Episode 49: StrongFit – So It’s A System Now?!

three two one go three two
out again in Northwest Wednesday yeah I know so this one
so this is like you’re the closest to real time this last four episodes that
they’ve been getting a bit yeah I know only matters to me is this so a year ago
exactly did we shoot the first podcast yeah happy anniversary we did it we did
it we did one year the podcast there you go
I still thought I was like checkmark 20 we’ll get to 21st yeah then I know it’ll
be good enough to where we’ll have something to build on but no my god but
it’s uh it’s cool like like everything else it’s a skill I’m learning I’m
learning like I actually watch one of mine like I said well cause I do we
activ recovery yeah I was like fuck it I’ll watch no it’s good it’s just like
I’m like any more work you know to put my thoughts in order or to do a lot of
stuff but what I like though is well to podcast about whatever like calling out
the bullshit on the fitness industry and everything I was like I like that one
personally I was like that felt good I was like we need do we need you know
because the the gist of the podcast will change too that’s definitely going to be
part of it now calling out but I’m like people you need to know when they’re
lying to you yeah again it’s not conspiracy Julian antara
even though we can have some of those because that would be good as well will
be yeah there will be like the earth is flat I did agree to that why I almost
posted on Instagram the other day I was like guys I will start a GoFundMe
account if I can get Julian to truly be like alright I’m now officially looking
into the flatter thing and I do have some questions that I need answered if I
get you to save those words oh that would be great I will say I will say one
thing I was on a date one time in New York I a restaurant and then next table
comes people that the best way I can explain how they wear dress would be
like they look like they were coming out a set as extras on shaft okay you know
black panther 9070 like the whole thing yeah okay so they show up and everything
and then they stop talking and they I believe probably student filmmaker
students are stuff like that from what cuz they’re you know you start to hear
and here comes a dude who brings one guy and that one guy was a flatterer so know
in the next 45 minutes we are the most fascinating it’s unbelievable and
because the girl is talking to me I’m like wait no did you hear this and she’s
like what and then we started listening and first of all how like he explained
the shit mm-hmm like the dude had had thought about all this and anyways the
most it was better than a movie it’s like I just watch and listen to the guys
so but it was it a good data yes I still think so but it was the most fascinating
thing ever this one that I him this to that I remember just real quick was so
the UFC’s wrong right so you’re the bottom at some point I’m like or the
second bigger yes how come your brain doesn’t touch your skull that’s dumb no this is the wrong guy so is that you at
the bottom your brain should touch your scholar and but the way said it it was
so like ah you idiot you call that one by any but of course he didn’t believe
in gravity either yeah so now he’s like gravity then how come smoke goes up we
have is so good like this for 45 minutes now I do not believe that the earth is
flat not at all but I do love these things they’re all tremendous thought
exercises they’re my favorite things okay the problem is the mental
gymnastics you have to do to be a flat earther is that you have to be like
every single thing that you’re getting told in science in movies and growing up
is alright indoctrination so it’s this wonderful thing we’re like
what about the pictures you see it’s like okay thank well NASA admits that
there are all composites because they’re not further away that’s it okay so what
does that mean or they all think what about them so they’re just like their
lives Nia I’m sorry everybody everybody all lied so that’s my favorite
things like you bring up science like well they’re just lying to you I’m like
well then we can’t go anywhere with this we can’t even that was the amazing part
of the 45-minute conversation I loved every second I said to this day this is
almost sealed in my memory it’s a bit of the day but I mean the day that guy was
in the conviction yeah and how calmly and oh it was so good I promise
I’m not equipped enough to bring up any of the good compelling points and so
it’s uh not that there’s anything that compelling but it’s such a great
conversation is a company fuckin how come the brain doesn’t touch the side
see it’s the least compeller brought gravity was like how come smoke goes up
like and so that one if if he was making notes to go into a flat earth debate and
I saw kind of all of his points I would have taken that one great the force on
page of Flat Earth arose in jujitsu is high I believe it said it really Bravo
for ya but like he doesn’t know about North Korea oh so don’t give me I don’t know about
North Korea that there’s that too there’s also the entire conspiracy
amount of nuclear weapons and nuclear everything is fake nuclear radiation to
already exist yeah it was just about pilfering and hiding money for 50 years
between the u.s. and the Soviets only say those are fire bombs yeah okay yeah
the photos kind of line up to it’s crazy great stuff to look into that oh my god
and I don’t believe I believe very little more those out the best minutes
of your life start exercising no be like oh by the way the ones that truly let
the true believer yeah that’s who you have to listen to oh I enjoyed this so
much like sometimes I can’t take too long because after a while I’m not going
to achieve is boring yes but cuz he get angry yeah they don’t understand well
you’re not but at first oh it’s awesome anyway so the conspiracy podcast those
episodes will be coming out once a week as well right let’s get the good ones
like I’m not gonna go into the Elizabeth II that’s well I’ve read I read those I
read those science fiction books when I was
it’s awesome as a sense fiction when you start to actually see these little
people like I’m far less into some of them you have to believe so much just to
get to the basis of no but that’s not even like DLCs fred has a ring to it people you go like this remember of V
yeah that TV show yeah okay it’s boring nobody’s boring I gotta say I’m worried
yeah so alright so that’s our conspiracy and trail so one year in one you said Oh
which is perfect great at one year before we spent three minutes talking
about the flat earth which is a record I see I think it’s pretty clear the one
year which is perfect cause we have a big announcement today and then that
took a long time to get to where we are now so announcement we so let’s say it
right away we’re going to start an affiliation program for strong fit now
let me explain exactly what it is not it is not taking over
CrossFit it is not changing anything it is not trying to compete with the
CrossFit affiliation we’re not even going to call it an affiliation so that
we don’t look like we’re trying to complete with CrossFit it is the
opposite of that we trying we are seeing certain issues right that we want to try
to help correct my thing in life is to help you humans out there I don’t care
about systems I don’t care about I care about the business side because making
money is a constraint to requirement it’s a requirement so constraint for you
to be able to live so mammal for that but that is not an objective money
narrow ways I care about you humans so it’s always so the issues we saw into
trying to help people to help people we need gyms right but to have gyms this
certain constraint I have to be in place so we want to help with that but again
in no way shape or form am i competing with CrossFit some people still think no
I’m not I am NOT a parasite no am i you scavengers we’re going to talk about
this now I am so I want to have a symbiotic relationship with functional
so not just cross it by the way but I want a symbiotic relationship I’m not
right competing with people I just try to make the system better this plenty of
space for everyone if we do things not even correctly if we do things better
because it’s plenty of shit like oh that’s look at all the fitness industry
we’re not it’s not like there’s all the successes being had at this point all I
see is alive if you’re here if you really want to
achieve Fitness the impact be Fitness in the world that you live in in your
community I’m not seeing that everywhere I don’t know meaning so so there’s
enough of that to fucking go around I don’t know we are competing you need to
build that we’re competing for like 0.1% I’m like are you guys insane how about
we do better I mean feel better we’ll have more people when I open my CrossFit
affiliate in our town we had already had one small town fucking another one was
maybe six blocks away from us yeah like well jeez the town what do we need two
of them and I’m like because there’s fucking 300 table people here that
exercise over I don’t need to fight over that 300 people and what they all
regional methods like I mean like we again like we talked about this many
time but I don’t think we’re winning because I don’t want to fight over 300
people in a town that train I want to take that 300 make it become 3,000 yes
exactly and everybody is there not what we all laughter no getting the people
also that don’t train that are on the way too
we talked about this like diabetes will bankrupt America by the way health will
bankrupt America for example like we need to do Greg Glassman talked about
that in the news in the affiliate stuff which I agree with like it’s the biggest
problem is just health in general is an issue and we’re not winning so you know
we just want to see stuff better we are not competing for the same mid-level
cross videos that is not what I’m doing yeah so how do you go about this okay so
let’s go about this but again I think CrossFit has changed away for example
which one women forever yeah that’s a fact right it’s just it started and
everything and what what 12 years ago ah 12 years ago the first CrossFit Games
where in what 207 right but twelve years ago but CrossFit was even before that
even though most people didn’t but I’ve I learned about it in 2000
actually when I start to started to do this stuff when they were just over
there right so what is it about so we had so what we’ve been doing really is
trying to help on the client side of things but what you have is I think
there’s two problems in CrossFit gyms let’s start at that first right now is
there issues problems with CrossFit gyms right so I know if you guys remember
when I did the barbell shrug podcast I dare say there was a problem with for
example of shoulders or stuff like that in college back then you could not talk
about it back then it wasn’t you were I think cross it was so self-contained
at that point yeah still it was just kind of tearing out of that where at
that point if you were inside at all and you said anything bad about it you were
a pariah oh yeah or anything bad but I think that needed to be addressed you
were like hey shut the fuck up what you have to keep this thing you couldn’t
even say assistants work yeah remember yeah back then he was a dirty world like
just missing assistants work I got it not in trouble at the time but I got a
lot of you know pushback and everything I was like you guys are crazy
not now obviously you know eight years later everybody except the fact that we
have to do assistance well even you see even like top athletes do it but back
then no you couldn’t and saying there was a problem with shoulders yeah that
you were not allowed to since the injury concern then was like it was it was
people were accusing it was CrossFit that’s causing injuries CrossFit this
way so it’s other people within we’re defending against it yeah and it’s on
and they were both missing the point where the people defending it we’re
saying well football or jutsu that hurts people yeah but those are sports mm-hmm
they are not training systems there’s always been a difference between
CrossFit the sport and crossfit the training system and they were getting
blend together from the outside but from the inside from the outside attacking
CrossFit they were blending you too yeah and but from the inside trying to defend
that we’re blending the two as well we have like not guys we’re like the
problem with that is then you freeze everything and then you never progress
yeah there’s no evolution everything in life
evolves like I think we blocked a lot of stuff for example on the training system
we brought it for year saying no assistants work everything has to be
like that they brought with Simmons and on the whole country cat system they do
a shitload of assistance well in their conjugate system and even that at first
could not break that barrier we were like no we just do a workout a day and
then you you know you had the guys thing well then another workout is our systems
