Divinity Original Sin 2: Undead Rogue Gameplay Part 1 – Fane The Night King – White Walker Build

Divinity Original Sin 2: Undead Rogue Gameplay Part 1 – Fane The Night King – White Walker Build

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bringing to you Divinity Original Sin 2 I’m doing this new let’s play series
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I heard this guy’s divinity original sin – this game is pre awesome which it’s
released on 14 September and I’ve been doing videos about this game since the
alpha version was released I’m gonna be playing as a night king and I’m dead
that’s right folks it’s gonna be pretty cool and awesome so I’m gonna raise my
undead army and merge into rebel on let’s dive into this game and explore
the beautiful and lost world of rebel all I’ll be playing a single player in
tactician mode so tactician mode is not for the faint heart because I’m a waiter
in this game I would like to play in tactician mood because the enemy will
bombard you with nasty tricks and surprises let’s begin we’ll play the origin stories origin
characters are rich personal background stories that allow you to experience the
full extent of their divinity Oracle’s into tax system note the custom
characters don’t have origin stories so we are playing origin and our name of
the character is fame fame the undead so the talents we have is undead and
ingenious and I’ll be playing as ro so currently we have throwing knife
backlash and adrenaline throwing knife and backlash is our main damage output
and adrenaline will give us two action points and we have pleaded and time warp
I believe time warp requires source points to cast so you woke up and the
world was gone the last of your kind you hide behind a charm mask searching for
the truth about the history that no one knew existed let’s listen to the origin story of rain
free in the night cave don’t stare how would you look after eons in some
ghastly crypt your people are rather prone to death
mine are not yet when I emerged from my completely unjustified imprisonment I
found them God our culture forgotten any trace of the
world I knew all but obliterated I must even
hide my true face beneath an ever-shifting mask for fear you savages
will attack me that is how I wonder this strange world
trying to uncover the truth about a history you primitive people never even
knew existed alright it looks like we are some kind of shapeshifter alright so I’m gonna give him the
appearance of the night King how does it sound
it’s cool alright I like this default face it has a cool
Jam on the forehead oh this definitely looks like a white Walker oh that’s new
look how does that look guys let me know down in the comments we are playing as rogue and fitness and
constitution we have as our attributes and these are the default settings of a
route preset so I will be using that as the folder I’m not messing around with
this because I quite honestly I like all this all the settings so what’s next
next we have talents and we have the pawn at the pawn permits your character
one AP worth of free movement per ton requires count rule we have rogue is
counter right so later on will really require pet pal solid selected I don’t know for some
reason I can select a little tag so we have mystic and scholar and that’s fine
with me an instrument is Basara which is engineer origin and Tambora – so this is
Warrick beaver playing as undead because it poses unique risks and benefits and
that can pickle offs with a bony finger alone so we don’t need lower master we
can survive in the death fork and healing potions and spell will damages
so I’ve gotta keep that in mind yeah let’s jump right into the game or
the open sin the game has changed so much it all happened like I knew it would a single drop of source magic like flies to honey the monsters warned
the rebel panicked the carnage began the Magisters pointed their fingers at me
just as I’d planned I was shackled and collared and sent to Fort joy I’d come here to kill God woken
but instead that became part of their story you well aren’t you a curious sight if I’d
had a mask to hide my bones as well as yours maybe I’d still be walking around
today where’d you get it there can’t be many curios like that in the world boast
that you’ve crafted it yourself using a tool to rip the faces from mortal
creatures okay and your voice you ripped that from them too I’ve never heard such
silken tones from a naked skull admit that your voice is something of a trick
your words and tone are projected directly into the minds of others it was
a parlor gimmick still you’d best keep that mask on the living don’t take
kindly to seeing their future staring back at them oh here we are guys we are on some kind
of boat and we have a cool-looking mask equipped the mass of the ship shifter
which gives us abilities to turn into a human lizard elf and dwarf and through a
torrid uniform that’s pretty cool that Finn’s notebook there’s a launch
reading but I’m not gonna do all of the reading because a lot of books and a lot
of notes and suffice they’re in this game which would make me go mad so I’ll
be reading the most important things like the journal and self a scholar from
