Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

100 thoughts on “Bigger Arms Workout (Dumbbells Only)

  1. sir thanks for giving such nice exercises for bigger arms
    but sir some people can't afford to buy dumbells or may have only one set of dumbels
    so for them can you make a video for bigger arms with only one dumbell

  2. Yo Chris, how dose your dick stay on with so many people always on it ? I read a stupid amount of comments trying to find out how many sets but all I saw was a bunch of choking.

  3. Chris I'm 16 and looking to build muscle quick because im 6'2 and in football but our weight room is under construction for the rest of the season do you have any more arm workouts with only dumbbells much appreciation:):):)

  4. Hey Chris. Been following your few dumbbell workout videos for about 6 weeks & I can a difference already. So a big thank you for that. My question is, do I follow you dumbbell work & do it as one set or should I repeat the whole set 2 times or more? As I've been doing it as 1 set. Thank you

  5. I was wondering why my posture looks shit even though I've been working hard to correct it and this video just made me realize its cause my delts are basically non existant. Thanks bro, gotta work on those guys

  6. Dear can you suggest me a good diet for weight gain in effective way without any risk or supplements.
    Because my stomach is unable to digest heavy meals.
    Please guide me in this regard…!

  7. Wrist curls 20x

    Supinated wrist curls 20x

    Farmer walks 40s

    3 rounds to warm up

    Cross curls 20x

    Isometric bicep curls 10x each arm

    Tricep kick backs 12x

    Overhead tricep extensions 12x

    Dumbbell skies 12x

    Hammer press 10x

    Lateral raises 10x

    reverse flyes 10x

    Upright rows 10x

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