Alex Honnold Rappels Into a Ravine | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Alex Honnold Rappels Into a Ravine | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

[music playing] This is, like, pretty legit. That’s, like, a long ways. I’m pretty pleased
you’re saying that. I’m definitely feeling it. I mean, this is
300 feet at least. Ultimately we want to
get down into the gorge. Let’s rappel off the bridge? Yeah that’s a great idea. [music playing] This is, like, pretty legit. Ultimately we want to
get down into the gorge. Free solo climber
Alex Honnold and I are high up in the Swiss
Alps, trying to get to the bottom of this ravine. Let’s rappel off the bridge. That’s a great idea. All right, can we
try and do from here? Are you sure? Do we have this much rope? Yeah. We’re going to need this. We’re going to need the
extra length and also the emergency length as well. [music playing] So what we’re going to
do, counterbalanced repel. You go one side, I go the other. As long as we go at the same
time it’s going to work. Right and as long as we
have twice as much rope. This is a technique that
the special forces use a lot because it’s fast and
it doesn’t actually require anything to anchor to. But we’re going to need all
of our rope and the spare rope to reach the bottom of this one. This will be about a 300
foot counterbalanced repel. And by using the same rope,
Alex and I will attempt to descend simultaneously. But if one of us puts
weight on the rope without the counterweight
of the other person, Alex or I could plummet to
the bottom of this ravine. So we’ve got to make sure
we go at the same time and maintain the same
speed during our descent. The thing is, what
I do know is there’s going to be a lot of
friction still on these bits. And that is the sort of
stuff that can cut rope. So I do want to do
something that protects us. Any spare socks? I mean, I guess you
could use my socks. Grab them, there’s
some of in the bag. You got any spare ones? Yeah, for tonight. There’s a lot of abrasion
on these wires, little bits of metal sticking up. They’re just the sort of thing
that would cut through rope really easily, especially if
we start bouncing on this thing as we’re descending. So I reckon if we put
over the top of that. That is a very
improvised rope protector. I think it’s good. It’s going to run through that. OK, this is the most bomb
repel of my entire life. This is totally amazing. OK, here we go. This feels suspiciously
like jumping out of the plane. Like, here we go. OK, so we’ve got to
go at the same time. Yep. All right so,
maybe not too much at the same time so don’t
wreck each other’s [bleep].. You ready? 3, 2, 1, see you. [music playing] Should we stay a
little bit apart? Yeah, like this is good. [music playing] So bouncy. Yeah, that’s why I put
the rope protection in here. [music playing] OK, we’ll get a bit
middle speed now. OK. Whoo, see, most
of the time I have to go super slow with guests. This is great. [music playing] That was a fricking
amazing repel. Yeah. That’s awesome. It’s a long ways. That’s a pleasure. That’s a lovely
repel, it’s super fun. I think the socks add
some nice padding. That’s how you do it.

100 thoughts on “Alex Honnold Rappels Into a Ravine | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

  1. Alex Honnold finds himself high up in the Swiss Alps, though the climber is not new to extreme heights. What are your thoughts on his adventure with Bear Grylls?

  2. Anyone else notice that when they are walking across that sketchy suspension bridge, Bear Grills is clipped in while Honnold is just casually chilling there without being hooked or anything? Absolute madlad

  3. Two ropes, two masterpoints, but for some reason, they need to simul? Also, why run the rope over the cable? Just put it under. No prusik, no stopper knots in the end, solid safety procedure.

  4. I love how Grills pulls out 40m of rope from his backpack and suddenly they have 4 x 100m of rope hanging on the wires and tied them off in the middle so it's not actually a counterbalance rappel same could have been done with quater the rope length if they went one at the time just overhyped for tv

  5. Heads up to anyone thinking of trying this, the knots in the rope are not figure 8’s, they are figure 9’s. it is unsafe to load both tails on a figure 8 knot. Be safe people

  6. The look on Alex’s face is saying I climbed El Capitan and many cliff and mountains without any ropes or safety equipment and here I am about to die listening to an amateur

  7. "This is pretty legit.." Alex was forced to say by the NATGEO execs as he casually strolled across the tight rope without being tied in, rolling his eyes, and never getting above 40 BPM the entire time.
    "Oh…I'm scared…or something."

  8. Interesting reading some of the experienced climbers comments here, basically exposing the segment for numerous examples of misleading viewers. I do find the Honnold fanboyism a little irritating though.

  9. 1. I feel Alex is trying not to laugh the entire video
    2. Why is Alex not clipped in what so ever while crossing the suspension bridge? lol

  10. That's so fake. Bear shows a counterbalance rappel at 1:22 to 1:30, but then the actual setup can be seen at 2:57. They are using the topmost steel rope for two anchors. Also, the rope that one/two people would normally carry would never be enough to rappel that far.
    I hope that no one ever will attempt to imitate them and do a short counterbalance rappel, maybe even without stop knots…

  11. Lost respect for Alex for going along with the sham! They were in no way doing what they said they were! Tied the rope to the bridge, used rope protectors, no buddy rappel… shame…they could’ve made an interesting and informative scene without straight up lying to the uninitiated and unobservant watchers…

  12. Those aren't counter balanced ropes those are independent of each other… If you had to do counter balance do it, but they obviously aren't because unless you absolutely had to you wouldn't do that.

  13. Cool and interesting from both perspectives, but most of all fun. It’s not often Alex gets excited and refreshing to see him smile over a different type rope rappel. 😁🤘

  14. At the beginning of the video, I turn the cell phone to the right, you see the trees as if they were standing, and the men go up to the sky .

  15. Honnold reminds me of Pete Davidson's "Chad" character on SNL…would be funny to do a parody with Honnold in outrageous survival scenarios but with an unbelievable amount of poise and nonchalance


  17. yea that wasn't actually a counterbalance (really called a simul rappel) they had a knot in there. nothing sketchy about it lol

  18. There's no way that rope is going to slip. The rappel is blocked with eight figure knots. No counter balance here! Besides, they are rappeling on double rope!

  19. Это гораздо проще чем слезть с дивана и пойти на кухню.

  20. I hope every climber saw that they were very obviously not carrying 1200 feet of rope with them, the lines were fixed, they did not simul rap, and they could have put the ropes through the bridge as opposed to over (no socks necessary).

  21. I do love this show, it is just that – a show🤫 I wonder if it would have been easier just putting the rope on the inside of the support cables though 🤔 Would have spared Alex his socks 😉

  22. If they would actually doing a double counter balance repel it’s definitely not safe… two climbers just died of incorrect usage of it….

  23. Grylls was trying to humorous when he asked Honnold if he could borrow his spare socks, but Honnold took it at face value. He’s so unassuming, it’s brilliant.

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