Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

(Last 2020 S/S Fashion Week) (About 126,000 pieces of paper) (Miss Gee’s passion-filled show) – Miss Gee’s show from last time. / – It was a success. It was so nice. (Inquiries about the music flooded in) They’re asking about the music. – What was it? / – The music from the show. – You chose the music, right? / – Yes. – Oh, yourself? / – Yes, I did. Did you choose them? I think I listened to about 400 songs. (Goodness) How long is the show? It lasted 15 minutes. You listened to 400 songs for a 15-minute show? Yes, I listened to about 400 songs and ended up using about 8 songs. (8 songs out of 400 for the 15-minute show) So we’ve prepared to reveal the music studio which was used for Miss Gee’s show. This is five days before Miss Gee’s show. Did you listen to all the music that I chose? – Yes. / – You heard them all, right? – You heard them all, right? / – Yes. So I think if we use these songs… (Introducing the music studio) Is this your studio as well, CEO Kim? Yes, this is the studio for music… – A music studio. / – And for videos. – It’s very specialized. / – This whole building. Why is there alcohol there? There’s alcohol here as well. To listen to music, You need to feel the excitement that the creator felt. I heard that out of 400 songs that she hear, she doesn’t remember 100 of them. (Drunk and excited) That’s right. She probably won’t remember because she’s drunk. (That’s slander!) I want to hear that one. I want to use that as the last song until the finale. That’s Director Kim Yeongjun from the Creative Contents Team. (She listens to the music that he prepared) I don’t think that’s it. (She says, “No” as soon as she hears it) As soon as she heard it. (You heard it before saying no, right?) (The next song) This has the biggest twist. – “I don’t think that’s it.” / – I don’t think this is it. (You’re really listening to the songs, right?) No, this isn’t it. You’re picking the song… – By listening to the tempo… / – Yes. Considering the outfits and the speed of the person who’s walking… – As a basis? / – Yes. – That must be difficult. / – It is. It’s not easy. (She’s picky since she wants it to be a great show) It’s too sexy. Nope. Nope. CEO Kim, have you eaten yet? – “Have you eaten yet?” / – Not yet. – I need to do this first. / – He’s a smart person. He’s wise. He’s telling her to eat first. “Everything will sound better after you eat.” Right. (It’s more difficult when she’s hungry…) It needs to be strong. (She listens to the song for 2 seconds) “Nope.” (Three seconds) (Four seconds) (Five seconds) Oh, this is it. Elvis. She’s listening to it for a while. (She’s listening to it for more than 5 seconds) They didn’t use an Elvis Presley song. (She imagines the stage and the outfits) I think this is alright. This isn’t bad. (Nice) Good thing he mentioned food. She looks like she’s deciding to like the song after talking about… – She does. / – Food. Let’s tell Eunho to come here. (Calling the CEO of ESteem Works, Choi Eunho) Hello. CEO Choi, we’re at the music studio right now. I want you and Jimin to come here quickly. Come here now. I was busy but she kept telling me to come, so I was annoyed. – Yes. / – Goodness. CEO Kim. – You’re here. / – Hello. Sit down. I was busy. She always calls him over in a rush. – She does. / – We need to do this too. We picked the music, listen to it. (I’m so busy, why don’t you just do it by yourself?) He’s annoyed. (Seriously) From the beginning. (She attempts to play the playlist for them) Wait, hold on. (Is there a problem?) Wait, hold on. Where’s Minguk? He was sitting back there before. Does he always need to be in the same space? We may need certain things at important points. – He needs to resolve it? / – He should write it down. We kept calling him PM Minguk. What does PM stand for? Project Manager. Only people who have worked with us for at least 10 years get a title. He always disappears without a word. Even Minguk must’ve run away. Maybe he ran away because he was tired. He said, “Even Minguk.” That means that he’s not the first one to run away. PM Minguk is in his fourth year of employment, where most people consider quitting. – That’s dangerous. / – Many people quit at that time. (PM Minguk has been working for four years) He’s not even picking up my call. He ran away. He ran away. Why would he run away? I treat him so well. He ran away. Hurry up and call the personnel department. (He disappeared as she was choosing songs) If he doesn’t pick up her call but picks up someone else’s call… – Right. / – Then he avoided her call. It’ll get weird. If he picks up, it’ll get weird. Hello. – What? / – He picked up immediately. He doesn’t know that PD Jimin