*FIRST TIME* Chiropractic CRACKING on *FITNESS* YouTuber

*FIRST TIME* Chiropractic CRACKING on *FITNESS* YouTuber

So you guys just came from North Carolina so four and a half hour drive here. Yes. And now so let me see what What do we got going on? The Strong Empire. Make sure y’all check this out. We do pranks, vlogs challenges we got fitness coming soon. So it’s really exciting. Nice. Now what brings you guys in? Sorry. We already know what brought you in today. What brings you in today? Sometimes I have like lower back tension like achy and then a lot like in my neck upper back shoulder area. Okay. That’s about it. Okay Now I know it’s more like aching. You’ve done like stretching like showers, so like warm compress. So that’s helped. Now you’ve never been to a chiropractor before though. No. So this is the first time you’re getting adjusted. Yes. This is gonna be definitely new. Yeah Let me have you stand up. And I just want to go through some ranges of motion. Bend forward at the waist. No I just feel like I’m sore from the gym. I just feel it in the back of my legs. Okay now if you come back. Lower back. Does it stay in the low back? Does it travel through the legs? No. Okay, if you lean into the sides. Just the side of my back. If you rotate for me. Lower back. Lower back as well? Mm-hmm Look up, look down. Any issues? Looking down my shoulder like up in here area. What about if you lean into the Nothing really. Or if you rotate. Just a little bit of tightness. Okay, so first, let me have you remove your hoops. There you go, thank you. You are welcome. I’ll have you lay face down on the table. Okay. All right, so we’re going to start off we’re going to scan the body. We’re going to go from the cervical spine all the way down checking the leg length and then we’ll check the symmetry from the right side of the body to the left side, so I’ll start with palpating so palpation I’m just going to be pressing and I want to feel the muscles ligaments tendons going from up top all the way down Let me know if there’s any pain or tenderness with this? Yes, tender Okay, so yeah just like you said in the neck and then that low back any pain when I push in? No. Okay So checking the leg length. Left leg does pull a little bit short, but honestly, it’s not much at all. Which is a good thing. Hips are balanced when looking up Everything is all pretty balance there. So we’ll start off we’re going to use that massage gun, okay Good good, okay, so we’re gonna start up top here. Oh wow I’ve never cracked my neck before. First time for everything. Wow Take a deep breath in and exhale out. Okay, one more a little bit lower deep breath in and out. How’s that feel? I just feel a complete relief Good I’m from here what I want you to do. I want you to sit up and then straddle the table. So one leg on either side. Bring one arm up and over bring your other arm over here. Rotate you this way. Rotate to the other side look over the shoulder for me. Oh, yeah Okay, and then lay face down again for me, please. Leg length is looking good now we’re going to drop down to the sacrum. So we’re gonna stabilize on the sacrum. I want you to raise your right leg up for me any pain or tenderness with that? No, okay, raise the left leg up Any pain or tenderness? No. Good. Okay, let me have you lay on your side. Face me this way, okay. This is gonna go up. So I want you to bend that top knee. I’m just gonna drop that shoulder. Okay, there we go. Just like that Oh, wow. And then flip to the other side So you’re gonna bend that top knee and drop that shoulder. Good. Lay flat on your back. Good. There we go So from here, we’re gonna do the leg pulls now with the leg pulls I just want you to relax you’ll feel release in the ankle the knee going up to the hip. Would have loved to have done it, but you don’t want to mess with that just yet. Come on up Let me have you stand up And I now have you stand right here facing this way for me. Good. Bring your arms up. Okay, put your hands over mine, so I’m going to lean you back I got you okay squeeze your elbows together good. And take a seat, right here. Good bring one arm up and over bring the other one up and over for me. Take a deep breath in exhale out. Already released there bend your knees, you can come forward just a little bit I was more nervous for the neck cracks honestly. The first one? Yeah, I’ve never cracked my neck before so I was more nervous about that. Okay, this would be the first time getting a decompression done, okay. Lift your head up for me Can I have you help Let me have you I want to get all the way through your neck. I’ll have you just bring your hair Yes, there we go Perfect and down. Now lay down. Always the thick hair problems. Oh, yeah Oh my goodness! Oh my god. Breath in and out for me. Now granted I heard that thing just How would you describe that? What did you feel? Like all my neck pain and tension like just like it was just gone you pulled it like I’m really in tears right now. Wow, that was amazing. Just relax relax, and breathe. We’re not in a rush or anything right now. That was incredibly. Wow. Now did you think that you were gonna get like that kind of relief? No And it’s like I didn’t realize how much tension was there until like the decompression and then it was just like a huge release. I was like wow that’s how it’s supposed to feel? So we’re going to use the massage gun one more time, how do you feel? I feel amazing. Stand up stand up Oh my gosh it’s a lot of pain gone. Good and the thing is like I know you’ve first time ever. Mm-hmm. Getting chiropractic care done. Yes. And I know even like coming in you didn’t realize that you were actually in a good amount of pain it wasn’t like I know you had… It wasn’t like you had a trauma or any kind of like crazy accident where you went from like no pain to like a ton of pain, it’s just been normal life right gradual life going so you came in just like Okay, let’s get an alignment done this will make a cool, you know, YouTube video and whatnot. But getting that decompression done you don’t realize just how much built-up pressure and tension that you have until I gets released. Exactly. Yeah, I feel a huge release Now what would you tell people who like in your situation who ave never been to a chiropractor before Yeah, what would you tell them? Definitely get it done I would say like you don’t know what’s there until it’s released like you said so definitely because I I didn’t come in with complaints of pain or anything like that. It was just like a little tension, you know stuff like that, but definitely there was definitely pain there that’s been released. I’m glad I could help.

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