Fitness Club Mokena | Fitness Center in Mokena

We realize when people come in here there’s a reason they have specific fitness goals. They want to look better or feel better. We do all that we can to make that person achieve their goals. One of the big things that we do is that sure fit personal assistance program. We want to get them on the right track right away so we set them up with a personal trainer free for thirty days. In that thirty days they’re going to get a strength training program set up by a personal trainer, they’re going to be doing cardiovascular equipment. They will even get a nutritional consultation from our nutritionist. So, these are all things that are going to help them achieve their goals. They got to realize that there’s a strength component, there is a cardiovascular component and then there is the biggest which is the nutritional component. And we’ll cover all three of those if you give us a chance.

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