Crazy-Time Power Cleans With Jesse Ward

He’s gonna give us just the garden-variety demonstration of the power clean. It’s pretty rad, let me have it. And go for it. Zero instruction. That’s OK, that’s OK. I like it. That’s OK. Because what he did was the right thing. The bar went from where to where? From the ground to shoulder. What I want to remove is the squat. Go like this, yes! GROUP: Yes! JESSE: There will be no squatting today. It’s just power clean. Thank god. So let me have one more of those. Go ahead, give me that little jump-catch business. No squat. Boom. It’s nailed. I’m overcome with joy. Now, I want you all to come to the side real quick. And we’re going to stare at a hip joint. It’s going to be creepy. But it’s OK. That’s why we pick a dude. Otherwise, it gets a little weird. The hip is a joint where the femur attaches to the pelvis. Above the hip goes the spine, OK, so watch the hips. He’s going to give us a clean again. You’re going to see his hip fo forward and then back. It’s going to be awesome. Hips back. Go. Hip goes forward, but do the clean. And he goes back, look at that. Isn’t that nice? Rest. Can I get a golf clap? [appluase] So the two things I’m working for tonight is to get you to violently extend the hip and that’s where the medicine-ball throwing comes into play. And go. High as you can. Love it. Next. All set. And go. Good. It’s hard to get that ball high, isn’t it? You’ve just got to give it all you’ve got. Go for height, boys. All set. Go. That was awesome! Now go again. Next up. That was awesome. That’s a hip extension. That’s a hip extension. Love it. Next up. Thanks for that. Kind of a silly drill, but I hope that it primes the nervous system properly. So do you feel the idea of lifting your hip as fully open as it can be to make that ball do its job? When you have big-ass weight it’s going to be the same thing. You’re going to take that iron and go ahead and pop it as high as you can get it to make the move work. The next piece of the move is the hip, now that it’s open must go back to create that catch position and you can stand up to finish the lift. So we’ve got to do a little of both. We’ve all got a medicine ball, we’re going to work on a shrug under-ish medicine-ball and we’re going to focus on the hip. So here’s the drill you’ll be like this. What I want you guys to pay attention to is the hip. Pay attention, the ball is going to move a little bit. Don’t worry about it. The drill is, you’re here and then you’re there. What I want you to feel is the hip going from tight butt to butt back. Simple as that. Ready with me? Have it at your waist. And go ahead, my best cue in the world for squeeze the glutes is prison defense. It’s terrible, but everybody gets it. Tighten it up! So you’re tight, and I say go, I want you to kick your hip back as the ball comes to that catch position. Ready? Prison defense. Go. And rise. Good, reset. You see how short that is? Ready. Tight butts. And go. And rise. Reset. The movement we’re looking to achieve is you’d come up, you’d hit that hip open and then you’d make it. It’d be awesome. But what we want to avoid is the like, yeah, yeah, I did it I’m still doing it. Anybody done this one before? Yeah, we’ve all done it. It’s OK. How about that early arm bend, brother? He thinks a lot. You think too much. Hold on. You think too much. It’s OK. Don’t think. Don’t think. It’s hips. You’re fine. STUDENT: You said that to me about my arms earlier. JESSE: You’re plenty strong. You’re so strong bro. You threw 20 pounds in the air so hard that when you hung onto it it pulled you with it. So you don’t have to lift weights. The weight’s moving on its own. It’s going to happen, OK. So you’ve got it. Think about your hip joint. That hip joint must come forward, and then boom it comes back. If you think on that only, let everything else be as casual as it can be. You’re going to do fine. Hips through, hips back. You see how the hip back didn’t work? Hip through was great. Let’s see it one more time.Right away. Hips through and then back. That’s OK, one more time. Hip through and hip back. That’s tricky. I like what’s happening there. But you come through like gangbusters then it’s kind of soft. As opposed to a concerted effort to remove the D from the V, you know what I”m sayin’? Like, get it out. The thought process is just that. You’re coming through and you’ve got to get back. And it’s going to work just fine. That seems very light, doesn’t it? [laughter] I love it. There’s a couple things you’re not doing and I want you to work on getting a little bit of both. The first one I want you to do is you’ve got such strong legs you’re coming straight up and you make the move, but you never really get your body this tall. You’re like about here, maybe here. Think about getting here, being here. So I’m going to hold my hand behind your back and I want you to literally I want your back to hit my hand before you make the move. It’s going to be weird. You’re going to feel like you’ve been deadlifting this thing forever. Stand up straight for me one time. It’s here, OK? Hit my hand with your back. Isn’t that weird or what? That’s crazy time. So once you get that open, then I’ve got to have you push the butt back to make a crease. Right now, it’s mudded in your mind because you want to keep it close but it’s already there. And I’ve got to have you to one, two to make the move. So I’m going to hold my hand there again. Once you get that bar moving, just send that ass back. It’ll be weird. And go. Didn’t hit, did you? That’s OK, one more time. Ready … and go. Yeah! You like that? STUDENT: Yeah, I feel that now. JESSE: That’s crazy time. Bro, that’s PR city.

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