times past failed day one Ian’s ago I studied the wheel a barrier of pure
source hiding something in the universe allows the king for with my search took
me from my family and seal me in a tomb I woke up when some poor morsel
uncovered my place of rest I do feel quite bad for devouring his
source alas I was rested before I could discover what happened to my wife
daughter or people but rumours suggest answers may lie in the back that soil
field of on reapers coast request coast sounds like a land the news is Tuesday
one though he’s a sorcerer and where’s a source caller Bishop Alexander continues
to lead the divine order as he is the son of Lucien and it is widely assumed
they will succeed him as the next divine submissive Alexander to lead the divine
order and is the son of Lucien okay so that is a vital information
chapter 1 the Merryweather day 1 loosen the divine champion of the seven gods
and savior of Rivlin is dead he sacrificed himself to defeat the forces
of the void living his son Alexander to preside over the next chapter of
Rebellion’s history volution sacrifice did not buy peace instead the years that
followed were plagued by the Menace of void walking this beasts were drawn to
source match again and left death and destruction in their wake
incapable of ruling the divine powers that his fathers had at his disposal
Alexander has resorted to harsher measures in order to stop the white
Walker a great program has commenced against sorcerers those who show the
most skill and the manipulation of source encouraged by his most trusted
advisor Dallas Alexander has decreed that all sorcerers must be resettled and
isolated colonies where they cannot pose a threat to rest of Rivlin one such
colonies ancient island stronghold of for joy it is to this place that I the
captive sorcerer and being sent troubled waters day one we are Sorcerer’s being
transferred to for joy an ancient fortress on a remote land where
ministers of the divine order have established an internment camp unbound
by a magical collar that cannot be removed the collar failed
all right so we learned that Lucian the divine is dead and his son Alexander
will be the next diviner okay this information is useful you got to keep the journal reading as
it updates so that you understand the game completely oh my god I do a lot of sailing which
gives me a lot of gold so that you can buy good stuff I love the barter system
in this game it’s changed so much after the release just making sure that I’ve
got everything all right and I’m so glad that they added the voice acting in this
game ah Jesus Christ nice bit of work even if I do say so
myself they’re not too tight I hope the collar I mean oh not to worry
every dog has to get used to its leash in the meantime your next stop will be
Magister William all passengers have to be registered in the ship’s manifest and
he’s the chap in charge of the logs you’ll find him on the other side of
this deck in the officers quarters you say you had a long dream about a
ship selling the river of the Dead but you’re not dead are you
no you’re alive and you’re having a conversation you are on a ship of course
but luckily for us both were merely sailing the plain old sea index fingers
pressed to her lips she pauses a moment to give you a scrutinizing gander my
word you do seem a bit befuddled don’t you perhaps I was a bit too generous
with that sedative oh well I’m sure you’ll soon gather your wits most likely
eventually in the meantime all you need to know is that we’re on route to fort
joy and your life awaits and if you were a particularly good boy perhaps a cure
as well an end to source for good demanded or why she called you why for
my peace of mind of course why don’t you try casting one of those source spells
of yours see what happens recall the feeling of waking up and
draining a body of source recall the rushing power that fills you unleash it
currents of magic surge inside you boiling bursting then breaking only to
fade back into your soul like rain into the earth
you better stop before you hurt yourself all will but no result
there you have it see the collars function it new to view of salts makes
you unable to cast source for your own peace of mind of course yours and the
whole world let’s see she has 23 gold gold is very valuable in this game gotta
do a lot of trading if we transform into a human what happens you are you but more if you look to your
hands your belly your feet flesh you don’t know molded into unfamiliar shapes
you cradle your aching head where another’s memories and wisdoms mix with
your own your fingers trace a line from your head to your face feeling not the
creases of the mask but the porous surface of new skin you love oh I’m a pretty cute door for now eyes
shift sifted into a dwarf okay goddess speak to miss master
William forgot his name what was that there’s also a an ancient book linger I
can’t steal okay if we kill all the Magisters we will earn XP so I plan to
kill all the Magister in the game or perhaps it’s been a murder here just
right away there is a circus leading to a project
of the ship I will explore that region later behind the Magister a blooded mass
lies in a heap gore and limbs lie at odd angles you can’t make out a face amid