is here. Right. He’s not even picking up your call. Hello? (He picked up) Oh, no. Hey, why didn’t you pick up my call? (She’s mad at PM Minguk for disappearing) PD Jimin is going to feel bad for him. (The atmosphere is tense) Where are you right now? (Where is Secretary Minguk?) I’m buying dumplings right now. Dumplings? What? Oh, my. – “Dumplings?” / – Twisted breadsticks? (She looks similar to when she got the breadsticks) Twisted breadsticks? Dumplings? What kind of dumplings? You’re buying dumplings? Alright, hurry up and come back. “Hurry up and come back.” He’s bringing dumplings. He had impeccable timing for lunch. – He’s bringing dumplings. / – She’s ready to eat. PM Minguk is very good at reading the situation. – She was very sensitive before. / – She was. He figured that she should eat something, so he went to go buy dumplings. (He appears with both hands full) Minguk is here. Minguk! Dumplings! She’s clapping. Come here. – Standing ovation for dumplings. / – Come. (Is she greeting Minguk or the dumplings?) (Happy) Oh, my. She looks like the happiest person in the world. She has a natural smile. When it comes to food… Yeongjun, hurry up and come eat this. What is that? It’s from my favorite dumpling restaurant. It looks really good. (Delicious) (Dripping with meat juice) Did you see the meat juice spill out? Did I eat like that? Weren’t you going to play the playlist for them? (She said she was going to play the playlist earlier…) She’s going to fill up first. Oh, she’s going to eat first? (Oh?) What? Is there no alcohol? (Something’s missing…) Minguk, is there nothing to drink? Did you only buy dumplings? I thought it’d be good to drink Coke after you finished eating everything so… So where’s the Coke? It’s… It’s at the convenience store. It’s in the refrigerator at the supermarket. The refrigerator at the supermarket? Call them and tell them to hurry up and bring it. (He tries to pass it off with a joke…) Tell them that they can leave right now. (Minguk, I think you should hurry and go buy it) When you become my age, your throat closes up. Oh? (Your throat does what?) – Ms. Shim? / – What do you think? Your throat doesn’t close up, does it? Of course, not. (My throat is perfectly fine at my age) When you become my age, your throat closes up. I’ll die immediately. You can’t sleep without a glass of water next to you. I can’t live without water. I need to wet my throat in the middle of the night… – To sleep. / – You wake up coughing, right? (29, 48 and 47 years old) I’ll go and buy some. It’s because Minguk was cherished as he grew up. Jimin? (PD Jimin runs out as well) They could’ve drunk it after they finished eating. They could’ve drunk it a bit later. (Why order them to do things while they’re eating?) When I was young… “When I was young…” People these days hate when you say that, right? Yes. When I was young… – It’s different. / – I would’ve gone to the supermarket… The moment that they looked around. It was like that when we were young. He’s like her at times like that. Dumplings and beverages. I would’ve brought them all at once. Coke or Sprite. Watch, they’ll only bring Coke. They should buy water as well. Water and Coke. The Coke will sting our throats. It stings our throats at our age. If we drink Coke, we should also drink water. He must be so frustrated. He’s not saying a word. (This is a frustrating spot) I think that they’ll only buy Coke. – Me too. / – They’ll only buy Coke. (They’re not sensible enough to buy water as well) Why do they need to also buy water? (Did they buy water as well?) Who would buy water? They’re here. You’re thirsty, right? (You only bought Coke, right?) What’s wrong this time? I’m sure that they bought water as well. (The water is here!) How sensible. (Oh, what’s the occasion?) (PM Minguk bought a variety of drinks) It’s because of her. Buy the carbonated drinks. (PM Minguk only grabbed the Coke) So PD Jimin bought a mix of drinks. Jimin did that. (PD Jimin grabbed water at that moment) (As expected, PD Jimin is sensible) (Thanks) As expected, PD Jimin knows how things work. She’s sensible. I don’t think that I’ll be good at buying things like that. I’m not sensible like her. There’s a famous episode with Sook. If they gave me $100 to buy Coke, I would’ve bought $100 worth of Coke. – Kim Sook. / – Yes? You should’ve bought some water as well. Then you should’ve told me. She’d be like this. She was like this even as a new comedian. (Thank goodness that she’s not my employee) You should always think of customers and everything that they want. Who is your customer? – You. / – It’s me, right? – Right. / – Customer. They’re on an eating spree. “They’re on an eating spree.” That’s true though. They’re