– Hey everybody! We’re back
with another installment of Ask Dr. Mike series with
the amazing Ricky Dillon. (man yelling) – Hello! – Here. We. Go. – All right, this one’s a little weird and kind of embarrassing. – Weird is something
I’m very accustomed to. Sparkle. Okay, carrot juice
does not make your eyes sparkle. – I sweat easily and a lot and– – Okay – Yeah I’m sweating right now. – I’m always sweating. – Whenever I have any
heightened emotion at all, my first response, my body is to sweat. – Yes. – So I can be excited, I can be nervous. – There’s a huge variety in people. – [Ricky] Okay. – Of how much they sweat,
it’s really genetic. I cannot sympathize with you more. Look we film YouTube videos right? – Right. – So when we’re filming
YouTube, I have to take breaks and at times fan– – I was gonna say I use a
hairdryer and blow them off. – Yes a hairdryer. – Depending on, this outfit covers it up, so I’m fine right now. – The reason why we sweat is, A, because we’re hot,
obviously that’s an easy one. B, because we’re stressed and nervous. Or C, our metabolism is
high. So you say like you lose weight if you exercise– – Oh maybe that’s why– – So you probably have
a higher metabolism. – Oh! – Interesting about sweat,
and people always ask, is it smelly sweat, is
it not smelly sweat? And what’s funny about
it, is when you’re hot and you’re like running
and playing sports. – Right. – Generally that sweat is
not supposed to smell because that’s thermal regulation,
the temperature regulation– – [Ricky] Okay. – [Dr. Mike] sweat. – But then you have sweat,
like that nervous sweat or high metabolism sweat,
where it’s released by different sweat glands
called apocrine sweat glands. – And that’s the smelling kind? – No, it has more protein
in it, that the bacteria that live on your skin
actually eat it and then the bacteria release that smell,
basically bacteria farts. – That is crazy. – So when someone has B.O.,
they actually have B.F., bacteria farts. – Wow. – There are clinical strength
deodorants you can use and a lot of people– – Tried ’em all. Nothing works. – I have a hack for you. Life hack alert! Try putting on, not deodorant,
antiperspirant at night. – What’s the difference? – Deodorant is just the
smelling, like the gel. – [Ricky] Oh, Okay. – [Dr. Mike] Just covers the
smell. But antiperspirant is usually the white one that actually– – To stop the sweat? – To stop the sweat. Try
putting on the antiperspirant before going to sleep at
night because it works better when you’re on a cool body
temperature. At night you’re generally cooler when you’re
sleeping, and it’ll plug your pores, so when you
wake up in the morning. Cause it works for 24 hours,
you won’t be as sweaty. On to the next one. – Let me check my notes. I
can’t have anything touch my eye, or like foreign
objects around it. I can kind of deal with it, but like if
you were to right now just try and go around my eyes would
water. And I, stop! And when I got them tested for the
first time, they did that weird machine they like puff your eye– – Yes. – I, my body freaked out– – Did you have a panic attack? – I guess, I started seeing
spots, completely blacked out. And then I woke up and threw up. – Wow! So it’s that serious? – And left the office. I
guess my question is like, do I have a phobia? – Let’s start here. Like
what’s a phobia? Fear is a good emotion because it
protects you from dying. If there’s a lion hanging out
over here and we have fear, we hide and we live because the
lion does. But when your fear is at such a high level that
it disrupts your life and it’s not in proportion. If I have
a fear of fuzz being on the couch, that fear is out of
proportion to what that fuzz can cause can danger to me. – Like a rational fear. – Yeah. – The difference with mine
is I don’t, my mind’s fine. – Yeah. – Like when I went to
the doctor’s office I was completely normal, I was
like, oh whatever and then my body shut down– – Shut down. But– – I’m never like scared. – When you were little,
did you get hit in the eye? – I don’t think so. – It’s unique in the sense
that, usually if I would start talk, getting close to you,
you would start like getting a little nervous– – But see I can’t even– – But that doesn’t happen? – No it doesn’t. – So he has like a physiologic
phobia. Physiologic just means something that your body does– – Yeah. – Obviously your body’s
controlled by your brain, so it is a brain thing, it’s just
not an emotional thing. – I have crazy eyes. – On to the next one. Another one. – I pee all the time, like a lot. – Like on the couch? – No don’t worry. But I also
drink a lot of water too. – [Dr. Mike] Okay. – I don’t know if it’s by habit
or I’m not like dehydrated. – So the answer– – And my pee is like healthy, it’s not– – I was gonna say, so the
answer lies in the color of your pee. You have white, you have
clear pee, what’s white pee? – I don’t. – Clear pee or very dark
yellow, almost orange. – It’s not like that. – So it’s not– – It’s not super clear. – You know what horses eat, right? – Grass? – No. They eat straw. – Hay. – Or hay, straw or hay. – Hay is for horses. – Do, do, do, that would be
really embarrassing if horses don’t eat straw. Whatever!
Straw is found in a horse pen. – [Ricky] Okay. – I don’t know where horses
live. Hay, straw, that color. – Okay. – You know that light yellow
golden color? That’s the best color. – Should I be concerned
that I pee all the time? – What’s all the time, how excessive? – Like once an hour. – You don’t pee once an hour. – Like okay, say I have a
shoot somewhere in L.A., 45 minutes away, I’ll
have to pee before I leave and when I get there I’ll
immediately have to pee again. – But you’re nervous– – It’s like a joke for me
whenever I show up for a shoot– – You’re nervous– – Like my manager knows I
have to pee right away– – When’s the last time you
had blood work? That would be a good place to start. – Well like with my eye, I pass
out when I get blood taken. – What if you don’t look?