the mess let’s ask him what happened there’s been a murder
the sorcerer was killed by one of your own lucky you were busy getting your
collar fitted at the time or your bare suspect like the rest of them Watters is
investigating she’ll figure out who did it always does I’ll be glad to help you
in the newest addition aren’t you enterprising our let waters tell you now
herself go ahead she weird the body a young Magister stands pale and silent
her knuckles whiten around her weapon as you pass looks like there is a merger magic I’ll
need to write to headquarters right away okay poor guy this his car looks like it
was builded a lot of blood let’s say what moisture water eyes to see burns me
up this happened under our protection we’re extremely lucky null void walk and
follow the source that did this boy if I could be the killer
that is rusty she looks up at you with a mirthless smile I was on duty in your
room when the murder happened you were asleep the whole time didn’t even stir
gotcha you’re one of the only indisputably innocent people on the ship
unless you can commit murder in your sleep of course tell her that that’s a trick you haven’t
quite mastered I thought as much listen I could use someone to keep their
ears open among the passengers sometimes they clam up in front of a uniform bring
me a good lead and I’ll throw in a shiny gold coin for you how about that Yama interested in gold
yeah Gold is good Thanks I just want to catch whoever did this before they hurt
anyone else it seems as though there’s a path wound
in the flood floor that can’t be natural look what I found the ports a book ha ha
no it’s quite funny though a woman from drifted wood with a navy of care offered
me kisses that answered my prayer I accepted her gift and then to my dismay
I spiral she was and I heard buffet once this thing was over she licked her red
lips I rose from the floor still coming to grips she thanked me for coming and
bade her farewell my prayer indeed answered no still I did swell help
Ricola it seems as though this that can’t be natural okay so she’s
saying there’s a pattern on the blood flow cold okay so we gotta investigate
the mother who find out who is the culprit and by finding out who is the
model we belong goal as we have a pact with mr. waters okay a fellow sorcerer
has been discovered murder we have been told will receive a gold piece as reward
if we bring back evidence to mr. waters regarding who did it okay it seems we cannot elude the corpse and
the broken source collar remind you we are equipped with the source collar and
we can no longer use our source magic or receive source points you’ve got to do
that quest as early as possible okay let’s proceed when I look around
for some gold found a bedroll bedroll is the most
essential of all we are a row and we already found the dagger that’s that’s
pretty good news we found Shiv good okay if we would have pet pal we can talk to
the ship or the animals animals give us vital information about the world and
sometimes there were hidden quest so we got a lady earth
tucked away in a dark spot lazily rolling dice onto the surface of a
barrel they sound like the dry cackling of an old witch snake eyes she chuckles
I bet that’s just what they look like Snake Eyes my eyes look like snakes to
you lady I didn’t think so I’m not a snake
I’m not snake from Metal Gear Solid wonder what she’s doing here rolling
dice okay you’re playing a game deciding fates whose face are you
deciding don’t worry honey if she looks you up and down with a merest hint of a
coy smile on her lips did you just call me honey
Never Say Never though she eyes you quite seriously not the
future no but I can read the past in flesh one of the perks of being an alpha
leucine I’m quite good at it too I could lick your arm and tell you how you spent
the night before last look ma’am KD oh I don’t mind
she gives you our vigorous stroke of the tongue efficient like a cat grooming a
fish eat that’s some efficient looking right there you were in a cellar with
other sorcerers watching staring at them hoping that none would stare back you
were thinking of flesh Oh to be rather more precise the pleasures of the flesh
those that have eluded you for so long that’s exactly right
of course it is the truths right there skin deep so to speak but don’t you
worry darling your secret’s safe with me I don’t lick until I don’t look until I
leg the leg we have some kids around here a lady
named Lucy ah there you are a husband husband I’m not a husband I’m the night
king I’m the king of the undead army I’m not a husband please stop calling me
husband come on would you please tell this very charming gaggle of nice to all
Brack like babes that I am by no accounts this low sir woman nor do I
sing in fact I’m deathly deathly allergic ‘el she must have confused me
with someone else why I never I left my good pals at home
or I’d be clutching them with all my daintiest most ladylike might say as you
will husband Madame Josephine Gribble’s de vivre won’t be treated so will you
stop calling me husband the children break out into giggles oh the children
are enjoying our conversation what what’s so funny
her pinched face cracks into a great grin and she shows the children away