work well you got to the to the people and the rep saying like Murphy’s
assistance work off like absurd stuff where you just piled on work on work on
work but then letting obviously imbalances growing bigger instead and
things getting worse by the second and instead of going back and saying they
are if you not floss but there’s a few thing we missed right let’s work back
get the things we missed and incorporate it into what we do so that we can move
forward better instead of that it was just compensating compensation and then
after I come considering the compensation of the competition people
just kept piling on up until the moment where we could not deny the fact that
there was a problem like too many people were getting not hurt in a sense of
necessarily surgery but again we talked about this many times where you can’t
raise your arm in the morning where the grind that we were putting on regular
people again not cross became athletes not regional athletes just the grind of
that was too much for what for health purposes yeah and I think I was telling
somebody this last night that I think that I still believe fully that CrossFit
as a training system if you look at it what the training system is based on
their three constraints constant variation functional movement high
intensity that is also as it sits just follow those rules don’t take all the
specifics if you just follow those rules alone under Glassman’s truly libertarian
decentralized business model is that if people really lived and died by that I
think they would be successful I think their people would be safer I think all
of those things that way what happens is is like you usually describe this trend
it’s because it was decentralized all these little trends just kind of ran off
on their own yeah and so because the game changed everything
the introducer sport which is objective-based yeah so we went on the
system like if we go back to Phuket that was constraint based those and then in
turn into objectives because now you have to make regional you have to make
the game and now the workout have to be harder have to be longer have to have to
have to have and it should is the most dangerous world in the English
dictionary on that one there and I see yeah and I think it changed and out of
that as you said those trends we can say it as it is is the parasite came in and
started to see a way to make money out of people’s another say misery but out
of people’s issues yeah they’re either issues they’re in trouble it’s their
it’s their dream and people to know the problem with of shoulders that’s when
you see even the early promise that coming and saying well let me help you
fix that shoulder and everything I’m not going to name names but guess what six
weeks later they still have the exactly same problem because you only did is put
a patch on but what they were saying is like just keep doing exactly what you do
just add my program no yeah because we had the same thing when sin early
the.com was not enough to make vision was it was like just do what you do just
add small off add more I put a strength program do more on a peak way lifting
and before you know it you have ABCDE programs for people that are coming off
the street well training for the regionals is not the way you hit you
handle someone coming up industry how many times do we get that with people
that were coaching we’re so often like I’ve kind of been stuck for a while here
I’m doing this type of training training a and B and C or D whatever that is you
know this is what I do I’ve been doing this for years I’m not getting any
better I’m kind of miserable I’m not getting any results but all they really
want you to do is to tell them that it’s okay for them to keep doing that okay
often and it’s like what do you want because like what do you really want to
just do that than fucking I don’t care but if you want something that’s not
that you can’t keep doing this and I think that’s what we saw often with that
kind of trap is what these affiliates and stuff started falling into too is
just giving people what they kind of thought were the the idea when we
started introducing sandbags in general which in my opinion pretty much embody
what functional movement in all the variations you can do of them
and it’s not like that’s all our training was built around but when I
added them I had people that like another gym in our town or like there do
you fucking do CrossFit anymore I don’t know what’s wrong
yeah they don’t even know what they’re doing no one every I’ll say crosshairs
Belleville and it’s like what and the whole time I’m like where did you
fucking learn anything about lacrosse the Reg Glassman puts so much dumbbell
I’m like you are out of your fucking mind that’s the prophets like so now
your representation these people that have get into it around 2013 or 2014
exact Ross fit is is now only what they saw in the games or what they see on
Instagram and have exactly so all it is is sexy barbell lifts and booty shorts
and his brand though is out all objectives yeah I’m only six pack I want
to you know look like I could be at the game so I’m going to look like I’m at
the regionals I’m gonna do the whole objective base so I think why not train
twice a day so I can tell people exactly so I compare I can compare myself so to
everybody saying I train more than you everything is more more more more more
more is an objective based morale so I think one went wrong somewhere
and again the games kind of not torpedoed everything cause he made
CrossFit where it is but changed things I think what happened is there was a
lack of evolution of the constraints as you say functional fitness intensity
constantly varied that’s where the that’s what it started but at some point
as the system evolved there was a need for more constraints not objectives
constraints so that we this starts here and starts to blow all over the place
right right but this some places where where new constraints need to be Hannah
like for example those constraints led to the CrossFit Games okay but that’s a
major revolution as a Black Swan event by the way definition of a black sport
events across the games no one knew he was coming last man never
organized CrossFit to do the CrossFit Games change everything is obvious after
the fact but not before but looking back how do you prepare for it yeah don’t
like it so but then well that’s why I don’t even you can’t even you can’t
blame it on yet there’s advertise the advertising you Norman
linearly brought people into the gyms yeah right the problem is and by the way
we can we also need to talk about is there a problem
is that normal she’s probably yeah okay cool we go yeah so there was a boy named
was a computer we’ve been running it I normally check it more often than that
but right so they yeah right there there was an evolution of CrossFit and now
represent an evolution of the constraints yeah if you don’t know what
I mean by constraints go watch the the podcast episodes but constraints versus
objectives so but because the CrossFit Games and all that stuff I think there
was known in it was an evolution of CrossFit the sport mm-hmm but not
CrossFit the training system the training system has not changed since
CrossFit came up Glassman came up with it I think if anything you started to
see what went on in the gyms not the definition of the system but went on in
the gym starts to mirror being repeated the sport
yeah and being repeated repeated again so people just looking at other dreams
and to see what they were doing success wise so I think everything turned from
what was it comes a system based on constraints no more tsearch everybody
try new shit to objective-based which happens but the I think it created
certain issues right so as usual you have two choices you can bitch about it
or you can try to do something about it right so me I decided I would like okay
fuck it let me do something about it so I think
in most gyms that we see so let me let me tell you the problem that I that I
see well what I mean by do I see is what people come to talk to me about this
seems to be different issues first issue is client retention because too many are
being ridin down into a pole right these people quitting after two years because
they just I don’t think this searching has a driveling adrenaline fatigue but I
don’t think what that that’s that’s ball I think that’s the met up symptomatic
was a casual Fitness what you know but even if you push someone I don’t know
fatigue I believe it’s I don’t it’s not necessarily a thing but anyway but
people are literally that burnout though that is like a tremendous burnout stuff
where again if you burn out in two years like how long is it gonna take before
you can go back to training correct and while it takes a while so client
retention is a big one and we try to address right ooh in the past right
address this through what we do which is you know only assessment the openers all
basically the entire strong fit system I guess you would I don’t like the system
but anyway the strong feed stuff that we do in order to address that to see if we
can help toward health and that we I think we are fairly successful right but
again it comes from a place of not being a parasite is being a symbiotic
relationship if I was like you do you that’s me that’s what I want is like you
do you but let us give you the proper constraints in order to help your
clients right another problem was coach retention right a lot of the so you have
two types of owner out there you have the guy that just owns three gyms is a
business owner and he has main coaches and what he wants is money
mm-hmm that’s an objective you open that to make money which by the way might not
be the best business idea ever and you wouldn’t recommend it yeah it’s
not the fitness industry usually to make money outside of selling supplements
might not be the best way to to make money yeah if you want to make if you
want to make money you there’s lots of jobs you could do to make money
yeah this money this one’s money is gonna have to be second yes passion is
first money second that’s just the way it is right so the coach retention is an
issue and I think there’s two reasons one is obviously them getting paid
enough so money is a constraint in that sense and the second part of it is I
will always remember I was training a guy named Curtis mag when he was the
head of ivory capital which was a top hedge fund at the time top eight in the
world so I’m a-goin two or five he made two hundred fifty million dollars that’s
all can I have one just he said no yeah which is one one it’s two you have 250 I
just won one I’m socialist and so not asking it’s not even 0.5% anyway any and
I was a scheme sack but by definition the second a guy does well he lives what
would I need to open his own stuff like you keep your tub dude you know exact
anyway call me a session buddy what he told me I always remember we say as long
as they can learn from you they’ll say I my like where I built my career career
out of was that same way as I worked in places where you know they would send
you to go to a little training thing the company bought all your own tools right
all your little technology expensive shit they would buy them as you needed
them and but how valuable does that make me as a technician actually if I want to
go somewhere else not really known at all you think or no different than the
next guy who walks right in like I don’t have any of my own shit I kind of know
whatever they taught me that’s it then I go to where my last job was where I
stayed until I changed careers was the first thing he says is yeah you got to
buy all your own diagnostic tools and gauges and refrigerant pumps all the
shit twenty thousand dollars worth of stuff I’m like why we’re here I like I
can go there they’ll pay me the same amount of money and they’ll give me all
the shit he’s like yeah and then when you want to go somewhere else how much
more valuable are you if you hit the market right now and you have everything
that you need to equip yourself and be out in the space working you are really
valuable not just to me but to them right and all of a sudden what are you
now you’re a professional and you’re in my business right now and you’re acting
like a professional and you’re understanding this is a career because
you do have options and now we’re playing this game like fucking adults
like professionals alright in my session which sounds to me like the best way to
convince somebody to go spend $20,000 on their own tools I’m like whatever it
worked I I agree that’s I like the point a lot that’s a great way that point and
it is it’s like you know what I’m gonna put a lot of money in you and not make a
lot of money off you for this first few months everyone you hire is that right
and so it’s like I fucking want this or not you’re gonna be a professional or
not I don’t know prove it that’s a great idea I use like this we’re a
professional company hired technicians so get your shit and be one and say
