CF230 Flush Fit In-Ceiling Speaker Installation Guide | Custom Install

The Monitor Audio CF230 in-ceiling speaker is designed to be a small and discreet way to deliver high quality audio into any room. Two solutions to install the CF230. The flush fit solution uses the CFB3-R or CFB3-SQ preconstruction kits, to install the speaker flush into a new ceiling. The installation process is the same for both preconstruction brackets. The retrofit solution uses the CFB3-KIT retrofit bracket to install the speaker discreetly into an existing ceiling. The CFB3-KIT includes a round grille and a square grille. When building a new ceiling, you’ll need to install the pre construction bracket. Place the bracket between the ceiling joists and tack using pins. Place plasterboard over the bracket and cut a hole measuring 120mm in diameter. Align mudbank with the D-shaped loop on the preconstruction bracket. Use the screw holes to mark out drilling points. Drill 3mm holes through the plasterboard. Attach the mudbank to the bracket and secure using screws. Cover the outer edge of the mudbank in a quick set compound. Use webbing tape to cover edges of the mudbank. Apply coats of plaster to level the mudbank. Sand the plaster away to reveal the orange shield, removing plaster from edges. Then pull out to expose the hole. Wire in, align, then insert into the hole. Secure with screws. Lastly, attach the magnetic grille. When installing into an existing ceiling, cut a hole measuring 90mm in diameter Fold and insert the Retrofit bracket. Unfold then tack the bracket into the plasterboard. Using the included template drill 3mm holes through the ceiling. Wire in, align and insert the speaker into the hole. Secure using screws. Lastly, attached the magnetic grille. Choose between the round or square grille included in the kit.

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