from her with a laugh yeah okay you found me out
go on and get maybe I’ll sing you something when I’m good and ready she
turns to you dark eyed and dirty head and smiles flatly gotta keep ourselves
entertained haven’t we see that that’s true enough shake around
loser you presume I presume right do you know about the murders that happen on
bud nope trying not to find anything out either ignorance is bliss
the utterer the better thanks as I already belong to an elite and exclusive
ship gang we play ball every day after lunch you’re too soft for it you take
care though suddenly her eyes cloud to an unnatural
black grayish veins run down her face and her mouth tightens into a cruel
sneer as quickly as they came the clouds clear she smiles as though no change
came over her good luck chief that’s more better chief
sounds good suck calling me husband I’m glad so I’m
the chief now I’m the party Ludo okay before we go down I want to talk to this
guy here his name is Jill he’s got a patch is that what kind of a dog is that
examine he’s got a bet Knight is asking for my name should I
tell him or not this is the Magister do well you won’t hear on my list
scram a we’re trying to catch a killer it I’m definitely not a killer
not yet not just yet it’s not boring it’s valuable just skip to the part
where I reassure you and you shut up this two days are an intense
conversation but and sufferable surely before we talk to them let’s grab
everything so I’m a dwarf and this guy loves stores
to let his got some style abroad dwarfs it’s totally up right on the bench eyes
closed palms face up on his knees his beard is a cascade of meticulous Platts
each one braided through with golden medallions he raises an eyebrow as you
approach but doesn’t open his eyes let’s not buy that he opens both eyes and
turns his head toward you looking you up and down he smiles and closes his eyes
once more you look like a boy to me the king of the undead army looks like a boy
to this fucking beast I’m gonna be swinging a lot in this game guys in this
playthrough so ho you guys are born listen if you’re interested or get gone
if your aren’t okay do you know anything about the murder because I snap open he
looks at you and frowns murder that’s what they were going on and on about I
wouldn’t know anything about it I kill a man he knows who done it as daddy knows
who done it was and the mayor knows who done it his eyes flutter shot and he assumes his
position of repose once more whether they catch me is another matter but I
ain’t want to hide my accomplishments ask what you’re meant to be hearing a
shap of course quite an and listen to the sounds of the ship a wave of sound
washes over you the unintelligible chatter of your shipmates the groaning
of wood from floor to ceiling the boom crash and crackle of waves around you
complaints from the sea itself and tell him the Super’s morning like a sick man
ii a lepers cat from the state of it I’d say she’s being cared for by a bunch of
beardless babes who never loved anyone but their own mums but there’s more
lessons close close your eyes and try to let the ambient sounds on the ship fade
away just like that squeak his eyes snap open as his
countenance breaks into an expression of joy one great pork claps you on the back
the other catches you before you lose your footing yeah you heard that didn’t
you I knew it I knew it I this as good news boy good news what’s it supposed to
be the wheel wheel don’t you see you beautifully jet squeaks whenever the
helmsman jerks it clockwise which means we are
heading east but might be art that means if we’ve been traveling for yes only ten
point three four nautical miles to Fort Joy asked what is so exciting about for
joy no indeed boy that in my final destination the dwarf leans back from
the table and strokes his beard gold medallions jingling merrily I’ll be all
thank you kindly bye is he hatching a plan affairs I’m
definitely interested he continues stroking his beard a beautiful smile on
his lips and doesn’t acknowledge you anymore
if you’ll be pardoning me I’ll be much obliged
this guy’s a navigator stay away from the Magisters brother they killed that
fellow back there they’ll hide the evidence well enough but I know it all
the same well well what have we here the fresh
face in this stale hell let’s size you up shall we see if you’ll do okay looks
like we have the rare prints we are talking to the red prince the lizard
looks you up and down like a farmer would a fetching horse
listen he grips you firmly by the chin with the intent of inspecting your teeth
let’s see where this leads there’s some discoloration but I’ve seen worse after
all one can’t expect to find prime merchandise and a squalid little ship
like this now that into business you will answer me three questions the first
one is this can you cook so he’s asking can I cook okay I don’t know how to cook
because I have servants I’m the king and he’s the prince – that’s a proper match
okay so these options are of origins which has a deciding fate has a deciding
outcome say you can but that your sense of Beast isn’t what it used to be and of
course a cooker can’t taste is about as useful as a dog in a chess game okay