that’s the way I look at it with coaches right so if I of course I want my
coaches to be so good that they have other options and that and some of them
will go at some point there’s always that they build up and they go through
so that’s natural and so what you have to do is stop fighting it so hard but I
do think that it’s important that you need to let them constantly have a place
to learn I didn’t because I was running out of things to
learn I love cuz I grew out of that field yeah but I would have stayed at
that plate I believe they would keep a lot more if those people felt it was
gross to be had yes yeah and like those part-time coaches I
don’t give a shit those could be you can never make someone give a shit but
providing an education toward health would go a long way out of to making
them more committed and stuff like that so also the but the reason like we never
started a program outside of just you know like trying to to help coaches fix
people is because we didn’t have first of all like a big difference where’s
that objective versus constraints like it’s hard to explain to people how big
of an impact that concept that book had on me because suddenly I was like now I
have a way to make all the stuff I wanted to see work work because let’s
say I want to help people with our dreams or whatever how would I do it
how would I you have a part time so all the problem we see which is actually one
of the most valid question is at the end of this seminar now what right which is
a very valid seminar so now I give you all the stuff like your head is that big
even after coach’s week even worse when you go into your gym and now you don’t
know where to start which is completely valid but I was like at the time I was
like I will not give you a manual system based on objectives it’s just that I
don’t know how to phrase it then because I’m like this isn’t I knew it was
anechoic way to do the objective based I was seeing it fail left and right
not just in CrossFit in life in general no well even with even with stuff that
you work on right yes we’ve talked about this before where people have a sewing
them we’re working we can you lay all this out in a system and all this stuff
you know you you for years yeah it’s been like no no no and not and I don’t
believe that that was a no fundamental no it was just it with what everything’s
you had at the moment was like it’s not in a place that can work that way yeah
it’s like I can’t do what you asking me what you asking me is what to do that’s
like release me give me sets give me basically what we’re doing in the
fitness industry right now and I think it’s failing yeah programming like juice
by my online stuff and then do 84% for 5 with 2 million rest and I’m like but it
doesn’t work like that he never does yeah it’s like try to teach boxing in a
group class it’d be the same thing try to do we do like three sets of this we
do this of that and everything tried to teach boxing that way it is someone it
never works like that we ended it so I was like I am NOT doing this I am NOT
putting down on paper on manual to be listing you the sets and the reps and
what to do like you know like Oprah knows like how many sets should I do
that was never the point I was like I cannot do that so but that you should an
issue of people going like yeah but when do I go to my gym what do I do
anyway and I was like well then you do it you start slowly and everything so
that’s what we did a strong fit community group that’s what we do
mentoring programming all that stuff but now I’m at a stage where the constraint
versus objective got me basically it’s one of those remember the movie
ex-alcoholic we feel – as a moment of clarity yeah exactly that like he was
really an epiphany I was like no I know how to do this I know how to do the
manual because he wouldn’t be based on objectives it’d be based on constraints
you know so like suddenly like your course your main coach you you go back
to your gym so now you have to convince the owner we’re gonna get to this – um
there’s a second part of the podcast but now you have to convince your coaches
your fellow coaches or your main coach or whatever how do I do this you cannot
repeat exactly what I said is semi not because you just did the seminar right
so but not having a way to do it stuff not to fall into that – because it at
that moment that’s all you have yeah and that’s always it’s like maybe
that’s not the moment to start preaching is the way I usually tell people’s like
yeah you gotta get it to where some of the stuff becomes yours you got to do at
work right but now I can give you a structure to do that yep it’s based on
constraints and objectives so now that I can do because that my brain is like I
know exactly what I want to do so example right so I do last time you know
I was in CrossFit Morristown which was another that was another Black Swan
event because I decided to change the seminar completely and create a new one
yeah I did which which I don’t find out about until well
mostly now yeah about a day ago we’re on a call he’s like yeah that whole new
format for the seminar worked great and I’m like guys what the far you talk yeah
I decided I believe you use one one of the best one if not the best seminar
I’ve done because the level of attention of people how they reacted the question
that they asked I was like this is right yeah so how did I do it I’m going to
explain because that’s basically that isolation that will not be called an
affiliation is going to work in the same sam so that’s why i decided to do the
similarity i was like this is how i want to run from the coaching side the
affiliation this is what i want to give to them so i did the seminar like let’s
let’s test it and again i think it was one of the best ones ever we seem to
have actually smart people more and more the seminars as well like the we used to
have you know that fleets i want to know how to carry a yoke that change into
something entirely but I thought the seminar was really good so what did I do
I was like oh right constraints what are the constraints to be put on programming
assessing dealing with humans alright so first constraint was the performance box
so what is that you guys don’t know that because I just started in CrossFit Moe
is down let’s say me now if you look at performances watches we talked about
this new all output you know skill muscle quality muscle quantity cycle
right so I made the box right simple white box with all the stuff you know
why because it looks very sciency when I do it like that so always good plus I
can put colors your pop up pictures everybody’s interested in you but
someone else will yes yes we doing it trust me I’ll have
people making like this is gonna look really cool but the idea was you can you
can do a diagram of someone like that like what so what do I mean your output
like your capacity to generate the fight mode yeah right can you or can you
appear like how do I know how do I measure first of all there are ways to
measure this like for example right at CrossFit Morristown I met a guy he’s a
PhD for computer science – well AI and stuff like that he’s building me or not
his name is Shiva is building me an app to measure you know pupil dilation
actually a bit more complex than that which is a it’s it’s more than that like
it does a flash so the pupil contracts and then opens action time contraction
is past sympathetic but the time it takes to go back that’s actually gives
you an idea of the sympathetic side of equation so you have a balanced path
sympathetic versus sympathetic we’re going to see that measure to fight
versus flight and all that stuff I know it does it has been used in psychology
for fucking yeah decades that’s the thing everybody’s like oh you can’t
measure the sympathetic response yes you can it’s been done for decades guys like
can you fucking go outside of the cross Ruggiano once in a while yeah Oh tea
nation or whatever nation or the OPEX or whatever the fuck can you go outside of
the fitness industry and fucking look this like all this like the low versus
high vagal tone that’s been dr. portraits work is all about this so we
know how to measure the path sympathetic then there’s a whole sympathetic
sympathetic by the way salivate looked saliva test tells you if you want
sympathetic or not it goes on and on and on and like I’m starting to get pissed
at people so you’re gonna measure that yes
I mean don’t fucking fall either I think the huge value is we if we do end up
having where is some sort of marker with which you can indicate the distance
between fight and flight to right is those two it’s it’s like so now all of a
sudden you’re starting to lay out these parameters right so when it’s in your
output okay so let’s say that app works we’re gonna test it and everything but
it looks very promising all right so we can version all output but anyway you
should be able to put on a piece of paper like for example on your square
can you fucking attack the weight and just go ballistic like I remember like I
think I talked about it in a podcast well me I had one of those moments in
life where is my coach he was 440 on the bar I had to do I think was five reps
and I go under the bar and this was the last place on earth where I wanted to be
I literally felt I was walking into the abyss yeah like he felt like a dark pit
mentally and I was like this is depression like I literally why I mean
freeze I’m going and I’m like you’re about to lift for forty four five reps
in freeze that not sound like a good idea who to
sharpen the fuck up right now right and I was like why are you doing this then I
was like so at that moment I was like either you quit right now
squatting forever oh oh you fucking change your attitude she’s like what the
fuck and it’s like grunt and then that’s when
I started to go like this and at first I could not go but that’s when I started
to learn to squat was that day mm-hmm because I saw I was not capable of
producing that fight mode manual output on the squad was very low and your
ability to really squat then was gonna be shit until that piece got taken care
of but I didn’t need to just keep squatting second so when you’re all out
put on the other side of that is what skill obviously right so do you need to
our skill of course and certain movement require more skill and others you don’t
need skill on the sled but you need skill on the squad so that’s when it
comes to programming that matters because if you want to square a barbell
then that that’s a lot of actually that’s a lot of skill actually that
you’re gonna have to learn and you’re gonna have to hone those more than say
that the benchpress benchpress is less let’s scale involved
oh give me a lot was about them but this is less skill so it’s mostly muscle
quantity and quality which we’re gonna get to so you know you see this
relationship between your output and skill the more skill in a movement the
harder it is to generate new all output so right so there’s a relationship there
right so but those are constraints do you have the skill required in general
as an athlete for your spot do you have skill required for that lift
so that way I know it’s working which is scalable yeah it’s almost infinitely
scalable you can do that you’ll output versus skill on almost anything from you
to any exercise right now then after the other two is muscle quantity whereas
muscle quality for example we take the we take the bench press you can’t
squeeze fat when you lower the weight yeah you’re gonna have to squeeze
something muscle you’re gonna have to use your lats a lot you’re gonna have to
do you gonna have to keep tension in your legs you you can’t create tension
too fat yeah yeah so do you need at some point like there’s certain things where
do you have muscle there because if we’re not it’s going to be hard to
contract like getting or getting video god
she was less range of motion that’s it yeah right exactly so like we need to NN
muslin quality most of what is muscle quality is you can generate fight mode
but can you express that fight mode a sympathetic state in that particular
muscle group right which means your hammies work but your grooves dot yeah
for example right so that means the muscle quality on the roots is not there
so can I measure that well for example we started to play with this colt which
by the way I have yours right here and so far it’s been accurate now what do I
mean by accurate like they’ll tell you 46 or 52 that number I don’t give a shit
I don’t know if it’s accurate because you need to measure you need a
measurement you don’t know what it means in the back and you yeah Plus what does
that mean that’s that just saying kilos or whatever like it’s it’s a standard
but I don’t care all he has to do is to be consistent
mhm if it’s consistent and I can stop I can see that your traps have a muscle
quality that your glutes don’t okay so that tells me there’s a difference all I
need is that yeah and then if I do it a month later did you make progress that’s
what I need to see right is that so that’s so but that’s the problem when
