A running list of Trump’s demeaning comments on women since he ran for president

100 thoughts on “A running list of Trump’s demeaning comments on women since he ran for president

  1. Dont you crybabies have anything better to do? "Demeaning comments on women"? Really ? If a woman talks badly of you you cant clap back?

  2. Grow up, oh he called me a name. This looks worse than a bunch of whining school kids. Not all women are worth praise.

  3. But American love those who disrespect them in fact the majority like a womanizer and yo can see them in every trumps rally.

  4. This guy takes America so far backwards it’s unbelievable to know that the majority of the United States voted for this man is even worse !!

  5. Nixon referred to Helen Douglas as a "pinko" and she coined the term "Tricky Dick" during the California congressional election; politics is a dirty business and if you can stand the heat you'd better get out of the kitchen. Also, Don Trump's statements are relatively benign compared to most of the stuff that has been publicly said about him; why no umbrage about that huh?

  6. Trump is sooo SAVAGE. That is why he is awesome. He makes liberals heads explode. He truly does not give 2 fucks what they think 😆

  7. More WaPo garbage. I wonder how Jeff Bezos liked getting his texts leaked to AMI by his whore Dirty Sanchez. She's a real classy one.

  8. Almost all of these have nothing to do with being a sexist. I mean I don’t like Trump either, but seriously stop being so sensitive. This is why he won duh.

  9. This is equality in action 🙄 he does that with everyone who crosses him. Fake news. I was hoping for some dirt. What a disappointment.


  11. Trump is a whore fucker and probably had fucked Ivana. But now, his pecker don't work anymore so he turn to tweeting in between porn movies

  12. I’m half-way through this video and I haven’t seen anything sexist. There are many reasons to be critical of Trump and the job he’s doing. Why waste our time with this nonsense

  13. 4 more year's of prosperity….or 8 years of America's apology tour and "FREE", "FREE', 'FREE", that's all we need…more doorknob lickers! I'm sooooooo tired of paying for everyone else's bad decisions!!

  14. These are insults he said to women yes, but half of these are sexist and others aren't. We all clicked her for the sexist comments so some of these are more than a stretch.

  15. I don't like Trump personally, but I find it disgusting how people search for negativity just to repost it on social media or other networks.

  16. Sorry, can’t watch but half. To know we have someone in the White House that hates women so much is sickening. All of you who voted for him, where is your SELF RESPECT?!?!?!

  17. Y'know how women like to pretend they don't like certain types of men because they are assholes yet they hop in bed with them all the time. 🤔😄

  18. He like that with everyone, man and women. He say something about women and take it personal all butt hurt. Stop being a bunch of cry babies wussy… you can say all your crap about trump and you want him to hold his comments. What’s the use of freedom of speech if the persistent can’t use it. Is he discriminated from this right? Nonsense people

  19. Im pretty sure if he actually insulted any of these women, it was to them specifically as an individual and not women in general because all these women were Looney liars.

  20. Trump had the right to call warren Pocahontas. Warren is a liar and deserved to be called out. As a Native American I was not offended.

  21. They just showing carefully selected clips to try and give the false impression that he hates women.
    He attacks anyone who attacks him.
    Simple as that.
    Whether you black white man or women.
    For example he was good friends with Omarosa,
    then she turned against him.
    He made unflattering comments about her.
    Nothing to do with the color of her skin, or the fact she's a woman.
    Incidentally, I not saying I agree with what he says, just stating facts. 🙂

  22. Look, the pochahontas thing has nothing to do with her being a woman. It has to do with her being a liar. A liar who lied about her ethnicity to get ahead.

  23. Can you just give the running total? I don't have 3 or 4 hours to spare listening to all the times he talked trash about women to their face. The only professional women he acknowledges are his wife and his girlfriends. Because they are members of the oldest profession.

  24. And to make it worse than it really is………………………

    It's all a stage show! It's all a big joke! Democrats/Republicans are all the bestest of friends

  25. Oh come on, Warren claiming to be Native American and benefitting from that is way more offensive then him calling her “Pocahontas”

  26. Trump2020 🖕🖕🖕🦄🐖🐑🐷☠🐍🐁🧻🐽🐏🚽🐇🐰🐼🖕🖕🖕👈👈👈👈🧘‍♀️🖋🇺🇸🤔🛀💵🙏🤭🛌😇😘🤫!

  27. I guess your saying women are so fragile. They shouldn't be exposed to this. Awwww they should be out of politics? Real women can take this and handle it and put it back on him. Can't have it both ways ladies

  28. How is saying somebody has a nice smile on their face an insult this video is bullshit and if you didn’t have gay music this video would actually be funny but your goal here is to create a narrative to help with the propaganda surrounding Trump. Rosie O Donnel came at trump first and tried to sabotage trumps image. And is somebody wrong to defend themselves against accusations of sexual assault? No you would to if I accused you. EVERYBODY IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY

  29. trump only likes women who ingratiate themselves to him or the ones he can buy. He only likes women who are subservient or are willing to prostitute themselves. A strong woman scares him so he turns to insults to demean her and empower himself. Disgusting human being and a political cancer.

  30. President should be a role model for the younger generation. Being a bully is deplorable. Trump makes it seem copacetic.

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