20 Healthy Habits to Start in 2020 ✨Vlogmas on AmyTV Day 20

97 thoughts on “20 Healthy Habits to Start in 2020 ✨Vlogmas on AmyTV Day 20

  1. Let your phone sleep in … because someone should be allowed to sleep in around here 🤣🤣
    But really, I've been trying to let my phone sit on the nightstand while I do my morning stuff. It's something I plan to be more intentional with in 2020.

  2. Morning routine and letting my phone sleep in are my favourites (which I already do). The most useful for me might be getting a therapist. I need to work on dealing with my emotions and not letting every single thing affect my daily productivity. I think a therapist could really help me with this.

  3. Excellent tips! Just received my copy of GMGL and the planner. I'm sooo excited and grateful to have found your channel. Thank you, Amy! ❤

  4. I like the suggestions to write everything down, come up with go-to responses( I just might steal Amy's) and to state the things that you always or never do. I'd like to add another habit to start, one that I'd like to work on, and that's to limit focus on one thing at a time as much as possible throughout the day rather than constantly switching attention from thing, to thing to thing.

  5. People have been loving reminding me that the new decade technically doesn’t start until 2021. And it’s killing my joy. 😂 Who else is ready for this decade to be DONE! 🙌🏻

  6. Yo, I’m feeling so happy rn because I just remembered that the first video I ever saw of yours was 2019’s New Year video. I’m so thrilled to say that your videos have given me so much peace and motivation. So glad I subscribed 🙂

  7. 1. Walk more

    2. Drink black coffee

    3. Let your phone sleep in an extra hour

    4. Write everything down

    5. Send thank you notes

    6. Create a trigger response

    7. Create your Morning routine

    8. Get enough sleep

    9. Read every day

    10. Contribute to a worthy cause

    11. Reach out just because

    12. Try a new workout

    13. Track your connections

    14. Schedule yourself love habit

    15. Save and invest

    16. Define something you “always” do

    17. Define something you “never” do

    18. Unfollow when you’re unhappy

    19. Get your check up

    20. Hire someone to listen

  8. I love all of the them! So happy I saw this! Big things started this year and next year will be lit for all of us! ❤️

  9. Meditation! If I could only get myself in the Habit. Anyone have suggestions for a extremely good app for it? I was suggested Ziva Meditation, not sure still though. Tried Headspace and Calm don't work great for me.

  10. YASSSSSSS!!! Go TalkSpace (and Amy!) for your contribution in taking away the stigma surrounding therapy. Cheers to fresh, calm, joyful minds in 2020! <3

  11. Love this vid Amy! Could you tell us what insurance plan you like best for people working independently (not in corporate)? That would be really helpful… thank you!

  12. One adjustment for people with any form of social anxiety instead of for number six creating responses for your tiggers create responses for bad memories because often time I know especially I am my own trigger and I don’t need to change myself but I need to change the way I think about myself so just putting it out there if anyone wants to take the tip😊

  13. Hi there! I'm a relatively new subscriber to #AmyTV having stumbled across you purely by chance! I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing content you have provided on your Channel.

    I live in Australia and recently purchased a copy of your book VLAB. As a complete newbie to this area, with no technical skill or expertise, do you recommend a good video camera that is user friendly??

    Best of luck with your new office and I wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year!

  14. Reaching out makes me feel so uncomfortable because there are very few people I like to talk to and even talking to those few people means having to take time out of my already full day. Message someone (which always turns into them wanting me to tell me their entire life ie therapy session or new event planning ie. huge fundraiser) vs. walk my dog and listen to a podcast… I DUNNO. It's too much for me right now. lol. Whenever someone messages me I ignore it and answer it before bed or the next day during a time I've allotted for messages or else my daily tasks get moved to the next day (again)

  15. Wow, this was actually a good video.
    Usually it just sounds like a very long ad for whatever company is sponsoring the video, but this was some pretty good tips, Good job! 😁

  16. Favorite one is to write everything down. I keep a bujo with me ALL the time but I forget to write everything down on it. I'll just write a to-do list but forget to write creative ideas or just random thoughts… thanks for the tip!

  17. I just ordered your book! Soooo proud of you and all of your hard work, please keep it up. Sending good vibes your way always.

  18. Just ordered Good Morning Good Life. I was going to get the journal too but it didn't have a picture of the inside. I'm sure you did a video on it so I'll continue to binge and see if I can find it.

  19. Love this…thank you. And thank you (someone) for writing them out..screenshot it..going to try all of this! Yay! Happy New Year!

  20. I loooooove the thank you note idea! I think with social media etc people don't feel the need to write / sends cards anymore and it's so sad!!! It's my dad's 50th soon and instead of doing a crappy Facebook group / watts app group I've send every single person a handwritten party invitation which has a gorgeous front page! There must be other people out there who still love post 🙁 x

  21. I loved the ideas of defining what you always do and defining what you never do. A great way to be completely confident about something in your life!

  22. you sound like Emma Stone, I was in the other room and your video started playing and I legit thought this is Emma Stone XD
    Love you Amy!

  23. very nice video, but i looked up the contactually app. it has very high ratings for the iPhone but very bad ratings for android (and of course, i have an android). does anyone know a good alternative for android?

  24. I definitely need to check out Talkspace… I've been considering seeing a therapist but honestly your comment about scheduling a time to cry was so true haha! It would be great to not have to schedule more appointments around my work hours, commute time, side work, etc.

  25. Love letting the phone sleep in as a new phrasing! Also totally agree with writing everything down bc I def can’t remember it all!

  26. whenever i needed a boost i always visit your channel though ive watched your videos already. havent found any other youtuber that can give good vibes as you do. thanks a lot Amy!

  27. My top five healthy habits are:
    1. Walk More
    2. Self Care (Mental and Physical)
    3. attends all of my Dr,’s Appts
    4. drink more water
    5. Eat more fruits and vegetables
    Thanks for sharing

  28. Thanks Amy for making these videos, you've probably read a lot of messages like this but I just wanna say thank you, you make me want to start living my life better just listening to you talk ❤️

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