people look at measurement tool like that is again going back constraints
verses verses objectives I have a very interesting example for that the IQ test
was developed by a French guy named Bennett do you know why developed the IQ
test because what is the IQ test now to see if you’re intelligent or not
actually it wasn’t that he was developed as as a way to see if the teachers were
failing their students or not so they would go you did that’s why I developed
the test for to be done on students to see is they were learning correctly as a
test for those teachers yeah that was there was simply a way was just a
checkup he was a checkup so it was not it was to be don’t decree but he was not
testing the students yeah the IQ tests were to test the teachers and look what
it tells you know and now we have I mean now with the IQ test now we have full
multiple standardized tests operating in school but you know what happens now now
you have teachers that grant their students based on IQ tests yeah or is
the your ability to or that their concern is
to make sure they teach you now so that you can perform well in a standardized
test because that’s what reflects like a teacher if so it’s this loop yes that
they don’t even know we’re retaining information they need you to test well
right so that that’s the first mistake but the second mistake is now that’s the
first mistake exactly that happened the second mistake is that now we use the IQ
test to rank the students yeah where they were decides to bring the teachers
the teachers now use it to rank the students it’s exactly the opposite of
what the guy had in mind yeah so that’s the problem with measurement is
eventually when you turn that’s the problem with going from constraint to
objective but in many ways this is what happened to CrossFit yeah
well that’s exactly it and I think as as we talked about how over the years there
was the shift towards the sport and the sport starts to trickle down into the
training system and now we have them now who have all of these objectives now
that are this objective based training that is now a part of it
kind of I so what did he do yeah so your time on front west you supposed to see
if you had gotten fit oh right like because you used to have some minutes so
you used to be six minutes now you’re five minutes you got better it was never
designed as a ranking system to see if the if the person is better now if
anything it was a ranking system for your coach to know if he was fucking up
or not the front time is exactly like the IQ test he was supposed to be
testing your teacher to see if you were your coach to see if he was doing a good
job and now we end up ranking people based on their friend time we have done
exactly the opposite of what the shit was created for I have seen I have seen
a couple guys we can’t warriors just average time if you Fitness ministers
doing Murph every week for eight weeks in order to prepare for Murph exactly
what the fuck are you doing yes so well somehow it’s like oh it’s
like well why do you think that’s how it works
cuz that’s literally what you’re kind of doing in your gym every day this right
this weird testing thing that training is testing and testing is training that
they’re all the same ranking it’s not the way of
no no but and that’s a problem when you go from constraint to objective and I
repeat myself but I believe this is the greatest idea ever
yeah because at least for me because he really allows me to crystallize things
that I know and to put it in a presentable format but we went from
measuring in order to see if the system the coach the teacher or whatever is
doing correctly to using the measurement to rank people it’s this organization
it’s exactly the problem right so when we test for muscle quality it’s the same
idea I’m not ranking a muscle versus the
others none that is just to see if one is working the other one is not to put
it in place to see if the system is is working so that we can get better so in
that sense sculpt has been working like he seems to show so far of all numbers
it has shown that the for example that the for example the neoprene we have a
test that wind did for us with 50-plus people and it was showing that the
neoprene has helped people get those muscle in freeze to work and we tested
it with a skull and we saw the increase in muscle quality now and after long
term I didn’t look into what that muscle quality measurement really your kind of
ears and that really is a measure of not just it’s not size it’s basically the
ratio of its ability to output versus that size so so there it is really a
output quality the opponent versus size all right
so that really is a thing where you see people with you know I have big traps
you tell me flex my traps I don’t fucking know how to do exact and no
control over anything right exactly so that’s that’s the thing is so you might
want to cheat but you might not be able to express yeah the potential of that
and also that’s what muscle quality is but how different about but but what I
like is so as these pieces start to come in right right you get you kind of get a
better idea now and how to quantify some of these exactly yeah it gives because
you don’t need that to assess somebody you don’t when you are going to assess
no I don’t but yeah if I do or and exact name is mentioned very soon he’s like
he’s like the I don’t have the eye yet to see right all of this and to make the
conclusions he’s like but I kind of know what I see and I mix I can combine this
yes some of the daddies like now I have so now your visuals
level of confidence too old yeah not a crutch yeah but it – yeah and that’s my
problem before is when they say give me something I’m like no because then it’s
a crutch yeah now with the system of constraints where
we can give is tool so now I get the performance box as a tool that I can
give you so that you can have a clearer idea when you do an assessment you can
assess the pressure you can assess an exercise we do the squat you all output
we assess skill muscle quality muscle quality can you squeeze your hammies can
you let me answer you’re like oh so now it gives you a good overall picture of
who you have in front of you yeah not the most precise because there’s more
constraints coming about at least now you have a tool to understand a little
bit better how to assess the person in front of you yeah and so there’s that
there’s the 1 2 3 matrix there’s another constraint is the person what does it
matter because is the person for example do they have all in – like I’ll use me
as an example again all in – which means like all the core is extremely strong
but for example my upper back isn’t comparatively speaking of most stronger
than most people but compared to my – it isn’t I’m like alright why does it
matter because I know I’m weak in 3 like my
again weak Earl in 3 my upper spine my upper back mighty spine all my stuff
does not handle weight as well as my – alright so that means that when I do
your carries if I want to address that instead of putting the bow way back yeah
in big way stays on top of my uncle where I can load my mid-back and my core
I’m gonna put it higher on my traps and it’s gonna make my lips it’s gonna make
my upper back work a lot mighty spine work a lot harder which is what I’ve
been doing lately so that means less weight but more beneficial for me at the
time because it allows me to work on my weakness
yeah whereas before I put it back quite big for because the objective based I
have to do 800 and I can’t do 800 on my T spine so I’m gonna do 800 on my – yeah
I mean right so my vemos are liking alright so how do I address it I means I
cannot let my to take over so I’m gonna do front squat with a safety squat bar
but in a cyclic or way so that I can target my VMO instead of every single
time targeting my caucus otherwise imbalances start to form and I like so
as it as what should the system the process you just described is really a
person walks in the door what you have you know what’s most what’s going on
you understand where things are and now you kind of have a plan to go for it
all smoothly done based on principles and constraints just constraints so
basically what I’m gonna give to people in that we’re not going to call it a
manual either but basically like a strong fit way we have to we have to
combine aware that we attach to this it’s gonna be a lot of the fucking worst
exactly it’s gonna be a problem it allows good example basically like how
do you you won’t you want to assess someone comes in through the door you
want to program from their assistance work to men to how do I fix if he has a
shoulder problem you need a list of constraints all right this is what I
want to give is the tools to make those that list of constraints yeah
so performance box then we have the 1 2 3 matrix we have the west’s like you
know because the West is that your neural output versus skill line mm-hmm
right so then we have the for example the es pyramid an important one so
that’s all old-school strong phase stuff but those where if you look on school
strong face stuff was always constraint based the SP are made you have to work
the structure before you can work stabilization before you were a
specialization so now I can explain to you we have videos on that and explain
the SPM it better and then the last one remember also on school strong fit with
the the movement box the load-carrying hold cleanser movement energy systems
types of contraction so now you have five different things there over there
somewhere that gives you five tools to build a list of constraints that you
need to program assess fix yeah now that’s valuable I like it and that
because your part-time coach can be put through those yes so that he can take
maybe not you know like a low waste coach has to deal with lowest people
yeah right you have a part-time coaches darling and that’s fine let’s you know
what a fucking brilliant way to get some more coaching because all of the things
that the truth the main thing that matters about coach at first and
foremost is your people do have to like being coached by you want to continue to
be coached by your so it’s dealing with people so if you’re gonna be less
qualified to me hi Wes movements at coaching people
because you don’t have the skill then you don’t think you know it’s attendant
yes exactly but you can be the guy who is there for them when it’s time to
fucking go like that’s not your department because that’s your
wheelhouse get good at it grow on it by the way
what if you have that kid coming in he’s a sweetest kid you love the kid and he’s
awesome with people and he’s passionate you can tell in his heart he has only
one stuff is to help people yeah where does he start right so you say him
to the seminar let’s say Jake so is that easier when it comes to my seminar and
he’s happy yeah but he’s not there yet he doesn’t have the background so yeah
you can go the academic routes the strength and conditioning don’t get me
wrong he needs to do some of it but you need to have a background of strength
conditioning like that by the way like that has to be part of the whole
equation I think I think that’s a huge thing that I saw amongst CrossFit as
coaches was as it grew very quickly as I would see coaches that would come into
it that aren’t even don’t even give a fuck about spacing that’s wrong and I’m
like Jesus there’s so there is decades of materials good or bad like you should
be have your nose and you should be as to really Christ you should be a student
of the game no matter what you do in life you have to be a student if you are
especially so I’m still yellow and so often so many of those people are the
same who never look into fuck all about strength and conditioning that our own
and CrossFit gyms are coaching across video games and then what happens is
because there was this we don’t do bodybuilding thing back in the day this
were slightly better system right they just didn’t blow all of it all
completely and then they’re the same people who don’t know fuck all about
actual strength and conditioning they will say Karen sandbag what all you’re
doing strong yeah it’s like all right fuck off work what do you need oh yeah
yeah you need to have a background right okay but so that kid we and we want to
help give the background but yes to start somewhere now with the list of
constraints you can go look this is the system that I have in my gym let me take
you through it right so you start with again his own level his own lowest level
or whatever but at least he has an idea of what is it you’re asking him to do to
you know where to go it gives him a way forward whereas before you just had to
preach and ended up by by doing just teach them
the open house well now it’s more than that so that can work yeah yeah you
start having a place for a new coach right to be and it’s not just like your
early morning class and if your main coach or a coach coming and you need to
talk to the other coaches that are there that don’t understand you can stop to
