Pearson’s chi square test (goodness of fit) | Probability and Statistics | Khan Academy

I’m thinking about buying a restaurant, so I go and ask the current owner, what is the distribution of the number of customers you get each day? And he says, oh, I’ve already figure that out. And he gives me this distribution over here, which essentially says 10% of his customers come in on Monday, […]

How to start a fitness journey || 10 Tips || Fitness 250

Hello friends, welcome to fitness 250. Today’s video is about how to start a fitness journey. In our life at least once we tried to become lean to lose weight or to get a six-pack. So we had tried a lot for it to achieve. But after we might have stopped it. If you think […]

Get Better Care Now | UC San Diego Health

Hi I’m Patty Maysent and I have the privilege of being the CEO of UC San Diego Health we know that when you feel better your life is better that’s why our goal is to provide you with the best health care possible when and where you need it through our expanded regional network we […]

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) – mental health perspectives

I was doing uni, I was studying to be a doctor. I had a very severe depression and I was psychotic. But ever since then maybe every 18 months to two years – even less sometimes – I’ve landed in hospital. You know my wish would be that I could still be a doctor. But […]

Sandbag Power Clean | Apex NC Personal Trainer

Reach down to grab the sandbag with your hips back and knees slightly bent. Your back should be flat and your neck neutral. Forcefully extend your hips as you pull the sandbag straight up, catching it in your arms. Reverse this motion as you let the sandbag fall back to the ground. Keep the bag […]

The Essential Internet Marketer’s Travel Gear Guide (Digital Nomad Style)

– Hi, everyone. I want to record a video for you guys. Basically, right now I’m in Boston. I actually just got off the flight and I’ll be doing a lot of travelling over the next few months. So tomorrow morning, I’m heading to London for the Stack That Money meetup and then I’m going […]