Federal health care officials working with Life Care Center employees

24 thoughts on “Federal health care officials working with Life Care Center employees

  1. It takes way too long to get the results in the US. US needs to just forget about the lousy CDC-developed test kits, and purchase the test kits from S.Korea! US is good at importing stuff anyways.

  2. The employees should have been tested along time ago since they could be unknowingly spreading the virus in the community 🤦‍♀️

  3. But Trump said everyone can get tested, that everything was running smoothly… incompetence at the highest level! They should have used the test kits every country in the world is using CDC's test kits were flawed from the begging, allow Governors to use the private sector if that will help expedite things. Front line healthcare shouldn't be forced to wait!

  4. Test the people that are immobile, and don't test the nurses? You realize it will spread through the community, and they won't even know they're doing it

  5. Don't blame Trump for not having tested the people he governing. Not his fault. And hes a genius
    He's needs to be locked up with his lying Goonies He's commander and chief He put economy over people's Heath and safety.this bought him a fee weeks maybe a month.untill the whole system is fractured beyond help. So much for are Heath or are banks all you deniers go shake his hand and have a cruise on him . No he couldn't of stopped virus anyway but slowing it down could of helped hospitals and medical workers Drs and supply chain of medical equipment & protecting gear not exploited at every level. Call me paranoid. A alarmist. But don't wait a mouth or two because shit will be unbelievable.

  6. It is SHAMEFUL that it's taken forever to get people tested. Very poor management. Meanwhile, the Coronavirus spreads in this state. Talk about outbreaks! Ekkk!

  7. So Bill Gates city of Seattle school district will NOT close schools and stadium games continue… Life Care Center health workers have yet to be tested!? This cities officials are not only passive with their homeless, drug addicts and poor but seems selfish, no wonder Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon techies are the only ones working from home. Woke culture turned narcissists. Sad

  8. Go home. You guys are like the news crew that covers the smoldering ashes of a fire 4 days after it is out. This story is DONE for everyone but those that are glad it happened.

  9. @ the epicenter Wuhan, China built 2 hospitals in 2 wks.
    @ the epicenter King County, WA…. the US is still trying to test folks for Corona Virus.
    1. WTF?
    2. People in the US should vote for someone like Xi JinPing.
    3. Go North, Ol' Man!
    4. Wait 4 tha f#7ken (sic) US CDC.

  10. Not enough test kits for coronavirus
    US government and CDC doing a crappy job thanks to the trump administration train wreck!!!

  11. This federal assistance and more should have come a week ago. The death of at least 12 patients are on the hands of heartless Trump and his bungling administration.

  12. These places are dangerously understaffed, filthy, death traps for the patients, staff and their families. The understaffing is allowed to happen because the owners of these facilities donate money to political action committees then they pay off the politicians so staffing regulations are kept at dangerously inept levels. Law makers turn a blind eye to allow the gravy train to keep rolling! You will never see a politicians or a corporate executives family member in one of these short staffed shit holes!!

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