show the list of constraints yeah and they’ll go like for example like the
need for rotation work mm-hmm in CrossFit that’s in the you know cleanser
movement and you go oh yeah so even when you look at programming you look at it
you know sagittal plane versus frontal plane versus transversal plane you start
to go alright so there’s a need for you know like frontal plane some bench press
and barbell rows all right rotation work what do addition we’re doing Crossfit
not much most mostly like that’s why I see continuous freeze people I can move
their hips as far as I know the most rotation we can see in CrossFit is if
people have to change their shoes mid water because they have to lease I don’t
know they like and usually they don’t like oh my god I can’t do this so all
that stuff is the proper list of constraints yeah well we again tools to
create the proper list of constraints for people so now I’m comfortable with
those tools and that’s what I tested doing the CrossFit Morristown and you
see me now and it went really really well so that made me happy some like
alright so now I can fix that do now what I go back to my gym how do I
explain to my owner how do I explain to the other coach cultures and how do I
start a strong fit system in my gym yeah right
and again so objective-based never but that way that we can do so in that’s the
point of the affiliation I will not be call affiliation is we’ll start with
that like a not a manual but like a the list of the the tools that you have to
build a proper constraints and things and and as you go like you said a list
of tools then and then there are still there’s things to be learned at you on
each to old meaning like yes there’s a list of tools if you don’t understand
what this one means it’s so perfect exactly I event so what we’ll have is
we’ll have one : month so we’ll create a community probably on the new website
we’re doing a community so we can have one color months and go over or like
like a Q&A like a live Q&A every month so we can answer obviously so
what makes me feel confident that it will work is the way the strong fit
community is doing right now the Suffolk Community is one of my best surprises
every thats another Black Swan event for me is I’m a believer in communal
intelligence and I was proven right by the sofa community now we have people
that are very good at their field that starts to come and then express that
knowledge to the people there to say to elevate the conversation yeah and that
makes me happy yeah there’s a point any in any group or any online community
begins there’s just this like everyone’s on the level yeah and then it becomes
Vickery and sometimes it gets weird yeah we crushed it ever in the house for the
philia donors group no oh boy yeah lots of lovely people in there not a lot of
lovely conversations but with this is it’s like goes up but
then what happens you have somebody who gets to this space from somewhere as an
expert and they come in and all of a sudden it’s like guys I like all this
now let’s jump to here yes exactly and everything is but that only works if you
have lovely conversation in humility yes that’s all we’ve done on because
it’s comfy committee that we don’t very well is we never let the conversation
get a wire this is not Twitter I don’t do any of that shit it’s the way it’s
gonna be a benevolent dictatorship yeah but it’s gonna be like the conversation
are gonna be civil civil civil civil respectful big if you use the word
servile I think that means like why does they meet like it’s like a wildcat
ya know say well there’s an I mean like oh wow it’s a showman anyway right so a
nice conversation and and and I think a lot of the textbook that now they are
they won’t necessarily talk at first because right now on the on an online
format you get blasted every time you say something well now there was even a
guy who asked me a session about practice you see I’m a practicing
atheist yeah and then is his teaching spirituality and actually the comments
were very good it’s a conversational it’s what I would like to see online by
the way what does what is a practicing atheist I don’t I’m an atheist
I just wanna practice in a theist is the gateway to a very funny joke you say you
know we’re practicing atheist let me tell you a practicing atheist
and across video until about do you know why they’ll that because they told me they had to tell me yeah that was
actually if any anyway but so the strong fake community is showing that we can do
that on a gym level yeah and we had the practice of the last two
years on astronomy so I know exactly how I’m gonna do that community telogen so I
have again the constraints the strong fit community those are where the two
major tools that allow me to think we can be very successful helping gym so
we’re helping people I’m gonna go to are helping gyms because with no gyms I
can’t help people now the third aspect was the owner perspective and he’s a
businessman and that’s where we the reason also would you in start that
affiliation that would not be called affiliation system before is because of
the business side I am NOT that I don’t run a class gym I don’t run a gym we
will open one in bathroom in the meantime I’m not that so I was liking I
was liking someone who had strict credit risk CrossFit who’d been an affiliate or
now for the longest time who understood business was successful at it and very
importantly was still on the side of CrossFit yeah he was very important I am
NOT a scavenger I have no interest in going and taking business away from
CrossFit on the contrary I want to have a symbiotic relationship
I want the structure to remain there I want to work within it not I don’t want
to work for CrossFit I want to work with the CrossFit system I don’t want to work
with HQ either that is not what interests me what I want to do is I want
to work with CrossFit gym owners functional fitness gym Oreos that by the
way that includes strongman gym that includes powerlifting gyms we’re going
to talk about this even yeah you took my eyes okay me running clubs on anything
that is functional fitness I want to work with not for but with right so but
I was lacking someone who had very specific qualities the business side
successful on the side of CrossFit not against it that had
free credit and hopefully knew how to swim within the rough waters of HQ and I
found that person in Korean the owner was Bill of CrossFit
Morristown she’s worked for CrossFit HQ for the last I know at least 10 years
she’s been affinito know for 11 years I think she worked for h2 for 10 years
just left but she knows she was a deaf casuals assistant for the CrossFit Games
okay so she has a very good relationship don’t don’t not like that like yeah
rough job she’s she knows everything but she’s been working with affiliate owners
for the last ten years she’s one or self 11 years successful and she has I was
very happy we started talking I was like that’s the piece I’ve been using to
start this I was like the second we started talking I was like I have an
idea are you in and she was like yes and you
why she’d say – I need to talk to her like do you understand that
Julian says that it means tomorrow not kind of yesterday so when are we
standing like we did she was like oh I was like yeah you said yes so we
starting so all my team is already on it we starting to build a thing and by the
way in two months we’re starting this thing in two months so you know eight
weeks from now we’re going so generate 2025 solution program so carry on I know
you watch this they are you she’s gonna get so many messages so she’s the owner
of CrossFit Morristown New Jersey right next to New Jersey noise now anyway so
send your messages right but what I loved about it is we started talking I
was like you’re the one finally cuz she cares deeply about the affiliate
situation she actually we’re gonna have her here on the podcast she’s gonna come
to iterate so we can have a podcast with her so she can you spin where she comes
from cuz she has be her she has a number she
has the connection she has a number and we started to talk about the situation
for the CrossFit affiliates out there and then we’re gonna cover all this
right now a little bit but what I loved about it is like she cares so much she
was like they need help yeah to the point where she was starting an
affiliate program within CrossFit gym right and we all agreed that there was didn’t help on our shooting so you have
two different ones again you have the gym owner was just a businessman and he
has a main coach right so that gym owner needs someone to talk to and it won’t be
me cause me I’m just a crazy guy I’m here I’m here for the coach and the
people right but they need someone to talk to saying how do you use the shit
like yeah that dude is crazy how do I make that work she knows because she had
a affiliate for 11 years right and and then after that you have the main coach
right but the main coach is also the business man the problem with that is is
working 50 to 60 hours so you basically do two things when you do that first of
all you’re working so much on the business and your coaching that you can
evolve as a coach where’s your time because you’re coaching five classes a
day or Petey’s or whatever and you’re exhausted and you’re burning out because
you can’t work on yourself you can’t work on your knowledge and everything
and on top of it you’re not making enough money so you’re getting the worse
on both what I think people think that burnout thing is something that happens
quickly or that it goes from zero to all of a sudden it’s just not happy over a
few months you it’s like no no this is this slow burn and what happens is a lot
of those having some of the wrong setting objectives in the beginning that
you get you just gradually end up in the place where this ended up less
satisfying I wanted this and this and next thing you know it’s just fuck so if
you just kind of find themselves they’re not really knowing the process that gets
them there and so it’s not a dramatic thing often when I talk to gym owners
have had trouble it when we get guys at seminars or coaches at week what happens
is they they’ll have like an aha moment where they’re like the last five fucking
years I’ve been dealing with this problem
exactly you’ve been deal with this problem for five years and you haven’t
you know it’s like the because the light bulb comes on yeah but they don’t have
time first of all you have no one yeah expressing the popular constraint to
them when they go yeah because no one is telling them so we’re gonna go at it
from different angles but first of all that’s the problem is that no one is
telling them that adds the problem because there is nowhere for most
cultures to go learn indication outside of objective-based
yeah and the second part is they don’t have time because they busy coaching
they are busy working the Bujinkan in the bathroom are they
Jim they’re tired they don’t have time how many of them need to have a job on
the side just to make ends meet I could okay so no and that’s we’re gonna go
back to this but there’s a core issue there by the way like I think that needs
to be expressed and that that’s will go more into this with with Karen obviously
is like how many out there are capable of having a CrossFit gym as the sole
breadwinner of what they do that they are true career where they just make
money just doing that percentage will we talk about numbers with Karen but it’s
not nearly as a high as you would think no and I think with some of the things
we had seen like I think the average like monthly revenue per client at
CrossFit gyms as of 2018 was like $84 a month that’s something
sales a number yeah that’s unbelievable okay so know that I know better is like
what do you think is how many members on average for successful CrossFit gym like
what we judge successful I’ve been there for more than you know like so many
years that have II on average what you single number the number well I know the
people the number in my head is I think if sustain another yeah you need to be
around 120 to 150 depending on but that’s why you could successful yeah
right whereas most CrossFit gyms out there are doing good at 80 no that’s
what a good cross the gym is doing right now Eddy yes you have a few that are
three four hundred but I think those are the trees hiding the forest yeah most
guys out there that are on their own with part-time coaches do good with 80
now if you know that instead of 150 because you’re gonna charge roughly
quite 150 that changes the way you do things because now you’re like yeah but
I have 80 members so either I’m milk the Shearer of them or like but to get more
members so there’s the where the problem starts is like yeah but I need to get to
115 and I’ll be comfortable well not necessarily because to get the extra 17
that means you need to double your gym but the space doesn’t change but that
means more equipment I mean more coaches if you think you’re gonna coach twice as
many people you again you’ll burn out you won’t be like it does it doesn’t