spending more time eating dumplings… – Than picking songs. / – I’m full. (Boss Kim is happy now since she’s full) Aren’t we going back to the office? Hold on, after listening to the songs. Let’s hear the music. – Are they listening to it now? / – We’ll go later. (Let’s just listen to the music and quickly escape) We’ll go back together. (Alright!) (They listen to the song for the dress portion) – For the last part with the dresses? / – Yes. It has a twist. (“Suspicious Minds” by Elvis Presley) It’s nice. (My stomach’s full and the music is nice as well) (That’s how the famous stage was born) (What kind of behind story will there be next season?) Tell the accounting and administration teams to come. (At the sudden meeting…) (Sigh) – He sighed. / – He did. I’m sure that she won’t say nice things. – Hello. / – Hi. (The two teams enter the room) Let’s listen to your presentation. We finalized the results of 2019 up until the second week of December. We also plan on concluding our plan for 2020. Every time you guys report the results to me, you’re always missing information. You always have to redo it two, three or four times. Yes. This is PM Minguk’s responsibility, right? I want you to remake the form for the report and distribute it to all departments today. He needs to do this too? Why does PM Minguk have so much work? I think that you should call him to see if he quit. (Awful, just thinking about it) – I feel like Minguk… / – Yes. Does everything at the company. – Yes. / – What areas does he cover? He covers the role of my secretary plus… – Yes. / – Legal work. – A part of personnel affairs. / – Okay. That’s what he does. He didn’t tell you that he’d quit yet? I don’t give him time to think about that. You don’t give him time to think of anything else? – Yes, I work him until… / – You just make him work? He collapses so that he doesn’t think. That sounds good and all but… – You’re working him too hard. / – That’s so bossy. “That’s so bossy.” (The bossiest boss since this show started) I remember the parts that I pointed out from last years report, so if you don’t fix it according to those things, I won’t let it slide. (Alright…) Alright, good job. – Great job. / – Great job. (The emergency meeting came to an end) (They’ll get mad if I suddenly tell them to do reports…) You’re trying to give more work to the person who’s a good worker, right? Right. (4th floor, fashion production Works Team) PM Minguk works well. (His mission is to tell him to submit a new form tonight) (CEO of the Works team, Choi Eunho) What’s wrong? I came to tell you that CEO Kim suddenly told us to change the form of our reports. Why? Before we go home today… – Before we go home today? / – Yes. We’re not even done with our event yet. CEO Kim has to go to New York for a business trip, so she wants us to do it quickly. Why is she always like this? She’s always focused on earning money. (Embarrassed) Why is he saying that to PM Minguk? He should’ve said that directly to CEO Kim. He’s grumbling to PM Minguk. He is. CEO Kim has to go to New York for a business trip, so she wants us to do it quickly. Why is she always like this? She’s always focused on earning money. We already have enough work as it is. (Will he talk behind CEO Kim’s back as well?) What will he do? Talk bad about her with him! But CEO Kim knows that she said it suddenly, so she feels sorry about it as well. He’s protecting her. (PM Minguk defends CEO Kim) – Really? / – Yes. Don’t lie. “Don’t lie.” She feels very sorry about this. Is she that type of person? You always have to redo it two, three or four times. Yes. If you don’t fix it according to those things, I won’t let it slide. She thinks of the employees a lot. I don’t believe you. She likes you the most. No one likes me except for my mom. The exception is CEO Kim. PM Minguk is cool though, he’s protecting her. (He feels better) Alright. I don’t have a choice, I guess. – You’re asking me for it. / – Yes, alright. Thank you. – He’s sensible. / – Work hard. (PM Minguk is dependable) He tries to act as pitiful as he can while protecting CEO Kim. – How cool. / – This company runs well. Are you more grateful to PM Minguk or more disgusted with CEO Choi? (Grateful to Minguk or disgusted with CEO Choi?) Truthfully, I don’t really care about when people have discomforts or complaints about me. – Only the result is important? / – Yes. Yes, so it makes me think that I should treat Eunho better. – How generous. / – If I cared about things like that… I wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything. Yes. – PM Minguk. / – Yes. It’s time for me to be hungry. Yes, it’s time for you to eat. It’s time for me to eat. I want to have a barbeque on the roof since the