Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

-When I heard about the bubble,
I was just amazed. I just never heard
of anything like this. -Like a hamster inside a wheel, the world-class athlete planned
to walk on water more than 1,000 miles
from Miami to Bermuda. -No one person is going
to overcome the ocean. There was only going to be
a bad outcome. This is by far the most bizarre
case that I was involved with. -So, there’s no motors. He runs in that thing
and powers it from — -From here to Bermuda.
-From here to Bermuda. -With the Bermuda Triangle and all these vessels
disappearing over the years, they thought it was
a suicide mission. -I really didn’t know if he was
gonna come home alive or not. They were saying how it cost
taxpayer money, and “crazy Florida man.” I mean, we can’t help
what people think. ♪♪ [ Ding! ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -I tried to talk him out of it
for quite a while because, obviously,
it’s extremely dangerous. I really didn’t know if he was
gonna come home alive or not. -One of our sectors,
Sector Miami, got a call from a concerned boater
that there was a man in a bubble that was lost and was asking
for directions to Bermuda. It became really obvious really
fast that he wasn’t a sailor, didn’t know the ocean, was unequipped to do
what he was attempting to do. We wound up staying with him
in the bubble for at least a full day as we tried to hash through
what our authorities were. At that point, we let the
patrol boat depart the scene, and then a day or two later, a cold front knocked
the bubble on his side, so he set off
what’s called a spot device. He was in need of assistance,
and we went out and rescued him. Captain of the Port of Miami gave him basically
a cease-and-desist order, that, “you’re not to get
underway in your bubble. If you do, you will be
in violation of Coast Guard regulations.” And that seemed to stop him
for a while, until he was discovered
planning a voyage. He’d rebuilt the bubble, and no amount of reasoning
or common sense was going to change his mind. [ Sander whirring ] [ Metal clatters ] [ Tanks clatter ] [ Whirring ] -This is one of the first
prototypes, there. -First one.
-Yeah. [ Air pump whirring ] We are in North Palm Beach,
Florida, in the Intracoastal, and this is where Reza stored
the bubble for a year while we were trying
to get the Coast Guard, the situation
kind of sorted out, and decide on when
the weather was good for him to run to Bermuda again, and he had waited for so long
to go on his mission, so he had reached a point
where he was just frustrated, and he said to me,
“George, I want to go. It’s time for me to go.” ♪♪ -Reza’s been running
since he was about 7 years old. He grew up in Northern Iran
on a rice farm. He was required
at a very young age to run to school, run back. It was a very rough life there, and he struggled with following
the traditional law of Iran. So, on Ramadan,
he got caught eating, and he was publicly beaten. He had to leave. He was running from abuse. So he left, and then he came
to the United States after that, running across the country,
raising money for charities. -Reza Baluchi is spreading peace
by running cross-country. He’s running
in the name of peace, after being jailed
in his native country, Iran, for political
and religious violations. -He is driven by
a lot of different forces, and he has the capability
of doing these things — running across the country or, you know, running
into Bermuda on a hydropod. ♪♪ -It was actually sad watching
the bubble leave with Reza because I didn’t know, you know,
if I’m gonna see him again. I said, “Reza, what if there’s
a hurricane?” He says, “It doesn’t matter.
I want to go in the bubble. I’ll zip it up, and wherever the
hurricane takes me, I’ll go.” -It was difficult, you know,
letting go and just — I care about him,
and just, you know, pushing him out
into the ocean — “Good luck.
I hope you make it,” you know? It was crazy. -What we could see
with his Facebook posts, he was doing this
as part of a charity event, that he wanted schoolchildren
to be able to track him and make donations. -Alright, go! Keep it up!
Yeah! -He was putting himself at the whim of Mother Nature
and the ocean, and you’re just not
going to win. Temperatures inside the bubble
could get up to 120 degrees. Running in a bubble,
sleeping at night, he’s gonna wind up getting
pushed off towards England or in one of the eddies
that swirl around in the middle
of the Atlantic Ocean forever. You’ve got a better chance
of winning the Powerball lottery than you do
of starting in Florida and trying to run to Bermuda. We referred to it
as the “Hamster Wheel of Doom.” ♪♪ -Five days after Reza set sail, I don’t hear from him,
and I had no communication. I thought the bubble
and him were gone. I thought he was in the bottom
of the ocean and that’s it. -I was watching the line move up
on the GPS tracker, and then, all of a sudden,
I saw it turn to the right, and I knew something was up. -The final time,
we were called in by a concerned mariner. [ Boat horn honks ] The patrol boat
came up to the bubble. We tried to have
a conversation with him, tried to get him
to embark the boat. Based on the Captain
of the Port Order… …and his physical condition, we determined it was unsafe
for him to continue. So we removed him
from the bubble… and sank the bubble
as a hazard to navigation. ♪♪ -They just shot it down
into the ocean, and he had all his backpack,
supplies, GPS tracker — a lot of the things
that he had been working on. -That was like
over $120,000 of his life that he had put
into that bubble, and it all just got stolen
in 30 minutes in the middle of the ocean. -The Coast Guard response cost the taxpayers
approximately $144,000. The fact that he was
putting himself at risk, the people that were gonna have
to respond to his attempt just shows very poor judgement. -Him being from Iran and not knowing, really,
what he went through and, you know,
that he was imprisoned and he was tortured in jail, and him being that free-thinker
is what put him in jail, and, you know,
thank God Reza came to America. But here, he always thought, “Okay, I’m free to do
whatever I want,” and he never expected that they would not let him do
what he wants to do. This is the land of the free.
That’s why he came here. Running is just…Reza. Reza runs.
He is exactly like Forrest Gump. You know, people didn’t
understand Forrest Gump. People don’t understand Reza. But look at Forrest Gump. Everybody loved that movie, and I think Reza will get
to do his bubble dream. -I don’t think this is the last
that we’ve heard of Reza, but I hope this is the last
that we’ve heard of Reza trying to go somewhere
in a bubble on the water. ♪♪ ♪♪

