Ballin’ with Boss, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kevin Hart

Ballin’ with Boss, Jimmy Kimmel, and Kevin Hart

Wow, another amazing episode
of “What the Fit.” Uh, listen,
I’ll be honest with you. Me and Jimmy came,
we tried our best,
you know? Hey, look,
this is day one for me, and you’re getting out here, so we’re gonna use this
as a stepping stone – to get better, okay?
– Okay. – That’s what we’re gonna do.
– Okay. But here’s the good thing. Now it’s time to embrace
another side of fitness. That’s right, I’m taking
about introducing my trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline,
to give you guys some tidbits on what you can do at home,
on your own, in the gym,
in the living room,
in the bathroom. – Doesn’t matter where you are.
– Give us a tidbit, will you? Give us a tidbit. So, today we’re here. Um, I got two balls. Go on, Boss. – I got two balls.
– Yeah, we all do. – No, no, no.
– Oh. Everybody in the world
doesn’t have two balls. – Oh, well, that’s true.
– I don’t. I have what they call
an intercepted nut. – One of them didn’t drop
when he was born.
– Yes. Kev, real quick
before we start. Have my calves grown
through episode one? – No, not at all, bro.
– I been working hard. – Not at all.
– Jimmy? – I don’t– you know what?
– You don’t even work out and your calves
are bigger than mine. – It’s just– yeah.
– That’s genetics. – They’re implants.
– Obviously. – Yeah, it’s genetics.
– Okay. So, you gonna
leave me alone? ‘Cause you obviously know
Jimmy doesn’t work out. You look like a cardio guy. I do? I’ll take that
as a compliment. So, we gonna go
through a medicine ball.
Catch that. – All right.
– Right here, slam. That’s what this
is for, the calves? No, it’s for your core. We’re gonna go 10 to 15 of these at home. Get up on your calves,
slam hard. Ten of ’em.
Ten of ’em. On your calves.
On your calves, Jimmy. – Raise up on your calves.
– Oh. There you go, and then
slam on the way down. – There you go.
There you go.
– That’s better. That’s good.
All right, let me
see the ball. – All right.
– Yeah, you did good. We’re gonna go
down to the ground. We’re gonna do
a Russian twist. Right here. Ten. Why do they call it
the Russian twist? I don’t under–
I don’t know. Nobody ever told me. I just– they said it
and I did it. – But you never asked why?
– No, I never ask questions. That’s the problem
with a lot of people. – They don’t ask questions.
– Yeah. I’d like to know
why they call it– What if we’re doing
a bad thing? – 10 each side.
– What if we’re toppling
the government? – Yeah, what if we’re…
– What if Putin wants us
to do this stuff? …Embracing something
that Putin was doing? This has nothing
to do with politics and everything to do
with working out. – Why don’t you–
– You don’t know that. – You never even asked.
– You just said you didn’t ask. Let’s call it
a different country. – Sit down. Jimmy, sit down.
– Let’s call it a Polish twist. – All right.
– Yeah, I’m not doing
the Russian twist. – Sit next to him.
– I’m doing the Irish twist. Yeah, the Irish twist. Yeah, you’re trying to get us
in trouble, man. – I’m doing–
– Hey, man, do the exercise I’m asking you
to do right now. Can you do it?
No, feet up, Jimmy. – Feet up. Now drop it.
– Oh. – Go, Kev.
– Filipino twist. – Let’s see Jimmy do it.
– All right. Come on, there you go.
10 each side. Good. Good, Jimmy,
I like that. Good, Kevin. I think I know why they
call this the Russian twist. – Why?
– People died doing this. Stay down, stay down,
stay down, buddy. We’re gonna dribble
through the legs. – With this?
– Yeah, with that. We should call these
the Harlem Globetrotters. Call ’em the Harlem
Globetrotters. What if we were
to squash our private parts – down against the floor?
– You’re not. You could, Jimmy.
You could. For 30 reps.
You can do this at home, you can do this
in the living room, – you can do this on a plane.
– You can’t do this in a plane. You can do this on a plane. All you gotta do is sit
in the middle of the aisle and grab a ball
and start doing it. – Not on Delta. They’ll kick you
off on Delta.
– This ball is too heavy. They’re not gonna
kick you off on Delta ’cause I did this on Delta
before already. You did this on Delta? Yeah, I did this on Delta,
American, Emirates. – Um…
– Emirates? When you were on Emirates, did you just so happen to
discover the Russian twist? Hey, hey, you know
this thing I do to you? – Okay, come on, sorry.
– Come on, Jimmy. – Yeah, oh, it’s not over?
– No. This ball
is too heavy for this. All right, so,
if you can’t use a
10-pound ball like Jimmy, you can go down
to a ball of your size. – Yeah.
– Obviously everybody’s not
in the same type of shape. – And it’s okay, right?
– Thanks. Just start where you are
and continue to build up, and, like I said,
you look like a cardio guy. So, we’re gonna do push-ups,
single arm push-ups on the ball. I have two arms,
why would I only use one? – Well, I said on the ball.
– He’s got another good point,
Boss. – Jimmy’s got a lot
of good points.
– Rotate over. – Okay.
– Right here. – I think you can do those.
– I think I could do it. I got good confidence
in you, man. Ten, let’s go. There you go.
There you go, Jimmy. – Perfect. Oh, my God.
– Good job, Jimmy. What is the purpose
of these? It’s a push-up. You’re working
your pectoral muscles.
That’s what we’re doing. – Your what?
– Pectorals. – The what?
– Your pec– your chest. Say it again? You’re not gonna do that
this season. – Did you–
– How do you feel, Kevin? I feel great.
Those were great tidbits. Last move, here’s a challenge. We’re gonna sit right here,
just gonna dribble. Just gonna dribble
’cause we’re gonna call these the Kevin Harts
and Jimmy Kimmels ’cause they did
the Harlem Globetrotters. And then dribble hard,
come up working your core, isometric hold,
then come to the other side,
then we’re gonna wrap it up. – Come on, hurry up.
– Both: Okay. ‘Cause that’s my thing
and I need to do my thing – and I need y’all to do it.
– You need to calm down. You say an isometric hold? Yeah, just hold
your stomach right here. There you go.
Jimmy got this. Good job.
Good job. We’re gonna do both sides. You can do 25 bounces
on each side in your living room,
your bathroom, on a plane. – I don’t care where you are.
– Not on a plane! You can’t do this
on the plane. You can do this
on a plane. – You will get arrested
if you do this on the plane.
– Delta gonna kick you off. It’s another season
of “What the Fit.” Ron “Boss” Everline.
Jimmy Kimmel joining, my calves got bigger. Thank you guys
for doing the workouts. Do not do this
on the plane. Yeah, don’t do it
on Delta. But good workout, okay? – Guys, thank you.
Another episode.
– I’m real sweaty. Jimmy, what an amazing
job today. – Oh, thank you.
– You know, we gotta
have a lot of respect for the four-point shot. Those guys really
got strong arms. And another thing.
The slides? She had Vaseline
on her knee pads. Hey, Kevin Hart here. It is a fact
that if you watch more
“What the Fit,” then you will get
better at basketball. That’s why
I’m a Harlem Globetrotter.
Tune into these videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel,
“Laugh Out Loud.”

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