weather is nice. If you just give me 20 minutes… I’m hungry, you don’t need 20 minutes to prepare. Then about 15 minutes… Alright, hurry up and prepare. Quickly. I’m going to get ready. I’ll tell EStudio. Alright. We don’t have time. We need to do it in 15 minutes. We should take everything here, right? – The grill. / – Why is this so heavy? She wants to have a barbeque all of a sudden? She only uses this grill. (Boss Kim’s exclusive grill for bulgogi) CEO Kim, you have an exclusive grill? We’ll all be using the grill together. Bulgogi cooked on the bronze grill tastes the best. Just go eat at a bulgogi restaurant. (Is ESteem a famous bulgogi restaurant?) Why is this so heavy? Just take it up for now. (Do you often have rooftop parties?) From what I heard, we sometimes have it. When she tells us that she wants to eat on the rooftop, then we prepare everything and… They don’t eat just a simple meal. It’s practically a company dinner. Is the manual for setting up rooftop barbeques prepared as a PPT? Yes, we… You have a manual for it? Yes, we do. A company dinner manual. There it is. Yes, we have a manual. – A preparation manual. / – Everything is there. Octopus soup? It’s all there, look. There need to be vegetables to use for wraps including lettuce, perilla leaves, and peppers as the standard table setting. Then they need stir-fried squid and assorted fritters. Is it a holiday? We always have fritters. – Because… / – You always have assorted fritters? At night, the employees… – Drink. / – Fritters taste really good. The chefs always prepare some for us. And you always need to cook the food on the bronze grill, right? – We used to have brass dishes as well. / – What? – Brass dishes? / – What? The plates that we used to eat bulgogi with. Is this a royal table setting for the king? It tastes good if you eat it off a brass dish but it was too difficult to clean, so we… – You’ll hurt your joints cleaning that. / – Gave up. – But… / – Yes. The CEO prepares that much… – To feed the employees? / – Yes. Then she succeeded. (Boss Kim has succeeded) The person who takes care of the food… Yes. Runs a successful company. PM Minguk is preparing everything though. It doesn’t matter who prepares it. It doesn’t? The CEO will order whoever is capable. – The person fit for the job. / – Ms. Shim, sit here. – I think you should sit on that side. / – Me? – That side? / – Yes. No, I’ll just stay here. (I like this side better) “No, I’ll just stay here.” (He prepares the rice) The rice isn’t just ordinary rice either. (And prepares the soup as well) But it looks really good. – Really good. / – It’s a good restaurant. It tastes really good. Wow, he’s carrying that. I think that I’d work happily. (He takes the elevator to the 5th floor from the 3rd) I think that he serves food better than Chef Choi’s employees. – He did it so many times before. / – Oh, my. Shouldn’t you recruit PM Minguk? What is this? (He needs to carry it up the stairs) I want him. – You do, right? / – Yes. When you serve food, it’s necessary to reduce your motions as much as possible. Right, because it gets cold. So the fact that he takes the elevator and takes the stairs to bring the food is not an easy feat. When you go to Namdaemun Market, the women there serve food… Right, two or three floors of plates. (He doesn’t falter behind these expert women) – They really do. / – They don’t spill the food. (The rooftop is beautiful but…) Oh, my God. Currently, the wind is blowing at a rate of 5m in Seoul. (This is so much trouble) I’m envious of that space though. – Me too. / – Yes. Instructor Yang, you’re also trying to make… – A space like that, right? / – Yes, I am but… After seeing this, I don’t feel so great. Why not? Because there’s such a big difference. You need to spend money to reduce the difference. I went to his rooftop. – Oh, you did? / – Yes. (He really went) (This will be revealed next week) Hold on. Ouch, my crotch. His employees worked hard to make it. They did but the only reason that it feels like a rooftop is because it’s cold. Not because you can see outside. You just feel cold when you’re outside. That’s how you know. You’re so cool. You’re very cool. (You just wait and see) (He finishes preparing the rooftop bulgogi) I shouldn’t do this but I want to go there once and try eating there. – Come. / – How much do I have to pay? You can just come for free. Why are you talking about money? I thought that it was a restaurant. (The rooftop bulgogi setting is complete) Is she coming up now? – Are you done? / – Yes. It looks good. – Looks good. / – Sit here. (Boss Kim has arrived as well) – Thank you. / – Thank you, enjoy the food. It must taste good, eating outdoors. (A mouth-watering sight) A bronze