What if you just do this? – I’ve tried that. – What happened? Did it pain? – It’s the same thing with my eye, I– – What happens? Pain? – My body, I pass out. – Well that’s okay, I can
draw blood when you pass out. – This part of my arm is
like my eyes too. I’m a mess. – The way the whole body works
is, it’s always a balance between two nervous systems.
Sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic, pretty
easy. Sympathetic is what happens when you see a lion,
when you get excited, when you get nervous, all those
feelings. Parasympathetic is the opposite, it’s like laying,
resting, digesting, that kind of thing. When you’re
running from a lion, your body doesn’t want you to think
about peeing, right, because you’re running from the lion.
So it’ll distract you from peeing, but then as soon as
you jump into the relaxed state and comfortable state, your
body’s like oh now you can pee. And it reminds you, that you
need to pee. So if you’re constantly bouncing between
those two nervous systems, you might think that you need
to pee, but really you’re not peeing that much. – Yeah, okay when I go,
it’s not that I got a lot. – Yeah, so it’s probably that. – Okay. – Probably, but get it checked out. – Yeah, I mean yeah, all right.
That’s more dramatic than my eye thing. It’s like pretty
big, it’s a slower pass out. – If you pass out, you’ll come
back. You need someone fun to do it. Like I do it fun, I have fun. – Okay. – You know like parents do
that airplane thing with food? I do the same thing the needle. – Oh my god! – I’ve once passed out,
or like my face went dark. – Oh my god. – When people were taking blood from me– – I can’t even look at you
doing that, I don’t know why. – There’s one good thing
from this, you’re never gonna become a heroin addict. – This is intense, but good.
What do you think about like workout supplements? – Okay. I’m very passionate about this. – Yeah I know, I could tell
earlier. In fact, can I like bring one of ones I use? – Yes please. – Okay hold on, let me go grab it. – Oh! – [Ricky] Oh no! I’m sorry,
did I like break it? Sorry! I’ve tried a bunch out,
and some I don’t like. This is new I’m just now– – Viagra? I’m just kidding. – Natural Flex. Actually
another one of my questions was I’ve always wondered if my
testosterone levels are low. – Okay. – Maybe since I can’t gain
muscle well, it enhances it. – Okay, this actually belongs
in a specific part of your kitchen and that’s the trash can. – Okay. – If I make a bottle that
looks like this and I put salt in it and I put whatever
ingredients I want into it. In my house, slap a label on
it, I can now sell it in GNC. No one checks it. When Consumer
Reports, which is a really good magazine that does studies
on what’s nonsense, what’s B.S., they found that 50% of
the supplements didn’t even have the things they stated.
Here’s my problem, as a doctor, we pride ourselves on
recommending things that are based on research. “Clinical
studied testosterone enhancing complex”. Clinically studied
means they paid a few scientists to test on like 5 people– – Yeah. – To see if this works. – Okay. – That is not a good way to test anything. You’ve one left, fire at me. – Okay, I travel a lot for
my career and stuff. Love it, it’s great, but– – Travel’s awesome. – I get sick a lot when I
travel and I think it might be for a few things. I think
one may be like, the long airplane ride, it’s like people
just gross sitting in there. But also, I go to like colder
areas a lot, and I live in L.A., so I don’t usually have
thicker coats. I don’t know is there a reason why I get
sick more often do you think? – So a few reasons for it,
and you hit some of them completely on the head– – Oh okay. – That was really good, I’m
kind of impressed. Number one when you’re taking a long
airplane ride, the air is really dry on the plane– – So gross. – So it dries out your mucus membranes– – Yeah. – And that’s where a lot of
your protection is, inside of your nose. The air is recycled,
so all the germs people are sneezing that are there– – [Ricky] Right. – Everything you touch, has
been touched thousands of people before and they likely
sneezed in their hands. Also when people travel it
throws of their sleep schedules, they get jet lag. If you
travel to a cold place, a lot of people say, oh being cold
doesn’t get you sick. In technicality, they’re right,
it’s not the actual being cold that gets you sick– – Oh. – What your body does to
protect the heat, to keep you warm, it pushes blood away
from the outside of your body and pushes to the inside of your body– – Okay. – To keep your organs warm.
But when it does that, it pushes the blood away from
the nose and away from the mouth. And it pushes away,
also all the white blood cells that protect your body from
infection. Plus the air is drier in the winter, so
viruses hang around more in the air, people spend more time
inside during the winter– – Right. – Because it’s cold outside,
so they’re in closer proximity, so you share all the viruses– – Oh. – So it’s all those things,
people do get more sick when they travel, but– – Yeah, I just did Australia,
so it was like a 20 hour flight– – Yeah, I just did a
China 20 hour flight– – Yeah, I got sick after that flight. – What’s your favorite
place you’ve been to? – I love Hawaii. – I’ve never been. – It’s amazing. I also love
Japan, I’ve been there– – I’m so jealous. – Iceland’s cool. – Oh my god you’ve been everywhere! – I’ve traveled, I’ve been around. – Please tell me you’ve been to Greece. – No, I wanna go so bad. – I want to go to Santorini– – I wanna go really bad. – So I hope you’ve learned something. – I honestly really did. – And if there’s something
that you have a medical question on, leave it down
below in the comments. We had a lot of fun on Ricky’s channel– – We did. – Doing a really funny skit,
I’ll be sure to put that in the description box and click
on that to see the video. Stay healthy, stay happy,
see you next Sunday. – [Man] If she wants to
go outside, she’ll squeal. – [Dr. Mike] Aww. – [Man] She’ll let me know, which is fine. – [Dr. Mike] Yeah. – [Man] If there wasn’t a
back door, I don’t know what I’d do. – [Dr. Mike] Aw piggy,
I like eating grass too. (upbeat music)

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