Alicia Silverstone Would Never Eat Meat. As If! | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

Well I think people are scared of tofu
for many different reasons. People think that there’s too much estrogen; they
think it’s going to have men grow boobies and things like that, which is
ridiculous. Hey, you guys are here to see my fridge? There it is! Most of what’s in my fridge is to feed
my son, but it’s also to feed me. But he has his own shelf that says Bear. Bear
and I love to go into the garden – like all of these tomatoes came from the
garden; the basil, green beans, whatever we have that’s growing and come into the
kitchen and make food together. So I don’t use a ton of tofu, but the reason I
do use it is because you can transform this into anything, so it’s a good staple
to have around. It’s really delicious when you sort of bread it and fry it, but
I also could use it to make a pudding, or I could use it in multiple ways, so it’s
just sort of a thing that transforms into anything. For breakfast we start
with a whole-grain and a vegetable, like this morning we had blanched kale from
the garden with lemons squeezed on and flaxseed oil – flaxseed oil looks like
this one – and a umeboshi plum vinegar. Delicious. And sometimes we’ll
have steel-cut oats, and I’ll do it with dates and cinnamon, chopped up apples… but
the green is the important part, like this bok choy or kale. He doesn’t look that happy right now. He’s a little sad. We use this cheese from Vromage –
it’s insane. It’s vegan. And so we do that on good farmers market bread. For
dinner sometimes I’ll make pizza with Bear; I put all the vegetables that I
love on it – kale and mushrooms and peppers and tomatoes and onion, and
everything you can imagine. He just wants olives. So we always have
olives in the fridge. Olives, cheese and tomato sauce and he’s happy. When he
was younger, he always ate like this at school – plain rice with plain beans and
some veggies – and he would eat it all. Sadly, through being a child in the world,
he has discovered salt. The taste of like, incredible, salty, crazy things – like he
discovered hot sauce, unfortunately, so he’s really into this. And I try to
limit the amount that he has, but as he’s gotten a little older he feels like he
needs to be more – like you know, he wants a sandwich because that’s more fun and
everybody having sandwiches – but he does bring
these foods to school. I would never have any meat in my fridge. Or dairy. But definitely no meat ever. Well the main thing I do when I don’t have time to
cook is I cook in big batches, so I keep things in the freezer; I keep things in
containers, so I’m always reusing things. So if I make a big batch of rice, I eat
that fresh, plain, delicious rice, but then the next day I turn it into a stir-fry. I’m
not a big on-the-go-grab; I always want to have either real food, or I’ll just
skip it and have juices and soups. But my vitamins I have every single day. I
take MyKind Organics gummy. It’s so delicious. They’re not made with any
gelatin; they’re not made with any sugar – they are made with organic puree of
peaches. It’s very very clean. You know, because I don’t only eat vegetables and
plants, This is muffins that are made from these
massive zucchinis from the garden. So, these are delicious muffins. I’m gonna
take one right now! Thanks for checking out my fridge with me – see ya!

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