work like that so it’s actually and by the way that means you’re going to take
care of all those new people coming in I means you’re not taking care of the
people that are there that I’ve earned your love so you’re gonna
give all that love to the new people but then you won’t give any to the people
they’ve been the one they’re doing the work with you and everything they are
the one deserving out of those new people you don’t know who’s gonna stay
yeah wait so those are all issues right that they have to deal with in carry on
we had a great conversation about that it was like all right but and how do we
fix it and all that stuff but the first type for me is to be able to for us to
raise our hand and saying what are the true issues sorry go can we be honest
yeah just like with the short thing yeah can we do can we be honest I don’t even
see that necessarily as sorry a major issue as much of a time of your sentence
yeah I think right now a lot of people are panicking a bit or even for freaking
out because there’s a big there’s the big change now in the focus away from
the sport there’s a big retraction in from CrossFit HQ in their expenses in
their media it’s a lot that’s just narrowing in and and I view it as to me
I just see like Greg Glassman who is generally I believe prefers
decentralized control fundamentally in business and everyday government and I
would see something that yeah if I owned a company start out as Fitness and it
became – now I’m an entire media production company yeah I’m an entire
fuckin sport morning and I’m also doing all the broadcasting for the sport Cup
the NFL does not fucking to broadcast Thursday Night Football all the frets
you know I mean like our Monday Night Football that goes to the TV networks
they handed so it became all this shit and at some point if you’re like if I
don’t believe in full centralized control why am I the bottleneck why is
this organizational bottleneck for all this other shit when they could do
better if they can make their own decisions to be profitable on their own
and and so that fragmentation is like a lot of things they build up to a certain
point and they have to sort and and so I see it but a lot of people get they
panicked yeah and they should I think you know angel yeah change is gonna turn
up so for sure but I will say a thing they’re panicking because even before
that happened there was a malaise as we say in French
yeah where things are again like back the shoulder a sister’s work is
something you could not say back in the day yeah I think with the affiliate
toenails there’s certain issues like that like you’re gonna 80 people not 150
stuff like that that’s what realistic right that we no
one could talk about yeah I can say because I don’t have an affiliate but if
you had to say that out there well we get your answer would be sure then it’s
your fault you just suck at business you’re bad person you I mean like they
would they would get blasted as to like well it’s your fault grassman never
promised anything no but it at the same time those are people that again jumped
in with passion with their heart in the right place that did not necessarily
understand the rules of business which I believe doing that just getting that far
doing that part you’re just there you just simply have not set it up to where
you need to make enough money to accomplish the reason you really got
into it right and that those are the right people I just don’t quite have it
just not tell you the game yes exactly but and there’s my problem right now the
reason also I want to do the affiliation that will not be called an affiliation
is because now I see the parasite to the scavenger jumping on them yeah so at
some point we had the parasite coming on the shoulder problem instead of not
truly fixing it was just adding a patch right and now we have this so different
kind of people with the same idea of coming and offering just leads for
people like like it’s a fucking like Facebook social media and everything is
like social media will bring you people maybe I I still don’t think that’s but I
think these people have been very successful yeah with social media with
the right identity of the dream my culture and for them it worked extremely
well but you’re not them if you think you can duplicate where they have done
there’s a formula to do that that’s what I call bullshit it’s like there’s a
formula to square a thousand pounds yeah no there is not no there is not because
you want that guy did but he’s him and you’re not and you wants quite a
thousand yeah there’s no formula to score a thousand is used to have
with exceptional people that you know touched by the hand of God right some
people with social media they like that they have the right voice they know how
to put it out there a certain way okay you’re not that person you know what you
should be doing getting better at your craft yeah that will keep the people in
and over your time will work like my biggest problem with those the parasites
is that means that the scavengers are coming next
scavengers mean people will come and start banging out CrossFit gyms out
there yeah right and how are you you you you already see
this big there’s this there’s the big expansion for a long time yeah it really
it’s just exactly where and now we’re in a were in a contraction phase with it
where they start to consolidate because there was no restrictions on fucking
locations you can be across the street I was a problem there’s all those things
there where they wanted to be hands-off and it’s like okay but are we fucking
the affiliates yes and so so there’s little things like that were then you
want to control who has quality control where you have these companies now that
they did they rode the wave the wave drops down a little bit and now they
can’t stay afloat and now they start to consolidate by two three four gyms flu
and get them each one of them just a little bit profitable so you can just
make money in their hands up again those are uncertain times so if the scavengers
comes about and start buying our gym we will lose the greatest part of CrossFit
which is you guys I want those guys those coaches to stay in business but
going toward social media all those leads that’s not it’s not it’s not
working this is a parasitic system and it’s not working like I talked to they
come to talk to me like I talk to them like it’s not working like that and so
we were talking about cherian about all this and I’m like look I’ve seen that
evolution through jiu-jitsu when exactly through the same stuff and what did they
do they started basically they turn into MMA Center which I think fundamentally
we have to all see that group classes will will pay the bills but that’s about
it yeah that’s that’s kind of the way as I looked through it as we were kind
of setting up our business model trying to chase numbers of total membership
mm-hmm when most of your revenue was coming from just membership only for new
fitness was you had you get to a point of unsustainability very quickly and
that’s with owners and no extra coaches in our owners getting paid and we’re
getting paid very little our rent was way less than yours was most likely if
you’re an affiliate and fucking sweet so basically you have a glass ceiling
I know fast with no glasses right all right but like I’ve seen for example
renown might not be above what you really need to make it work either so
like yeah if my glass ceiling is ten thousand a month I’ll be just fine it’s
not right that’s the problem but for example like wim writes from Belgium he
has a running club and like so he’s say I’ll give you the business structure
that I use and know the numbers and everything but as to you know to work
with carrying everything but what we saw for example is that he has a running
club and he has an assessment system every two months going or something like
that where so they have to come back do assessment to see where they are you
know like measurement based to see the making progress so you can readjust the
program and those systems make everybody happy
yeah right bananas system an assessment system requires different thing requires
that you can do an assessment yeah that’s what the tools the constraints
come in right all that stuff after that it’s like when I assessment can
something where you can make more money that can lead to private sessions that
can but not even for you for the for your coaches that would increase
retention of coaches yeah plus them because they can make more money because
if you’re limited to just paying your coaches for their in group classwork
yeah exactly you’re run into another glass ceiling but the key because also
here’s the trap right there’s a big trap if you have classes of between 8 and 12
13 people and you have somebody who’s a good coach who you got to pay a lot of
money to keep around if you’re only using them for fun group classes and
they’re not really doing much specific anyway exactly and you got somebody you
can pay 60% that money who’s a good class manager people like but doesn’t
get into and it’s like there’s all these pitfalls that come in too
just that model and by the way the assessment means client retention
because the coaches know them better that means less injuries i means happier
people should get they’ll make more progress than everything so for example
CJ is that where all these coaches have all these members have one session a
month with their the coaches so that requires more coaches but at least the
coaches can get paid and so if you can’t do that assessment then you can have
coaches to do it so now you have to teach them the assessment so back to the
yeah tools of constraints and stuff like that so there’s there’s a system in
place that I believe we could make work better and by the way speaking of the
running club I think the future is turning the classroom into a memory
centers all right start with powerlifting team mmm-hmm you know what
happens powerlifting team assessments more private session same thing start a
strongman gymnasts commissions in the US Commission in Europe’s competitions
everywhere start with strongman team that means something assessment private
stuff like that you’re more member retention you can pull people from
outside of CrossFit coming in now how about doing a running club yeah and then
even on the affiliation but we can show you how to start a running club because
that’s exactly what win yeah he has won any starting other so we can show you
exactly how to do all this powerlifting team we can show you how to make one
I had one going ring on for five years straight we went to competition twice a
year and guess what we had twenty people on the powerlifting team yeah like so
every Saturday session was twenty people and I think if I’m not mistaken 15 of
them competing yeah right so that keeps them happy that keeps them in the gym
that keeps them making progress they coming back because they want to compete
like those are good things even if they don’t want to compete we had a community
of people you know doing the three men left and then that create again that
created the community now coaches like this is cool this is a good way of doing
it we do the only thing I would say is we need to start an evolution of the
system we are using right now yeah I would get I would fortunately I had the
trust of their families very much but I had a couple you know youth athletes
high school yes and then come from their high school gym probe
that’s in the summertime and it’s stuck shit this is total dogshit you know you
have a fucking if this case they ended up getting some college because the kind
of commitment but it’s fucking nonsense it’s essentially powerlifting and it’s
strength training in group fitness form yeah it’s just like everybody just do
this and off you go and so high school the USA sanitary that
is far better and safer than it was when I was wrong when I was growing up it was
like my math teacher had a key right and showed us how to squat many demons and
that was it’s it’s even better we don’t so we don’t even have that so so I think
but what happens is so they wanted me to coach them in the offices for strength
and conditioning their team coach wanted nothing to do you got trains boys you
got training through boys I’m like yeah but they train with me last year and
when they came back they just smashed all of your guys in your tests in your
gym that you’re doing all year so they come in having not done squat clean or
power clean max and they crushed all your guys and look better so fuck off
he’s kind of and so that’s what what happens is so the reason as a CrossFit
affiliate the reason these coaches didn’t want us to do it was everything
that they had heard right was injuries or they heard that all we were doing was
group fitness and you’re right how in the world would I gonna get these kids
better in a group of 12 other adults yeah because that’s not what I’m doing
I’m coaching yeah yes and so it’s a you have to have these other things that