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  1. You know, nobody asked the coast guard to intervene. If he got into trouble after all the warnings, let him be. It's what he wants to do, let him do it. You don't see anybody pulling people out of other possibly dangerous hobbies just because an ambulance or helicopter has to come rolling down to get you. As long as he's not hurting anybody or breaking any laws (he was not) then what's the big deal? Self important pricks like that coast guard asshat act like they own the seas. Nobody owns the sea. It owns you, and if it wants to destroy you that's what it does. Bubble Man knows this and accepts it, otherwise he wouldn't be doing it.

  2. Mans wasting his time they already know the disturbances in the triangle are because of cross section waves which cause strong updrafts which disrupt planes and the cross section waves make sailing very hard

  3. Where were they when "Mad Mike" Hughes wanted to launch a steam rocket (that killed him)? Silly hypocrites. ha!ha! So that's the country where dreams come true? Don't make me laugh! ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!

  4. Poor man, they burst his bubble and put him in financial crisis. Just let the man go, he has faith in what he is doing…

  5. What kind of bullshit es this? It seems like there is some type of ulterior motive as to why they're not letting him cross the Bermuda triangle, what friggin business do they have blocking his attempts, he's not hurting anyone and hits doing it at his own risk.

  6. bro what the fuck? he wasn’t hurting anybody by running in a fucking bubble ??? how the hell is that illegal

  7. i dont get how this takes from tax payers money. wtf the dude is running in a bubble what has tax money have to do with that. i swear they always try to say that shit and it super annoying.

  8. the coast guard position and response to this situation are pathetic. do your job and shut up, not for you to judge anyone

  9. F-ing coast guard doesn't have anything better to do. This guy made them feel important for a change. Total b.s. that they sunk it. The suit guy sucks. I hope he has a dream that the government steals from him someday.

  10. What an idiot.
    What kind of fuckin goal is that?

    "Hey I'll be back in gonna run around in a bubble like a retard"

    Perfect example why you should Eventually lose your virginity

  11. as someone who was born in florida, i approve of our what the hell culture and this man is superior

  12. Maybe florida is so crazy because the bermuda triangle is so close
    Imagine getting a cease and desist order to not go out on sea, in a bubble

  13. The dude knows he's fighting a current right?! Like, he has to know he's gonna get thrown off course and get stranded right?! Right?…

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  15. I have a dream of eating a million live raw porcupines, and I WILL achieve that dream, because in America, you can do anything you want to.
    I havent actually started yet, but I will.

  16. Just have him sign a waiver saying if his dumb ass gets in trouble the coast guard isn’t coming to save him…. Ivan Drago style if he dies he dies

  17. Why can't the coast guard be cool like the marines. I'm starting to see few differences between America and Communists.

  18. I think that by documenting and publishing his experience in a vodeo like this, you are also encouraging him to give it another try… Not good at all in my opinion, he would definetly die if nobody rescues him like before

  19. The problem is not his bubble, the actual problem is where he was going. They don't want him to uncover some hidden secrets at Bermuda. My advice- next time sail to Mexico or the Bahamas, they won't give a damn.

  20. US Coast Guard: The US has terminated your voyage

    Dude: But I have 6 lights, I have 2 life jackets, I have laptop- I watch movies!!!!

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