travel Guide – Coachified Ep. 7 | Tough Mudder

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re here in beautiful
Atlanta less than 24 hours before 2017’s Tough Mudder,
and we’re going to show you how to live life to the fullest. We’re going to get our fitness
on all over this beautiful city. [MUSIC PLAYING] [EAGLE CAWING] Coachified! Living life to the fullest is
about getting dirty and doing things that make you feel alive. But you’re bound to get a
cut or scrape along the way. If you don’t, you’re not doing it right. I’m really stoked we’re in Atlanta. It’s the big Tough
Mudder weekend coming up. Shut the front door. Is that a legionnaire? Oh my gosh, it’s a legionnaire! Legionnaire! What are you doing? Going for a trail run. Can we join you? Come on! [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you have any trail tips
for our Mudders at home? When you’re running
through the trails, you’ve got to be mindful of your footwork. Your footwork is going to
help strengthen your ankles, so step side to side. As long as you’re moving
forward, you’ll be good. Ankle strength, agility, and balance. Get on the trails, Mudders. [CHEERING] Keep your eye out for training
opportunities absolutely everywhere. Playgrounds are a great way
to train for Tough Mudder. When you explore a new city, don’t be
afraid of getting outside and working on your fitness in public. Good day Living life to the fullest is not
taking any moment for granted, getting out and seeing what’s
around the next corner. We’re here at Centennial Olympic Park. There’s absolutely no better
place to celebrate our fitness, and we’re going to celebrate your
fitness, and fitness in general. Come on, coach. I’m coming. You’re looking great. Every day in your life
should be a new adventure. And if you start to
think about it that way, you’re going to be surprised
at the wonderful things you’re going to end up doing. One, two, three. Like that. After you eat a bunch of waffles,
then you just did push-ups. [SINGING] Words can’t bring me down, no. And I am beautiful. I am beautiful, too. in every single way. You know, a trip to Atlanta
wouldn’t be complete without a– A little ATL dance lesson. How’s it going? Welcome to Dance 101. You guys ready to dance? Yeah, you ready to teach us to dance? Yes. Let’s do it. [MUSIC PLAYING] My favorite part about
coming to a new town is to try something new that
I’ve never tried before, step outside of my comfort zone,
and not take myself super seriously. It’s definitely a great workout, yeah. I’m warm in here. We’re burning, like, 700
calories in an hour right now. It works on a lot of coordination,
your aerobic capacity. It’s an all around head to toe workout. And the best part about
it, it’s a lot of fun. No. Dude, you said you were
going to the bathroom. Come on. Let’s go! Sorry. Come on. With a little bit of
creativity, we just had a blast running all over
Atlanta working on our fitness. So get outside your hotel room
and live life to the fullest. We just showed you how you can work
on your strength, your agility, your speed, your stamina,
all those things. We met some amazing people. And ladies and gentlemen,
you just got Coachified. [MUSIC PLAYING] [SINGING] Words can’t bring me down. [LAUGHTER]

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