apparently we can on to the second question can you knit weave in short
tailor more certainly open to feel the caress of satin on my scarlet skin once
more a most satisfactory answer indeed on then to my final query have you the
ability to administer the upkeep of one’s personal appearance the delicate
art of Cosmetics is what I’m after I’m no stranger to calm spiders and perfumes
a very basics then I suppose that’s a start
so three questions asked three questions aren’t
let’s evaluate shall we are you going to evaluate me now lesson fair I forbid
this as per your own testimony you can tailor and groove but you have the taste
buds of a dung beetle still Leger’s can’t be choosers so without further ado
I offer you my sincerest congratulations as of now you are my slave I’m nobody’s
slave you pathetic fool can become slave for the moment because we need to act
wisely don’t pick up fight with civilized people I accept hosts you
accept mine wasn’t an offer it was an order your grace anyway you may leave me
for a moment you’re kind but I want you to attend me I’ll whistle until then
don’t stand in a discreet corner somewhere will you this again soon as the Inquisitor can
see we are the slave of the red friends I spent my life singing for my slaves to
bring me myself finer fair than boiled roots and rotten tubers to meanwhile the
Magisters feast on honeyed meat behind this very wall the indignity you keep
carrying on one of us that goal is to well you will I reassure you and you
shut up I’ll tell you if you can keep it quiet
long enough for me to looks like we have cleared this area son the grease key it looks like there
is a captured prisoner here we’ll call him Ben so Ben is captured here and he’s
been under the surveillance of mr. Richter and he looks like a boss to the
part but I reassure you and you shut up this is magister victory I will talk to
them but we found the grease key and he has a greasy door let’s investigate this
oh my god a lot of loot I like garlic’s haha my character
doesn’t like them and if she tries to run I got some
battle going on right there got whimsical Magister William Iona and
Ygritte it seems like they are interrogating Vindico
okay we need to figure out to go in this room murder your majesty maybe if that has
the Magisters more concerns crafty man lounges against the wall with scarred
arms folded a sly smile playing on his face he stares across at the Magister
guarding him noticing you he straightens and beckons for you to come closer
what’s your back new fish there’s a murderer on board in our bed three
months pay is this tramp Irfan rolling his eyes at the Magisters warning the
man named offend beckons again he leans in and just your collar with a sharp tug
balancing its weight so it no longer presses unpleasantly on your neck he
winks pinches less that way right Hawking a Flemmi gahbage in your general
direction the Sun and Magister settles back to his task of glowering a
different and now you why are you being suspected of a murderer we used to know
each other more’s the pity I was his commander many
many many moons ago isn’t that right Vick standing far back
from FN the tight faced Magister draws one finger across his throat in an
elaborate fashion but says nothing if an grins flashing pointed white teeth same
as he was at 14 years old only difference is somebody gave him a bigger
sword and now he’s Johnny big pants did you commit the murder no the dead
man Finn is it I had no business with him and I wouldn’t put a man down
without good reason Deadman’s called Finn he glances over at
Magister Viktor who’s staring back him with pointed intensity damn shame sheer
annoyance isn’t reason enough ask Ethan if he knows anything about
where you’re headed for joy the joy I’ve heard a lot nothing good no surprise
there since Bishop Aleksandr runs the show wonder if we’ll get to meet the
ringmaster himself see you’d like to meet Alexander you show him exactly what
you think of this bloody divine order easy now
I might think the same but Vic hero blow a blood vessel if he hears you’re
talking like that victor is angrier what are you conspiring about over there
you dwarf what’s your name there’s nothing else that could make
I don’t mind him fix just got a bee in his bonnet and B as me name
I’ll tell him my name Magister Victor looks at you suspiciously then scroll
something illegible down in a tiny notebook he scowled you as he stole the
notebook back in his voluminous robes away with you at once if an performs an
elaborate pantomime of keeping quiet one finger in front of his lips as he leans
back against the wall I’m busy watching for clues sorcerer go take your sob
story somewhere else I’m sure this baskets and crates would
be useful to you Victor I found that this the trash now you sell all the
trash to this Magister and then kill them
and pick up the trash again you look like a magic make oh my god none of the
boys have so you’re is mr. petty ha ha ha Peter is there anything else I
just want to confirm got 37 gold on me like I said you aren’t on the list it’s a register sir good good
Magister Williams is just about done with the last passenger you feeling okay
so far tell him you’re fine glad to hear you
