Angry Gorilla Deadlift

So we’re going to do angry gorillas, OK? And you all know it’s also called deadlifts. So when we do deadlifts, you have to focus and you have to concentrate because you want to keep safe. So Jess is going to show us and what I want you to do is do what Jess does. Jess, come stand in the front so everyone can see you. So Number 1: She’s lining her ankles up with the kettlebell. So can you all do that? Ankles lined up with the kettlebell. Remember you don’t lift until I give you the go-ahead. So straight legs, she’s going to bend over, and touch the kettlebell. OK guys, you can do that—everyone. Good. Now I want you to stand up and step away from the kettlebell. Now I’m just going to say “Number 1” and see who remembers. Number 1. OK, Number 2. Now Number 3 is the fun part—you drop your bum and lift your chest into angry gorilla. Remember gorillas have got those big chests so I want to see those big chests. So drop your bum, big chests. Leave the kettlebell and walk away. So step Number 1—go. OK, step Number 2. Step Number 3. Now all of you stand. Jess, I want you to do three in a row for us. Chest up. One, two, three. Now I want you to do step Number 1 for me—everyone. Step Number 2, step Number 3. Now you wait for my signal. Braden, go. I want that chest up. Hannah, chest up, drop your bum a little bit more. Stand. Beautiful. I want your chest up and your shoulders back before you stand. (laughter) I’ll come back to you. OK, Jamie, chest up. Beautiful. Nice. Go. That’s it, Skyler. And Jordy. Good, guys! You’ve all got it! Step Number 1. Step Number 2. Stand a little bit closer, you’re a little bit far away. Step Number 3. That’s it Phillipa, you’ve got it! Three angry gorillas—go! One—chest up—two, three. Beautiful. So when we do that in the workout, you do it just like that. Keep it like that. Remember, whenever you pick something heavy up, angry gorilla. So go ahead and pick your kettlebells up for me and put them back on the shelf.

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