Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

Let’s what him do three, get set I want you guys to watch the speed of the movement, tell me if it’s quick. Ready and go. Reset. Was that fast? Did he pause at the bottom? That’s what you’d be looking for. Ready and go. Reset. Now watch the timing of the press. Why don’t you face the group, Travis Ready and go. Reset. Should be legs and then arms. One more. Ready and go. Reset. Now face that way. We’re gonna watch one more. Ready and go. Relax. What happens to his torso? Yeah, he leans forward and he did even a little great demo there when he partially did that rep, his chest came forward. His timing is great, I think the timing’s really good. The speed is fast. The position of the torso, though, is coming forward with his chest, right? So, how do we fix that? Yeah, so that’s a great cue, I use that a lot. Best case scenario with Travis, I’m walking by him in a workout I say what, Darren? Chest forward. When you dip, Travis, it starts with your knees. OK, let’s see if it works. Where would you look, Darren, to see if it works? Yeah, so here’s what I do. You’re in a great spot for this. I line up his back, see that pole in the background? That’s vertical, right? So line up this section with something vertical in the background and tell me if it kicks forward or not when he goes. Get set, Travis. Now what’s the cue, one more time? The cue is “knees forward when you dip and drive.” Full move. Ready and go. Is that better or worse? Yeah, that was way better. Relax. Did that feel different to you? What did you do? Knees forward. Hell yeah, Darren. Great job. Let’s watch one more so everybody’s got this clearly. You’re watching this angle from his shoulder down to his hip. What’s the cue, Darren? Tell him again. Knees forward in the dip, alright. Ready and go. Babam. Look at that. Relax. That was much better. Do you feel the difference there? It was way, way, way better.

6 thoughts on “Fixing the Push Press with Doug Zakaras

  1. dougy doug!!!!! Cool to see someone who taught me so much finally getting some screen time on here!!!! thanks again for all your help if you see this 

  2. So now we're teaching to load the knees, patellar tendon, and put unnecessary load on the ACL instead of using the hips which is where the momentum should originate?… hmmm.. I'm going to disagree on this one.  Where is Burgener and Rippetoe on this one?  Originally it was load the hips, push back, and the knees twist out to create torque in the hips, not dive the knees forward and mute the hips, so long as the torso stays vertical.

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