hit on in now Williams will get you shorted fast okay that’s there is gonna be a bachelor
warrior I feel we got a recipe sorcerer roll boring dare you classify this slop as
food I’ve seen more okay is there anything else nope let’s find out what’s
happening here standing at the center of the room you spot a sorcerer heartily
eyeing a pair of nervous-looking Magisters they keep their crossbow
trained upon her as she’s being interrogated by an officer so you admit
it they you murdered that poor fella yes I did but of course that was only the
beginning she turns her head and looks you straight in the eye there are others
whose lives must end yeah the woman’s made you their sorcerer don’t affect
magister c1 we need to do more than collar these maniac
we need to shackle her hands and feet but we found the murderer
Windigo I think she’s the same woman who appeared during the opening scene of the
game she was captured by my sister and was brought on this ship on this boat
okay she confessed to the murder okay frankly
she’s equipped with source color by all means do as the officer says but
you had better hurry because she reaches for her collar and simply removes it I’m
just about to create a scene some German quickly if she tops off the voidwalker
will tell their lenders all she smiles with wicked satisfaction precisely oh my god mosque she stole it
if these savages see me without it they will have my skull for a goblet a Wendigo stole our mask we can no longer expose our self gotta keep that face here in amongst
humans okay there’s a lot of loot here quickly I’m gonna grab everything we found daggers a bow and wand so this
could be useful for our other party members who I would be finding in later
in the game after escaping this boot so both the daggers are equipped that’s
good stuff nothing in the display case because of the Vindhyas attack but the
boat is burning all the Magisters appear to be dead okay look what I found deck of cards and candles this part of the map is weird people are knocked down because of the
attack I wouldn’t check on them what happened
are they alive or dead okay they are not down at war fries in a heap on the floor
his great beard twisted and tangled around him he stalks till you can’t see
if he’s living or dead you hear a faint thud thud thud he’s alive but only just good what what happened must have been
the tourney’s water wine for goodness sake oh the lizard’s eyes closed as he
slips into unconsciousness they are all unconscious the young woman lies in a heap on the
floor she’s breathing normally but her eyes are wide open like those of course
dark grayish black clouds swirl through them she doesn’t stir unless they are alive
no not the final dark not yet her hand lies limp in yours she’s too
weak to stand the dice roll darky they’re rolling for me okay now we can live this corpse
chunk of flesh I’m not sure if the under can read the memories by eating the
flesh if your elf you can definitely recall the memories by eating their
flesh the Magister lies on the floor unconscious and bleeding from a dire
lookin wound and I can loot the ancient butcher so definitely come back here now we can go on the upper deck of this
section and find out what’s there what’s happening there I hope these guys will
survive just making sure that I grab everything because everything according
to me is valuable in this game because it gives you gold into splinters okay so I’m just gonna clear all the
donut let’s get off this wreck quick look what I found a gold cup spear
available 125 gold that’s good it’s good we got a lot of things in our inventory painting of forgery damn doesn’t bode
well what do I need I don’t think so I’m to lower level
right now I don’t think so I can Jesus I can open the doors with my body finger
totally forgot that okay what else is there Oh pillow I’ll kill is that we found a bitter lies okay if I can find a way to tell them a
curious name but no more bizarre than anything else that species does waste
waste of an attack endings are valuable too I’ll show you how you can treat
pendings Oh later in the game there is this one room there there you get a lot
of endings and you thought Rivlin was flat we are rested and ready to get in
conversation with these people oh my god he’s shivering Oh God like a fight grace what was he
eyes the color circling your neck and reaches a hand toward his blade
another sorcerer the Magisters companion doesn’t blink frozen in place at the
sight of you finger your collar you can help them if
they can get the stupid device elf here I’m gonna fight with them because
they’re already low on vitality he leaps to attention then whispers loudly to the
other Magister soldiers coward Erik’s take out supplied Rick’s raises his
sword which shakes to the rhythm of trembling hand alright this is our first
battle people get ready to witness the violence of the
night King this guy’s armor I can take some damage what do I have
here I got poison poison will heal me right now I’m poisoned guys look at that
ah critical hit no I I did forget mister
attack Cheers the sky stood intact okay some low-end HP that’s it
I needed a critical hit on him that said okay I get nothing just five gold out of it
