HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout | 25 Minute Sprint Intervals

(upbeat music) – Welcome to GCN indoor training session. In this session we’re gonna be taking you through some anaerobic sprint efforts on the Passo Sella. I have to say that I was never much good at sprint efforts. What about you James did you ever do this kind of training? – Yes, I did […]

It’s a bossy world: refuse to compromise yourself to fit in

Are you feeling like you’re not living your life exactly as you’d like to be living it? That maybe there might be a few things that you could change just to make you feel maybe a little bit more balanced, or a little bit happier? I get it! We live in a noisy and a […]

Introduction to Business Analysis with Healthcare Domain | ZaranTech

sure alright so good evening everyone welcome to the first session on the healthiest cities of this webinar and what again is in the introduction session or in the previous session what we covered was we talked about what is going to be coverage for this particular training course what are we going to cover […]

How to Do an Inversion Table Workout : How to Get On an Inversion Table

Welcome to Expert Village, my name is Dr. Ed Riffel. In this clip we’re going to talk about how to get on the machine, how to safely get on it, and there’s some adjustments with this particular Hang Ups unit. One of the first things you want to do, there’s some increments here and you […]

JCC Virtual Tours – Physical Education Complex (Jamestown)

The Physical Education Complex boasts a top-notch fitness center and variety of exercise classes that students can participate in. The fitness center is a wonderful workout facility for JCC students and employees, as well as community members, and features both free weights and a full weight machine circuit. The Physical Education Complex also has a […]

Varudu Telugu Full Movie || Allu Arjun, Bhanusri Mehra, Arya || Guna Sekhar || Mani Sharma

Good marriage makes good couple Good couple make good children Good children make good society Good society makes good world Three! Just in three minutes… continuously…shouldn’t miss one… lf any man does it, l, Nisha will give him lip to lip kiss. lsn’t there any man here to get kissed? Kiss is planted with love. […]