grill, wow. I didn’t know. – It tastes good on it. / – It looks appealing. There’s nothing in this soup. – Do you want more? / – No, there’s too much. Is this it for the side dishes? (It this place a company or a restaurant?) She looks like an evil mother-in-law. “Is this it for the side dishes?” Go eat at a restaurant. Go to a restaurant with a rooftop. (This looks like more than enough) You have bulgogi, that’s enough. We don’t have water radish kimchi with the bulgogi? She’s looking for water radish kimchi? Alright. Oh, as he’s eating again… (Where is he suddenly going?) Where can he find water radish kimchi? Do they have some at the company? (Is he leaving for the water radish kimchi?) (She eats a lettuce wrap as she waits for the kimchi) (This tastes good) (Model Sunjung eats a wrap as well) (Everyone is eating deliciously) I think that we’ll finish eating before the kimchi comes. (Where is PM Minguk?) (He gets in the car and departs) Is he going to buy the water radish kimchi? Did you really make him get it? I didn’t tell him to go buy it but he just stood up and left on his own. I asked if we didn’t have any kimchi and… I can’t believe he just stood up and went. I thought that he’d bring it from the refrigerator but he went to go buy it. I would’ve gotten mad even if it was in the fridge. That’s too harsh. I don’t make them go that far. I didn’t know. How? He took so long. Bosses should be wary of things like that. (PM Minguk, I’m sorry, I didn’t know) (He arrives with the water radish kimchi) (Slide) – Oh, no. / – His phone. Thank goodness it wasn’t the kimchi. Did he phone break? (PM Minguk is struggling) It’s alright if his phone breaks. If the kimchi spills, he needs to go to buy it again. He’s finally here. – Great job. / – Minguk. I’m so happy. – Water radish kimchi. / – It looks good. (A brilliant figure) The water radish kimchi… (Thank you, PM Minguk) (Gulp, gulp) Water radish kimchi is delicious though. It is. A bite of bulgogi and then a bite of kimchi. It’s really nice. It’s like soda. You need to eat it and feel it. – It’s good. / – It’s different, right? He doesn’t look like he cares about the taste. (Lots to say but won’t say it) Minguk, hurry up and eat. We weren’t eating bulgogi because we were waiting. (Thank you) (Takes a bite) (He enjoys the taste of bulgogi a bit late) (Wary) Why is he turning his head as he eats? Right? Didn’t you train him too harshly? If it was alcohol, he could turn his head but… – He turns his head as he eats a wrap. / – A wrap. – He’s shy, so… / – I’ve never seen that before. I do SNS these days, right? Sungjung has a lot of followers. Did you follow me? – Of course. / – You did? She’s acting so bossy. Employees don’t like when their bosses follow them. They don’t. – It’s their personal space. / – Right. So when it comes to things like that… – Do you follow all your employees? / – Yes. – I follow everyone. / – Really? It must be uncomfortable for them. She’s watching them. – For the employees. / – They employees probably… Make a separate account. / – They don’t… Follow me back though. – Oh, really? / – Yes. You followed me. What about you? I followed you right away. CEO Kim, Minguk didn’t follow you. Oh, Minguk didn’t follow her. (Freezes) Why did she tell on him though? This is how my life is. – This is how it is. / – But… He’s with her all day, so he probably doesn’t want to see her SNS. He’s doing it now. (Flustered) She’s a person that I like and admire but… But? But she’s my boss. – Right. / – I wanted my own personal space… So I didn’t follow her. (I was scared that she’d see all my photos) How are my Instagram photos? – Personally speaking… / – They’re bad, right? I only put up the photos that Minguk took of me and told me that I can post up. I took the photos with good proportions though. (What’s wrong with them?) – This… / – She looks tall. (Is this a photo of her or the restaurant?) – That’s a photo of the restaurant, right? / – It is. His hand shook a bit for his photo. He took a photo of the window for this one. Yes, the window. Oh, this is nice. – With her eyes closed. / – She looks humane. (Her profound world of photos) This was a revenge photo. Isn’t this too harsh? He’s just getting back at me with the photos. He really is. (Does Minguk normally take bad photos?) He’s just getting back at me. All her legs are cut off in the pictures. Has she yelled at you about the photos until now? She always said that I took good photos. I tried my hardest in the beginning but as time passed I started taking the photos haphazardly. Right. (Did he do all of this on purpose?) She looks very humane. The last photo was so harsh though. I got caught this time. (Will CEO Kim and PM Minguk get along?)

