Fat to Fit, in 3 months, without steroids or crash diet.

Fat to Fit, in 3 months, without steroids or crash diet.

Weight loss or fat loss? People want to slim down but what should we concentrate on? Actually we should focus on fat loss. Weight is less important because if someone develops muscles then these muscles will weigh more. If we take cotton and iron of same size, the iron will weigh more. That’s why focus on fat loss. Some people come to gym and ask for treadmill and cycles but my gym has no treadmill or good cycle. Because I give weight training or resistance training. Many people feel bad as there is no treadmill so how will they slim down. Today I will introduce you all to a person who weighed 100 kg when she joined my gym and after 3 months of weight training with me her weight is 82 kgs. So did she do weight training or treadmill/cycling/cardio training? We will talk with her and find out. So she will tell us what sort of training she did with me. Treadmill/cycling or weight training? This is Maumita. Maumita, 3 months back your weight was 100 kg and now it’s 82 kg, so what sort of training did you do? I did weight training. So what was your 1st inspiration to exercise? Illness or someone told you to or your internal motivation? It came to my mind that I need to go to gym to get my weight down and to get healthier. So what type of exercises did you do? Cardio/swimming or weight training which is associated more with boys? I did all sorts of weight training. So you did less of cardio. How many days in a week did you work out?? Six days a week, and one day rest. Did you follow any strict rule in food? Any calorie counting? Or any general rule in eating? I took more proteins and reduced carbohydrates as much as possible. So micro-counting is not needed and we should follow general rules like less carbs and more protein will work So what would you advise those who want to lose fat? Weight training or cardio? Male and female both will benefit more from weight training. Here we see Maumita has lost 18 kg by doing weight training and she looks fitter and healthier . Do weight training or any training to stay healthy, because it’s all on you, it’s always been upon YOU.

41 thoughts on “Fat to Fit, in 3 months, without steroids or crash diet.

  1. Nice one n great dedication by Maumita ….. Motivational video for all girls….. Must watch…..
    And thanks to Dr Kamal Da for his constant co-operation…..

  2. Hardwork and friendly and intellectual mentor like you jeet khura is what is needed for a transformation which everyone fantasies of!

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