I did get some XP let’s explore the lower deck no we got
this region here we have to explore this first we found a letter Mart off that four
barrels have been locked out in storage see out vo and Rick’s boat if anyone
starts fooling around down there it will be lights out
captain : skull marquis keys are very important a lot of detail has been added in this
game after the release so we found a skull marquee here is a
skull motto but before we open the door I just want
to check on this Magister a lot of Chester to be looted doing just rushing to the door first oh I got panties oh I can hear the people
screaming the door was painted recently judging
from its pungent scent you recognize the symbol immediately for what it is a
warning of death fog within you press your part against the door to open it
your fingers clack against the wood and you suddenly feel gray it doesn’t budge
the door groans open but a national shadow clouds your mind one of the cabins seems to have become
infested with tentacles and some sort of a little fog we should keep our distance
we have made it to the middle deck the ship is badly damaged possibly even
sinking we have to keep moving a fellow source to the name wind eagle
confessed to the killing she also implied that we share something in
common with her target before we could learn more she somehow triggered a huge
explosion we have to get out of here it might be wise to find weapons in case
there’s more dangers ahead okay
the founder cracks wood that would be useful later and this is the death for
death fog we are immune to it it means trouble
we are immune to death talk how cool is that look at it awesome let me take a screenshot here what’s next
okay so there is this secret hidden place and there is no way we could reach
her so we have
the upper sack is infested with vicious violence ugly creatures okay we need to figure it out how to fight
them and so that’s a cool trick we just went went past them Oh No they
followed me they saw me oh my god they saw me they followed I’m
not gonna fight here I have to take advantage of the soil I don’t have anything to put up fire
here because oil would have caused them most damage so they are smooth which is good and he
just attacked the battle Wow fucking creature what do we got here in
the inventory okay what can I do here so I’m just
gonna block the pot so they have to attack the crate first not enough damage not good I’m gonna play dead
I hope they run away somewhere I want to lose the course of Monsieur
Knight let’s put out the fire yeah that’s good okay I’m gonna take some damage here
which is fine because I have the bedroom now who do we have here so this is when it leads all right so these white things are level one
white legs I think this is free easy to take them down now I’m gonna help llosir
oh my god don’t help don’t hurt Sybil the elves lady I face was so this is a cool battle the Battle of
Apache this is a battle of the underarmor people kill this voidlings
kill them all move forward charge good people god you’re doing good nice
so the dwarf has the petrified ability where the hell am I okay so when is my ton Jesus my done
came after ages the ferry attack it’s good puts out more
damage Sybil is the rogue here so I won’t be using her in my party I hope I
could use this war I saved them it’s a good news who are Magister Richter is also dead we have won this battle the Sheep is also dead we got raw mutton it’s matches to c1 they want to put on
this damn collar sounds like she needs help now your sight
if only all humans were so she tries to speak but can only gay but she clutches
her neck trying to stem the bleeding of a gushing wound look around for some way
to help her with jagged movements she raises her clenched wrist and holds out
a length of cloth soaked with some kind of strong smelling tincture take the
cloth and hold it tight to the wound to try and stand the bleed a lot quickly
sucked through the cloth Magister see one’s mouth opens and closes her eyes
wide in terror blood pours out from around the bandage Magister see one
reaches out to you her hand flailing I’m gonna end your life because I need
the loot all right now we need to get out of this ship we
need to escape oh my god I’m knocked down holy shit a mauser in huge well that was decidedly unpleasant for an either lone survivor depending on
one’s definition of survivor that comes so that’s about it guys hope you enjoyed
this video if you do please give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comment
section what do you think about this series this is why can gaming signing
out you

7 thoughts on “Divinity Original Sin 2: Undead Rogue Gameplay Part 1 – Fane The Night King – White Walker Build

  1. heya mate, i been searching the internet and cant find anything on how to get or craft cloak and dagger skill… could you help me out plz?

  2. Reminds me of league of legends for some reason like if lol had single player mode for the champions story or lore this is the game and it's beautiful.

  3. Loving the playthrough but for the love of god please stop swinging the screen around so violently.. It's enough to make you feel sick.

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