43 thoughts on “Did CEO Kim’s secretary run away…? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.22]

  1. I don’t think she’s ordering him around to serve her.. I think it’s a sunbae and maknae thing? I don’t feel that she’s oppressive though.. more like teasing him especially when he’s her new secretary and he’s so much younger and he looks so timid haha let’s be real, we sometimes “order” our really close friends around too.

    And you can’t expect a person to be perfect because a perfect person doesn’t exist. I don’t believe that the people here complaining, when they are a boss of a big company one day, they will be able to be mindful of EVERY SINGLE THING AND UNINTENTIONAL ACTION.

  2. I am obsessed with this lady because she is the perfect image of business women and I want to be like her 🧡👏🏾

  3. My two cents: The work load is big, but as an employee you have to think of it as an opportunity to learn more. You are being groomed to be something more, that's why she is correcting you for you to learn and not make the same mistakes again. Just look at her previous secretary, the one that is in New York, i think she became the manager of their branch there? That's big opportunity right there. She is not just giving you 'unnecessary work' but is training you to be professional and to be ready to face bigger challenges the industry will give you.

    I hope to have a boss that is just not giving you workload after workload that is repetitive, but actually teaching you to grow in the craft and in the industry. 🙂

  4. if bos yang have dongeun. ceo kim have jimin 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗 sorry but i dont like the 3 judges/emcee. thats how boss work, they keep judging as their have experience how boss drive the company 😏ceo kim beautiful forehead with no bangs.

  5. Okay usually I agree with her on the matters of running the company but she is treating PM minguk like a slave! I wouldn't have been able to survive a day at his job, no matter how great they are paying me to do so

  6. I admire PM Minguk through his professionalism toward his boss. I Hope i can have that calm power when I'm working. Hahahahaahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. if the man needs 20 minutes to set up food then give him 20 minutes or help him just because you don't set up the food doesn't mean you make it time framing for him. give him a reasonable time to do things and don't be so caught up in your own emotions when you ask for things. its not professional

  8. PM Minguk is extremely hard working , he’s just the type of person who works hard and let’s just say i have much respect to him.

  9. It's quite hard to watch the boss who gives ridiculous workload to her employees(including PM 민국), and only care about what she wants to eat rather than what's the quality of her employees' life (employees should stop eating to get what their boss wants to eat?). Where is that attitude from? Is it a part of leadership? That's seriously terrible leadership… and the boss said "I don't care what employees complaint about me" the company is well known in South Korea? The boss wouldn't be able to survive in Australia and Europe. That's why South Korea is not developed country with those immature leadership unfortunately……
    Feel really sorry for the emplyees….shame on you boss Kim!!!

  10. I feel like she abuses her powers just because she’s a CEO. He’s not a slave, he’s a co worker. I find her not respectful at all to her workers and the people around her.

  11. I know CEO Kim work best. But I dont want to work like jimin or pd minguk. She often tell them a lot although it is not really about business.

    I am relieved my office not like that. I just need work nothing like this

  12. I mean.. just let him eat!
    You're the boss but i think you should care more bout' your coworkers too cz you know that you need them. Treat them properly.

    Ps: sorry for my bad English

  13. When it is your first time to work these certain types of boss are labeled as unbearable slave drivers but as time goes by you'll certainly be a better part of the work force. It is a competitive world and that's how you become greater in the future.

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