Bringing innovation to healthcare services

Serco is a leader in service integration
because what we do is use our global strength to bring very best practice and
integrate cutting-edge technology, but understanding the service delivery
models so making sure that the technology supports the service that
clinicians provide to their patients. WA Health’s vision for ICT in Fiona
Stanley Hospital was a fully digitally-enabled hospital underpinned by facilities
management services which are non-clinical to enable the clinicians to
have a better focus on the patient outcome. We’ve partnered with BT to be
our system integrator and digital innovator to support our 25 services
that Serco deliver as part of the facilities management contract. They come
to the table with their technical, global expertise to help underpin our service
expertise. At Fiona Stanley hospital we have integrated several systems, for
example to enable the patient safety and the patient outcome when it comes to
food delivery; the patient can engage on the Patient Entertainment System units
to order their food. Menu options that they’re given are protected by allergy
integrations, so they can only see the the food that they’re allowed to have as
prescribed by the clinicians, once they’ve ordered that food it’s an
automated system down to the kitchen to fill the trolleys the trolleys are then
picked up by automatic guided vehicles and then delivered by our our staff to
the bedside. In that process we’ve taken probably three or four points of
intervention from people that mean we lower the chance of failure or mistakes
being made and making it more efficient overall. When you combine the expertise of a large services organisation like Serco
with the, you know, ICT knowledge and power of an organisation like BT is a
customer-driven, customer-focused end-to-end service that allows the use
of the ICT and the technology in the best possible way to deliver customer
and user outcomes as part of that service that Serco deliver. What Serco does is works
with their clients really really closely to make sure that we
understand their needs and their service delivery models and then we bring in the
state-of-art technology to help deliver those services and to make sure that the
model of care that’s going to be provided to our patients – putting them
right at the centre – is the right model of care using the best technologies.

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