aren’t that that’s another point you’re raising too is the CrossFit is dangerous
all that shit I don’t want it but the world is out there and that’s just I’m
not bashing I’m not saying it I’m saying up it is out there likewise I hear I
feel it on you’re saying like now they have people that don’t come to the gym
because they do CrossFit yeah jason khalipa is one of the early ones again
I’m not saying it but so now we’re getting to a point where I had many many
affiliate owners asking me they should the affiliate and I’m the one saying no
you should not you should stay within CrossFit the host is still viable no but
they are few things that need to be addressed and again I can bitch about it
I can try to do something about it so I decided now that I have the pieces that
I’ve been looking for for a long time in place we starting yeah but I believe we
can make a difference which is what the
point of strong feet are always been so right so we starting January 2020
January 2020 and I would love to give you a website but I don’t have it yet
but it’ll probably come we’ll just we’ll be on there somewhere but it would be a
strong VidCon because we were changing it like the guy just started we need at
least four weeks yeah to get the new one so that means five six so what that
means January 2020 and actually I wanted to say it next week but now we were
gonna roll out a landing page and a waiting list and stuff just to see cuz
we can have that done in like a day it’s like West John’s phone number and people
you can send him a text message oh no that’d be so fun to talk with you we’re
not gonna do any would that be so funny I do want to did want to just give it as
email just so when he wakes up some morning there’s like 50 people yeah
exactly so oh by the way well we’ll be there format so the format will be some
form of a so he’ll be probably be differencing there’ll be some kind of I
don’t want to say manual but we have to whatever there has to be some process
way to explain the tools of Constraints yeah right all the boxes all that stuff
I have videos already done on those so you’ll have that you’ll have the strong
fit community for the gym owners and main coaches and right in place because
what we saw from the strong free community works really well you know
what I love the idea was a CrossFit Journal yes because we have specialists
now in fields like psychology AI like everywhere there are on the strong free
community group and I would like to have them write simple articles about what
they do what they see relates to the strong fit principles because they
elevate the conversation that’s what surprised me in a good not surprise me
but makes me the happiest on the strong free community is the level of
conversation they are high whose are high level of polarization I think there
are ways to get to let to get the level of conversation a higher on when it
comes to fitness and I think a format of that every month would be cool like I
said about the cool stuff like that so we can say okay these are the issues and
again it’s not a place where we can talk about issues as they come talk about it
saying like acknowledge not bashing again because I will never have any
other but acknowledge like look we’re running into an issue
this because if you see that pattern often you gonna guard
yeah there’s do something about it quick example before we get through fun it’s
just like with the nutrition stuff use less sugar during training now people
are asking I heard that it’s like but now you’re talking about not having
sugar because it’s a crutch is it a crutch and it’s like now the question is
is it yes if it kind of became for me they do pre no crutch it was a very good
question you know because what we’re doing with the dead front between
European food and by the way the next podcast is coming so this is gonna be
really some Wednesday the one on Saturday will be about no fix November
where we explain why not fix November yeah but the new print is not a crutch
is just a way to make your environment hostile your food is a passive way this
will explain all the different but what I don’t know and those those are good
question is is it that question can come up in a way that’s put like here I think
you’re fuckin wrong yes here’s what you fucking morons I do pose a but what
happens is when and that’s why we want to argue this with the podcast is to go
through where people have enough there’s enough time with you and enough time
with me it’s where they understand where it’s coming from they’re not like you’re
wrong I’m right they’re like you’re like I heard you think this out and you know
I think I know we were coming from but does that reflect that there’s a
difference between asking a question and questioning someone yes it’s not the
same and so but now we have the experience with the Safa ecology that we
can use it in an affiliation type system yeah
and then again a Q&A every month because you have to keep your finger on the
water to know if it’s warm on oh yeah just to get a feel of everybody and that
thou should allow us to create a lot of communication and yes like it’s from fit
remote type where we can have those articles to elevate the conversation and
of course the part where carrion comes in which is the business side yeah
because those people want talk to me but carry on will be there and she’ll be
actually the point person for the gym owners yeah one as we get set up in
Barcelona will have much more opportunities for content and more yeah
everything there so how we do it but again like what up but also what I want
is I want to show them how to have a powerlifting gym yeah what was
successful for us when we did it what about strongmen how to do this running
clubs we have wind so the thing is again this is communal
intelligence-based so now we have enough people within the strong food group as a
community to start this because you want to run you want to know how to do rain
club I got to win right there he has an extremely successful running club he has
1,500 people okay but by the way any runs he can explain to you how you want
the assessment every two or three months I can remember but imagine even if you
have a hundred people coming every two months doing assessment that’s money
that that can be again money not as an objective money as a constraints on your
dream can keep running so your coaches can be paid so things work better and it
still my belief that if you do better people will have no issue giving you
more money yeah within their means but you’ve seen how much coffee at Starbucks
come on like it’s it’s not that people can’t pay like this is a it’s just so
the decomposition want to because they don’t see it’s a return no that’s all
and it’s true that if I if the only thing the difference is I go from 10
burpees to 12 burpees per minute if that’s the only thing I’m getting at
some point I’m grass now what now what why am i suffering every day all day
like am I getting leaner and bigger no then why am i doing it I will reach the
stage where people do CrossFit just to maintain because that would be going
against what the idea was but how many people are there do 30 minutes 40
minutes six times a week just to maintain where they are they’re not
getting stronger they’re not getting any no they’re just not making that much
progress like that’s a scary thought yeah like like don’t get me wrong
going from a 900-pound yoke to a thousand takes a while right but that’s
because that’s the 80/20 rule well you got to a stage in strongmen where he was
eighty percent of their fell to get 20 percent of the result but most people
that are in your gym they still on the other 80/20 rule which means they get
80% of the results for 20% of the area yeah and so but there by pushing the the
length by burning out people we are People that are just fitness-ing, they’re not doing it
for the CrossFit Games or all that stuff. They just want to get better.. So
how do we do that? Those are conversations we need to have,
and we need the tools. It’s nice to see a problem and then you need the
tools to fix it. I think we are at a stage where we can make a difference.
Am I right? I don’t know. We’ll see. But I do believe we can make a
difference and that’s enough for me to start. stop speaking of starting I have to name
this episode and since we’re refusing to call this an affiliate program I’m here
to fill the etchant program I know what the definition that will not be : fu oh
man well we’re gonna end up into some Monty Python fucking well okay we can
configure that out of if you’re watching it
isolation has two issues it’s the legal issue on one side well yeah we didn’t
after that is I don’t want people to think I’m complaining with CrossFit yeah
I am NOT I am looking for a symbiotic relationship not I don’t think CrossFit
is dying no but some of the scavengers obviously do because they’re coming out
of the Woodworks house they certainly shall call to beast I believe the
CrossFit gyms not not CrossFit gyms generally but there are lots of CrossFit
I don’t I get our Danya guest room as it across your business is another
I believe the business the CrossFit HQ the business itself will probably after
retracting and regroup behind it will kind of you know
yeah they process everything because it’s more contained and they’ll be fine
but but I think what the alcohol alone across streams and all dying and those
those people everyone those people that are they’re not hungry those gym owners
out there having trouble pills you know by the way and they have and let me tell
you you’re not dead yet though yeah like don’t let the scavengers come and take
the gym away from you like I understand where you are look I was there like for
five years six years like I it was I didn’t like it was either I would pay my
rent at the being of the month of the gyms rent but never both at the same
time I was late on almost every Billy was either electricity or internet which
one am I paying this month’s cuz you know like you know you start to look
alike I got two more weeks on that one yeah I’ve done that five bucks or food
or five bucks or gasoline I’ve been there like and you don’t worry because I
didn’t understand business mmm-hmm I sucked on it I saw that money
that was why I was very good at coaching but I sought that money so I get it what
you need in that case is not the scavengers coming in to take
away your Jim what you need is Mentors well I can’t mentor your own business
but now I’ve found a person that can yeah and the nice thing is is if these
other things that you speak of speak to them and how they want to be coaching
then that seems like the perfect system to build and then from there I suppose
you should coach you can have business from that as my belief but I think the
evolution will come is we need to turn the cross regime into an mm-hm not
actually man-made gym like the same thing like the way the Brazilian Jujitsu
turn into MMA CrossFit has to turn into CrossFit MMA personnel like some kind of
way you have more running clubs powerlifting team stuff like that
because he brings more people it brings more assessment to bring just maybe more
of a training facility I think Zion a then right then a room of group fitness
just well even if you wanna do group fitness classes at least not just
CrossFit yeah let’s do it for more than that like just pure CrossFit like
jiu-jitsu went through that jiu-jitsu at some point was just they had so many
winning yeah and it was just jujitsu classes like you know that many per day
and he didn’t need any wear because he never does and by the way it was 200
months back then as well that’s crazy that isn’t a crazy way and you need one
coach for 30 people mm-hmm right so there was even better business and the
guy had like two in the morning two in the afternoon and everybody but
everybody opened guess what happens people get hurt left and right guess
what happened people that left Brazil has blue belts landed in early and black
as black belts they open their gym so now they all ended up dying because of
lack of quality control because of group classes alone the coaches were burning
out and then it just at some points you know but you see what you saw what you
saw most people quitting you should too as white belt or blue belts mm-hmm the
problem is this is where you make your money you make your money on my belts
and blue bells and so they had to have a huge turnover because every year
whatever people were getting we’re getting burnout you know why because
more is better like like do two minutes of technique interest goes far and the
guy is there only spoon or doing this I got well everybody is sparring as white
belt smell doing each other getting hurt and everything and everybody was in two
years got burn out and quit and so that’s
brought the death in a way of Brazilian Jujitsu in a format that he was he was
because he was not sustainable like that so it’s a great objective based system
to make one world champion but then you break a thousand people to get there
