A Day With The 2016 Crossfit Champ | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 2

A Day With The 2016 Crossfit Champ | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 2

“Before the games, you know, it was still… training because… it’s where my friends were; that’s what they were doing, type thing. Never taking it seriously, never putting in long hours, you know It was like… an hour or two in and out of the gym. That summer of the 2014 games, I was working full time I had an engineering internship at an aerospace company so that consumed a ton of time And I think before that, like, I’d never met any other games athletes In terms of like, actually been with them outside a competition So like, I always just assumed they were in another league, you know? I didn’t know what they were doing for training, I didn’t know what they were… (unintelligible) Like, I didn’t know anything about them, so I just assumed they were these untouchable athletes. And then at the games, there were a couple different scenarios, you know, kind of sit down, like, athlete briefing, and I sat down next to one of the really good guys, and remember kind of thinking “huh, well, they’re my size” Like, and like, we’re in little chairs and you look at my quad next to theirs, I’m like “oh, our legs are the same size” “you’re not like this superhero everyone has on a pedestal” “hm, ok, maybe I can compare with you” And I mean, rookie year at the games, I mean, you don’t know what you’re about to get hit with But I mean, I held up fairly well Made some really dumb mistakes Had some really good moments and came out of the wash in second place I was like, “ok, I think I can do this 2015 was just like a being dumbass. Getting second again But by the 2016 season, you know I kinda figured my stuff out, kind of figured out what I needed to what I needed to change So that upcoming season, you know, really dedicated myself I wasn’t in school anymore So really dedicated Everything, you know Day revolved around my training It wasn’t just my time in the gym is when I put in the work, you know I started putting in the work outside the gym as well I think that was a big game changer, and that was when I realized Ok, I can do this Wake up, same time every day On day, off day, doesn’t matter how much I have to do that day Same time, every morning Get some coffee, breakfast. *music* I searched to find this Depending on what exercise I’m doing that day I’ll either start my training at home I have a, basically, full affiliate worth of equipment but in a tiny space, so I can’t do like, metcons at home I can only do, like, single modality stuff Like just rowing, or just squatting, or just stationary stuff “There’s certain stuff I’ll never do down here cause it’s like, I can’t get to a point of, like, just suffering But then there’s other stuff that’s, there’s no opinion I really don’t like workouts where there’s opinion in it Of like “Oh I think I did that correctly” or “yes”, “no” kinda I like things, that are like There’s definitive numbers “Hold this number for this duration of time” Check. It’s either you did or you didn’t, there’s no fuckin’ opinion left in it Usually do that for probably two hours altogether Finish that up, immediately eat, stretch Then I’ll go into Champlain Valley CrossFit I’ll do all the stuff that I can’t do at home You know, like the metcons where you’re running around to different stations type thing Anything overhead lifting Any pull-up type stuff *music* That was a pace I probably could’ve done two more rounds of that At that same pace Probably should’ve pushed a little more Finish that up, stretch, eat And then usually when I get home I’ll do another hour or two Of like, the accessory work, you know Stuff that isn’t hard, I’m not gonna be breathing heavy It’s the kind of stuff, you know, do it with a buddy And kinda carry on a conversation the whole time it’s all about little nagging stuff that just piles up Finish that, stretch, eat, bed.

61 thoughts on “A Day With The 2016 Crossfit Champ | Mat Fraser: The Making of a Champion – Part 2

  1. What do you think of Mat Fraser's morning routine?
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  2. My money's still on him. He'll take it this year too. That said, I think his training menu could use some strongman challenges and powerlifting movements.

  3. This guy seems so genuine. No big words, just tells it like it is and helps everyone understand what he does. Respect

  4. This training regiment is fucking insane!! I've been weight training for over 20 years and my body is hurting just thinking about this routine.

  5. As someone that has been bodybuilding for years, i can only have massive respect for these crossfit athletes. I couldn't do most of what he does

  6. I think crossfit from a competitive point of view is great and really interesting to watch but I think traditional crossfit as a training ideology for your every day dude thats training to become stronger/more well rounded and or look more aesthetic I think they'd be better served with good weight training and high intensity running. Crossfit puts emphasis on doing something quick rather than doing something right (being more efficient often means using your tendions and joints as load bearings instead of focusing on muscle contractions) meaning that not only arent your muscles becoming larger and stronger at an optimal rate but your also taking unnecessary risk to your joints and tendons. That being said Im really inspired by Matt Fraser and I think the sport of crossfit is incredibly entertaining and these men deserve to be recognized as true athletes in the public eye.

  7. Bro went from an elite level Olympic weightlifter to fittest man alive. What can't he do, such an inspiration. Awesome video

  8. it's so Inspiring he work 3 time's in the day at same time he just trining eat and sleep, this is how to be a corssfit Champion , the fittest man in the earth he deserve the title

  9. Awesome work! Enjoy it now. Just wait and see where your time goes when you've got a family and kids. Your time is soaked up into them.

  10. I really want to become a cross fit athlete eventually. I am currently overweight but watching these videos and going to the gym 5 days a week are just small stepping stones at the beginning of my journey. I know it will be hard as hell but im willing and motivated to put the work in.

  11. Is this going to be a series? If so, that would be fucking awesome. Usually not into crossfit, but there is something about Mat Fraser that is so motivating and genuine.

  12. tbh most ppl that do crossfit are gay, but when you do it for real it as good as other sports and not just a joke

  13. I presume Matt was sponsored during 2016 when he says he'd finished school and just spent every day training. I mean, it's all well and good being able to do that but financially I know myself from the amount of food I need to eat and supplements that taking a year out to just train would cost and absolute bomb. Love his work ethic though. Great character.

  14. ha ha! Not a great advertisement for Crossfit when any roided up meathead can just walk in and win it. They say it's the same principle of military fitness but none of these chuckle heads would last a day with any combat unit

  15. Tbh i can't see someone else winning the games for as long as he is going to compete. I thought Rich was a monster but this guy tops it. I wish i had his discipline

  16. There are body builders twice his size and he can still out lift and outpreform them. Muscles are useless if they aren't functional. That's the crossfit difference #functionaltraining

  17. i mean its great and everything, but like there are so many things to do and just one life to do it in. is living like a robot everyday worth it?

  18. Mat Fraser has proven that you can become what you want to be and from now I will train hard and take part in CrossFit open 19
    Thanks guys

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