that’s not the way to run our health there’s a thousand business so you can
make a living exactly and I hope those thousand people
while you may be there for the one or two to make it big if that’s your thing
fine but most people that own gyms you want a gym for those other people the
people that normally fall through the cracks but that’s why was my
conversation with John mature he was like look I love the white belts and the
blue versus like I love you guys but I’m not making anything off of you like in a
school as as a brown bill going a no going for the black belt like I was
barely playing I wasn’t paying for my DS I wasn’t paying for anything like it
just it was awful to me nothing like it’s not that’s not where the so it’s so
that business model like tanked but what struck me the most is how much she
resembles where CrossFit is yeah there is an evolution of jiu-jitsu that had to
happen because so many schools closed down and now what you have you have big
MMA gyms and you have the big name in jiu-jitsu outside of that to open the
small stuff like it’s a rough one you don’t get that many people because of
the way we handle it like a libertarian way of doing every two that it was at
first well everybody spouse yeah well guess where we got a search team hands
up hey CrossFit is doing exactly that and so I find it striking that we are
exactly in its stage right now I’ve seen the results on MMA and stuff like that
but again MMA has the UFC right to keep feeding the stuff yeah right CrossFit
Games how they see on ESPN no no right ok so what is gonna feed
that beast so we have two ways we either accept that the Beast of the CrossFit
Games and everything did not lead us to where we want it to be and we start to
do something else or we have to put the CrossFit Games back on the SPN twice as
big make pay-per-view of it so it can it can
it keeps feeding Jim’s new people so those are two different ways of doing it
one I disagree with one I believe is the way to do and I think the one that we
disagree with the Inc back to now they did anyway to plug on
that so but and you know that’s what Mike Immunization withdrawn my sure he
was like I want to teach martial arts not fighting mm-hmm now and that was the
main course you have every right to say that if you it was a martial art based
on practice so that we could be more efficient it was not designed for Valley
to do for MMA or that was the way to test the system to prove that that way
was better this such a correlation between jiu-jitsu and CrossFit but at
some point Brazilian jiu-jitsu the martial art is not the UFC no that’s not
the same but in jiu-jitsu is a martial art is supposed to give you more than
the capacity to fuck someone up in a cage yeah like I’ve learn jujitsu save
my life I’ve learned so much about me doing it self control self respect
respect up others running into my fucking thick head that that I didn’t
know everything that I couldn’t muscle my way or everything that like my talent
was not enough that had to put to work in all that shit that was necessary
right and the only thing that taught me that was Little John match era had to
strangle me 3,000 times for me to get those fucking lesson lessons into my
thick head jiu-jitsu gave me so much it is a
martial art to me it is not just a system to go beat someone up in a cage
that’s not what this is right and I see cross with the same weight guys that’s
not what CrossFit is it’s not just to send someone to the games or to learn to
do a keeping pull-up or whatever I see it exactly the same way for me CrossFit
that new system which is based on performance just like jiu-jitsu was but
not as a way to go to across became as a way to better health
yeah just like Brazil Jitsu has shown to be a better system not to go beat up
someone to further the evolution of martial arts and yourself yeah but even
of martial arts like what did we learn with Brazilian jiu-jitsu and MMA that
although khufu stuff didn’t do shit yeah like there was a lot of fakes out there
selling bullshit system or like you don’t
Dutch people rent they fall into the ground effect my videos everything it’s
so fine but so what what was Mme injury to so good because it showed that all
the soft we took for granted was fake no it was so much of it that was fake right
and even pure boxing no though are not the most badasses Thai boxing actually
but even them on the ground a liking so by the way Bruce Lee talked about this
in Israel the tower remember the name it he talked about it in his book so I
should you to put for example it’s all judo but it was like yeah but what he
proved we assume is that practicing safe techniques is infinitely more valuable
so producing realistically like you know spine sessions safe techniques is
infinitely more valuable than practicing deadly techniques without ever putting
them into practice right because it works you still the cat ass it’s like I
taught you I kill you yeah except when they’re in the ring and
you go like you cushy guy not heading to the face turned out it was it was a
weakness because then they never learn to protect themselves right so that
practical application of martial arts had to be done to show what worked what
didn’t and to do that you need to have safe enough techniques you could
actually practice them in a practical environment well like you said here I
think it’s good to wrap up on Aziz there’s a they needed the practical
application to get the whole automation to figure out and then they really don’t
work and then they reassess and now we go forward that’s my CrossFit now has
been around affiliates and I don’t care about CrossFit I mean custom generally
whatever but I mean via film all right they’ve been around long enough to where
if you should know is gym or you should know now kind of where your gaps are you
see it you see it and snow so if you see it and you know then some things to say
but the practical application of a lot stuff is allowing us to see where the
fakes are I think by now you can tell that all those patches on the shoulder
and everything is not working that’s the con at least that’s a conversation I’m
having with everybody where they all selling new system and do this too
and when he doesn’t work it’s your fault no it’s not it’s just not working
yeah so let’s do something about it but again my point is it’s not me I have I’m
not coming down Mount Sinai with the 10 commandments because commitments are
objected I’m gonna give you constraints actually it no those are constraint do
not kill it’s not an object so yeah it’s a constraint right so even Moses got it
he was giving you constraints and objectives well if you can split the see
you got my vote but it’s not like if you can do that oh
my god I don’t even care about the seven plagues of Egypt is the truth is if a
guy comes walking down and dumps of staff in the water – splits the ocean I
kind of got to take him at its word for everything else at that point I don’t
even care watch it if I watch it I’m like yeah look I don’t even care about
the sin of the plates right of Egypt I even care like you can do that shit I’m
like I’m with you yeah I’m just saying like that by the way that was killing
all the feels bone was a little bit overboard Paul Simon oh gee I understand
where he was coming from that was his people but all right that’s that’s more
what we’re going to say that they’ll see myself but anyway he gave them six
opportunity he did about their chances to go at it I find it – all right so
they didn’t fuck around let’s put it this way they didn’t fuck around anyway
so fire and brimstone whatever but I’m coming with the list of constraints as
Moses did although unpro meters that’s another problem
but the key will be another thing that’s why it will work is communal
intelligence yeah that’s and that’s what online gives us that is though we’ll
have people that are very good at certain things they’ll be able to share
their knowledge and I think that’s how it works we have to stop that idea that
we need to compete against each other I’m saying we are effecting
such a small percentage of the population still by the way like cross
the gym we think we have everybody fuck no no like global teams by far I still
taking care of most people and I’ll tell you this the Globo gym model even global
gyms don’t have a ton of members how they make money you talk your initial
financial investment to open a CrossFit gym versus just what’s in the average
equipment at a shitty Globo gym that you can hardly use yeah the other doesn’t
really have and it’s more money than your average
CrossFit gym to open its first time so just equipment is the equipment you walk
away from it the gym roll so far here is some of its 5000 bucks
yes and there’s hundreds and you’re like so that my knee it’s not working
yeah so high instead of got what I mean is there are people out there yep
paying they want something that works for them and they’ll keep trying so
let’s give it can we talk about that what people need and want instead of
getting influenced by the CrossFit Games no less stuff can we can we just can we
forget the whole structure of the whole HQ the whole CrossFit Games all that
stuff can we just go back to our health which is what the point was like okay so
CrossFit is a cult okay I believe that part has died mmm-hmm I think like the
whole CrossFit is account and being in everybody’s face in being an asshole and
not being able to talk about anything I think honestly that part class man just
killed yeah I think and I pushing against other training methodologies the
music that’s gone too because because enough well I think not from H 2 but
from the community too right I think enough of the people in the community
who have been in the game long enough yeah and rub shoulders with enough
adjacent Fitness things to where they have had the understanding all right
there’s something to be learned from every so basically what we’re saying is
we started with a cult let’s turn it into a religion yeah
the religion of Health’s formalize it well all religion started as a study as
a cold first all right so I believe the cult shape has died the contact the call
is there a single as mentor Snell the vampire in the heart on that one let’s
start a religion instead so let’s start a relief it will not be a strong few
Jimmy will be a strong hit temple I will come up with the making
you are making this so hard to sell again Commandments so it won’t be a
manual it will be it’s oh how am I gonna phrase this I’m
gonna use a register it’s gonna be so much fun they throw the ring if I can’t
even do you know this is probably a longest episode no shit I think really I
still have to figure how to set this on oh yeah we will alright well it’s a long
episode big enough vignette what’s a religious tone population that’s exactly
what we’re gonna shoot oh fuck how do you would it be what’s a church what’s
yeah wet so there is cease and then there’s the juice are you I feel you do
is the Piscopo tell what about this I’m gonna guess your what I’m gonna guess
there’s a lot of different formats of that I’m using that tone okay
I’m not affiliated with that church I am what oh I am so using that to find it so
it’s not affiliation its what about the fuck religious time I can come up with
can t have a Julian okay and of course with after all of this
have nothing to send you to what if I’m Prometheus it’s so works you’re killing
me yes so what question is this if somebody is suddenly like is interested
in this knowing it’s not gonna go on till 2020 dude should we just they just
got to keep watching on Instagram should they if anyone okay send us a message
send SMS emails is that it info as from famous emails
about that comment on the goal is from free community group anyway you should
be on there and ask questions goes out by the way I don’t post on Facebook I
only post on the strong free community group yeah so that was really a lot by
now yeah so go on the strong free community group ask questions I’ll stop
to and so all this and saying where we are and I will give you an official list
of worlds we will you be using yes leave prometheus so so as to be a Greek way
then all right we got to do this off here we’re like we’re like almost two
hours Ralphie calm structured equipment calm
or dot-eu Julian’s corner grinders Greek world
we’ve got youtube.com start on YouTube everything was on a real name for temple
I don’t I found out yes I need your help we need some Greek words everything else
Instagram strong fit one okay 3203 birthers oh they’re F in stone
if you’re still listening I’m gonna what I’m gonna do is I have to turn Julian
down during the a dream I’m just I’m gonna have so much fun of an avatar
that’s it for today we’ll see if you guys are do you got this on Wednesday so
you will get another episode this coming Saturday yeah you’ll get two a week for
well unless I get hit by a train or something so what you got fucking I got
this figured out okay grab your barracks oh all right we’ll see you next week
everybody you

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